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Jorach Ravenholdt
Flavor text

He has sent a mysterious invitation requesting your presence at his manor.

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Book of Heroes logo.png The subject of this article is part of Book of Heroes.

Jorach Ravenholdt is the eight and final boss in Rogue's Book of Heroes adventure.

Hero Power[]

Shrouded in Mystery(463981).png

Player's hero[]

Fan of Knives Rank 2(464033).png

Special cards[]


Silent Shadow(463998).png
Silent Shadow(464001).png
Silent Shadow(463999).png
Silent Shadow(464000).png

Garona Halforcen(463971).png
Tess Greymane(464007).png
Fleet Admiral Tethys(464008).png

Shady Business(463996).png
Lilian Voss(463984).png


Shifting Mana Wyrm(463987).png
Sanguine Strike(463995).png
Toxic Vial(464011).png
Arcane Wraith(463952).png
No Mercy(463990).png
Bristling Wyvern(464041).png


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Jorach Ravenholdt (24/30) Valeera
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Subtlety 1 Boss Shifting Mana Wyrm 2
Shady Business 1 Sanguine Strike 2
Lilian Voss 1 Toxic Vial 1
Silent Shadow 1 Arcane Wraith 2
Wrathion 1 No Mercy 1
Rogue Backstab 1 Bristling Wyvern 1
Deadly Poison 1 Rogue Backstab 2
Ambush 2 Deadly Poison 2
Cheap Shot 1 Spymistress 2
Dirty Tricks 2 Cloak of Shadows 1
Eviscerate 2 Hooked Scimitar 2
Mistwraith 2 Self-Sharpening Sword 2
Spectral Cutlass 2 Vulpera Toxinblade 2
Cursed Castaway 2 Blade Flurry 2
Neutral Fire Fly 2 Sabotage 2
Phantom Militia 2 Neutral Knife Juggler 2
Frenzied Felwing 2



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The secret of this encounter is clever use of the game's mechanics. With the hidden information and static card draws, this is largely about trial and error. It is nearly impossible to brute force through Taoshi and Fleet Admiral Tethys due to their high health pools, so you will have to rely on Sabotage and Knife Juggler with Toxic Vial to kill them instead. Thankfully, Tess Greymane only has six health (although she does have 6 attack) and is always played second, meaning you can use direct damage to kill her. You will also have to clear the Ravenholdt Assassin summoned by Shady Business when you play Knife Juggler, requiring you to either eat seven damage or use another valuable removal card.


Before match

Valeera (present)
Afterward, I accepted Varian's offer to reside in Stormwind - to have a home, even if some residents looked upon me with fear.
In return, I served him from the shadows whenever I was needed. My one mistake was not accompanying him to the Broken Shore, where he met his end...
I was more careful than ever to keep an eye on Anduin and any potential enemies that could rise against him.


Why have you called me here, Lord Ravenholdt?
Jorach Ravenholdt
To experience the greatest test of your life, of course.

Emote Response

Jorach Ravenholdt
All will be clear soon.


Jorach Ravenholdt
Are you truly loyal to Anduin? Or merely the memory of his father?
It took some digging, but I discovered all you have done for the late king...
Ravenholdt Manor is a den of secrets. Could you help us keep them?

Turn 1

Jorach Ravenholdt
Can you still strike swiftly from the darkness? Or have your years in Stormwind made you weak?
The only weakness is your accusations!

Turn 4

Jorach Ravenholdt
I see you haven't abandoned your training. Very good.

Turn 6

What's the meaning of this? What's been going on in this mansion of yours?
Jorach Ravenholdt
An excellent question, and one I will answer, should you succeed.


Jorach Ravenholdt
You have passed. I name you one of the Uncrowned, should you wish to bear it.
The what?
Jorach Ravenholdt
The Uncrowned. Slayers of kings, downfall of empires, the unseen blades that write the true history of the world.
It took some digging, but I discovered all you have done for the late king...
Valeera (present)
And just like that, I found my place, my people, my faction.
Those invisible and unremembered, whose wills have nonetheless shaped the fortunes of all.


Jorach Ravenholdt
You were such a promising candidate...


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Lord Jorach Ravenholdt is a human rogue located at Ravenholdt Manor in the Alterac Mountains, known to acts as the leader of the Ravenholdt assassin organization, and considered to be one of the most legendary rogues of all time. For decades, he has trained many of the greatest rogues in the arts of subtlety and diversion.



Jorach Ravenholdt, full art

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