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Isha Awak
67658 • BOM_01_IshaAwak_004hb
Set:Forged in the BarrensForged in the Barrens
Health:40 Health
Artist:James Ryman
Rokara begins to realize that Guff's affection for monstrous creatures is hazardous to her health.
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The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.

Isha Awak is the fourth boss in Rokara's Book of Mercenaries chapter.

Hero Power[]

BOM 01 IshaAwak 04p.png

Player's hero[]

BOM 01 Rokara 002hp.png
BOM 01 Brukan 02p1.png
BOM 01 Guff 04p2.png
BOM 01 Tamsin 04p3.png

Special cards[]

BOM 01 PrideOfTheFrostwolves 0.png
BOM 01 ArrivalInOrgrimmar 01s.png
BOM 01 Dawngrasp 04t.png


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Isha Awak Rokara
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Druid, Shaman Lightning Bloom 1 Boss Pride of the Frostwolves 1
Paladin Imprisoned Sungill 1 Arrival In Orgrimmar 1
Murgur Murgurgle 1 Rogue, Warrior Cutting Class 1
Murloc Knight 1 Warrior Warsong Envoy 2
Shaman Spawnpool Forager 1 Conditioning (Rank 1) 2
Firemancer Flurgl 1 Blood Razor 1
Ice Fishing 1 Warsong Outrider 1
South Coast Chieftain 1 Whirling Combatant 2
Stormcrack 1 Troublemaker 2
Tinyfin's Caravan 1 Rattlegore 1
Underbelly Angler 1 Neutral Rocket Augmerchant 2
Lightning Storm 1 Frostwolf Grunt 2
Nofin Can Stop Us 1 Peon 2
Call in the Finishers 1 Blademaster Samuro 1
Dunk Tank 1 Gruntled Patron 2
Scargil 1 Barrens Blacksmith 2
Tidal Surge 1 Gold Road Grunt 1
Torrent 1 Razormane Raider 2
The Lurker Below 1 Taurajo Brave 2
Everyfin is Awesome 1
Tidal Wave 1
Neutral Crabrider 1
Lushwater Murcenary 1
Lushwater Scout 1
Coldlight Seer 1
Primalfin Lookout 1
Fishy Flyer 1
Murloc Tastyfin 1
Corrupted Seer 1


  • The player always gets Troublemaker, Gruntled Patron, Whirling Combatant on mulligan.
    • These cards can be replaced with Warsong Envoy, Peon, Taurajo Brave. The replacement takes place from left to right (i.e., if the player replaced one card, he will receive Warsong Envoy regardless of whether Troublemaker or Whirling Combatant was replaced).
  • At Start of Game the player chooses a hero power: Bru'kan, Guff, or Tamsin.
  • Boss uses a hero power only when Murloc Knight is on the board.


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Before match

▶️The warlock's name was Tamsin Roame, formerly one of the finest students at Scholomance.
▶️THE finest student at Scholomance. Get it right!
▶️The next step on our journey was – Guff, what are you doing? Get away from the water!


▶️Guff, where are you taking us – Oh no!
Isha Awak
▶️<Aquatic roar>

Emote Response

Isha Awak

Turn 2

▶️A giant threshadon!
▶️Not just any threshadon. That is Isha Awak, terror of the Merchant Coast, feared by the Horde, Alliance, even pirates!
▶️Pirates are cool.
▶️That is Isha Awak! Terror of the sea! It eats orcs. And it's cute.
▶️Well, tell him my armor tastes terrible.
▶️Pah! The threshadons in Darrowmere Lake are much bigger.
▶️What? You say that like it's a good thing!

Turn 4

▶️Focus, Rokara! This is your most dangerous battle yet. Slay the beast!
▶️A little salt, some spices, and I'm sure we can make your armor taste great!
▶️It is a good thing because I hunted those beasts for sport. This one should be easy.

Boss is damaged at turn 4 or later - Varden Dawngrasp appears on the player's board

Varden Dawngrasp
▶️Note to self: Frostbolt causes indigestion in gargantuan aquatic fauna.
▶️A child of the blood – sin'dorei!
▶️That elf must ALSO taste terrible.
▶️A mage from Silvermoon. Fascinating.

A second turn with Varden Dawngrasp on the board

Varden Dawngrasp
▶️You can call me Dawngrasp. Thank you for coming to my aid.
▶️If we survive this, we should fight together. For the Horde!
▶️Yeah! For the Horde!


▶️You have learned the fourth lesson, Rokara. No challenge is too great for the Horde.
▶️Now come. Our true quest is about to begin. We have a troll to meet in Ratchet.


Isha Awak


Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
Isha Awak, the Deep Doom, is a level 27 threshadon found along the Merchant Coast in the Northern Barrens.
According to Mahren Skyseer, Isha Awak has eaten many humans and is feared by the humans of Theramore and the Southsea Pirates. He is not long out on the sea from the beach where the Theramore soldiers are.


Isha Awak, full art

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