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Upgrades in hand after X friendly minions die.

Infuse is a mechanic introduced in Murder at Castle Nathria. Cards with Infuse are upgraded in the player's hand after a number of friendly minions die, causing it to transform into an Infused card and gain additional effects.


  • Similarly to Corrupt cards, Infuse cards are transformed into a new card in your hand, and gain the Infused keyword in their card text.
    • Infused cards don't transform back into a non-Infused version, even during zone transitions (such as being shuffled back into your deck).
    • Also similarly to Corrupt cards, Infuse cards keep any in-hand enchantments when Infused.
  • The number next to the Infuse keyword - e.g. Infuse: (3) - dynamically counts down while the card is in your hand as friendly minions die. Once the number reaches 0, the card transforms.[1]
    • However, the Infuse countdown isn’t retained during zone transitions, or if the card is removed from your hand and then added back (Such as by Saviors of UldumExpired Merchant).[2]
      • For example, three friendly minions have died while Murder at Castle NathriaImp King Rafaam has been in your hand, and it currently says ”Infuse: (2)” in its textbox. Discarding Imp King Rafaam with Saviors of UldumExpired Merchant will then add copies of Imp King Rafaam to your hand that have reverted back to ”Infuse: (5)”, and the Infusion process needs to be restarted again.

Cards with Infuse[]


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Infused cards[]

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REV 353t.png
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Sources of Infuse[]

Infuse-generating cards[]

This section lists cards which generate Infuse minions.

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Related cards[]

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See also[]

Previous cards also involved scaling effects resulting from friendly minion deaths:

Patch changes[]


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