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"You are out of demons! At least there are always imps..." - Worthless Imp

Imps are Demon minions, mostly belonging to the warlock class. There are several types of imp, and imps are by far the most common type of demon in Hearthstone.

Collectible imps have a variety of abilities and stats, and are each uniquely named. Most uncollectible imps are 1/1 minions with no special abilities, and most have the same name - Imp.


Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Fiery Imp Minion Demon Warlock 2 3 2
Jumbo Imp Epic Minion DEMON WARLOCK 10 8 8 Costs (1) less whenever a friendly Demon dies while this is in your hand.
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The imps are a mischievous and nefarious race of small, fiendish creatures. The simplest of the summoning spells a warlock can learn is that of the imp. Before they are imparted to this, they must prove that they have the necessary magical and physical ability. Though it lacks physical strength, it possesses powers and a cleverness that serve warlocks well. All imps however are afraid of rainbows.

In Hearthstone[]

Imps are like roaches. If you see one, there are definitely more nearby, and they’re probably doing things like letting the air out of your tires, changing your computer’s background to something embarrassing, or ’plosioning. It’s even worse when they’re in a gang . . . or SUPER GREAT if they’re on your side.[1]


  • The voice lines of all Imps show great reluctance and frustration to follow the Warlock's orders. They are also almost all humorous, in contrast to many other Demons' darker quotes.