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For other representations of Illidan, see Illidan Stormrage (disambiguation).
"(laughs) There is a darkness in the garden of the heroes that you know, casting shadows even blacker than the night. There is a prisoner walking free, who still envisions what could be. Though long-ago, he sacrificed his sight. There is a villain who's been hated and a savior who's been shunned, who's tasted of a love that cannot be. They're all one and the same, and the worlds all fear my name. The hero that you never thought you'd see!"[1]

Illidan Stormrage represents the Demon Hunter Demon Hunter class in Hearthstone.

Official overview[edit | edit source]

Illidan Stormrage, the newest playable Hero in Hearthstone, embodies the Demon Hunter’s class identity. He’s an aggressive attacker who leads his fel-infused forces into the fray. While other Heroes may buff and heal their minions, Illidan instead fuels himself with their souls when they fall in combat, taking vengeance upon his enemies.[2]

Background[edit | edit source]

Illidan on the cover of The Sundering
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Illidan Stormrage is the first of the demon hunters, the former self-proclaimed Lord of Outland, former ruler of the Black Temple, and the original leader of the Illidari. He is the twin brother of Malfurion Stormrage and was, like his sibling, in love with Tyrande Whisperwind. Though born a night elf and renowned as a powerful sorcerer, Illidan officially betrayed his people as he temporarily sided with the demonic Burning Legion during the War of the Ancients, though his reasons for doing so were noble as he secretly aimed to repel the Legion's invasion. Due to this betrayal, as well as having secretly created a second Well of Eternity after the first one was destroyed at the end of the war, he was dubbed "the Betrayer" and imprisoned in the Barrow Deeps below Mount Hyjal. There, Illidan remained for over 10,000 years, watched over by the warden Maiev Shadowsong and her Watchers.
During the Third War and the Legion's second invasion of Azeroth, Illidan was freed from his prison by Tyrande, who believed that he would be a valuable ally in the conflict. However, before battling the dreadlord Tichondrius, Illidan consumed the fel energies of the Skull of Gul'dan, and became a demon. He was therefore banished by Malfurion, despite having succeeded in defeating a high-ranking member of the Legion. After the demons were defeated at the end of the war, Illidan was approached by the demon lord Kil'jaeden, who ordered the Betrayer to destroy Kil'jaeden's traitorous creation, the Lich King. Amassing an army of servants in the form of the naga led by Lady Vashj, Illidan attempted to use the artifact known as the Eye of Sargeras to destroy the Lich King's stronghold of Icecrown, but was hindered by Malfurion, Tyrande and Maiev. Upon hearing that Tyrande was under attack by the undead Scourge, the demon hunter abruptly abandoned his mission and instead temporarily joined forces with his brother in order to save the woman they both loved. Knowing that this would earn the ire of Kil'jaeden, Illidan thereafter fled with his naga to the shattered realm of Outland, where he was later joined by new allies: the blood elves led by Kael'thas Sunstrider and the Broken draenei led by Akama.
Together with his servants, Illidan managed to overthrow the tyrannical ruler of Outland, the pit lord Magtheridon, and claim the demon's stronghold and army for himself. Moments later, however, Kil'jaeden appeared once again to remind Illidan of his task. After journeying to Icecrown, Illidan's efforts were ultimately stopped by the Lich King's champion, Arthas Menethil, who nearly killed the demon hunter in a fateful duel outside the entrance to the Lich King's chamber. Having survived his brush with death, Illidan retreated once more to Outland to muster his forces and prepare for his new plan: to destroy the Burning Legion and the demon world of Argus.
Despite succeeding in destroying the Legion stronghold of Nathreza, the Betrayer was ultimately cornered and struck down within his own sanctum by Akama, a group of adventurers of Azeroth and his vengeful former jailer, Maiev. However, even in death, Illidan's story was not yet complete: after the fateful confrontation, Maiev secretly brought the demon's corpse to the Vault of the Wardens so that his spirit could suffer the rest of his eternal sentence. There it remained for years, until finally, the Legion invaded once more.

Flavor text[edit | edit source]

When viewed in the Collection, Illidan has the following flavor text:

Being the first demon hunter makes him both proud and angry. Basically, he was perfect for the job.

Emotes[edit | edit source]

Illidan Stormrage, full art

Each hero has their own selection of audio and written emotes that are produced in response to specific events. For more information, see Emote.

Type Emote
Thanks My thanks.
Well played You possess true power.
Greetings Evil draws close.
Mirror Greetings Indeed. YOU are here.
Wow How is it even possible?
Oops A blunder?
Threaten You are not prepared!
Attack [1] Vengeance is mine!
Attack [2] *grunts*
Concede I yield—for now.
Opening remark This ends now!
Opening vs Aranna Starseeker I will not hold back this time.
Opening vs Malfurion Stormrage It isn't over between us, brother!
Opening vs Prince Arthas Today and forever I am your better, Arthas.
Opening vs Tyrande Whisperwind I will prove myself to you.
Opening vs Maiev Shadowsong You cannot hunt a demon hunter.
Opening vs Lady Vashj Let us test our strength.
Opening vs Mecha-Jaraxxus Back for more, demon?
Mirror start You dare speak to me?
Thinking [1] Hm...
Thinking [2] Much strife...
Thinking [3] Demons? Demons.
Thinking [4] I grow impatient.
Running out of time Time grows short.
Almost out of cards Not many cards left...
Out of cards I am out of cards!
Error: Too many minions I command too many.
Error: Generic Not possible.
Error: Hand already full My hand is full!
Error: Hero already attacked I already struck!
Error: Minion not ready That one is NOT prepared.
Error: Minion exhausted It cannot attack again.
Error: Not enough mana My mana is too low.
Error: Need a weapon I require a weapon.
Error: Can't play that card I cannot...
Error: Can't target stealthed minions That one lurks in stealth.
Error: Not a valid target I cannot reach that.
Error: Must attack taunt minion Another taunts me! ME!
Selection in Arena I have been caged in darkness.
Hallow's End Greetings <gloomy> Darkness surrounds us… <cheerful> It's Hallow's End!
Winter Veil Greetings There are no holidays for betrayers.
Lunar New Year Greetings Happy New Year!
Noblegarden Greetings Hunting for eggs is fine practice for hunting demons.
Fire Festival Greetings Our fires shall burn brighter than the Legion itself!
Pirate's Day Greetings All aboard the SS Betrayer to sail the seas of treachery!
When Command the Illidari is played Serve your master!
When Inner Demon is played We all have demons.
When Metamorphosis is played Now I am complete!
When Mana Burn is played Burn away to ash!
When Skull of Gul'dan is played Alas, poor warlock.
When Spectral Sight is played I see...

Unused[edit | edit source]

Type Emote
Sorry I apologize.

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Original minion card artwork.
Original unused hero artwork.

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