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Iceblood Tower
70204 • AV_290
At the end of your turn, cast another spell from your deck. Lasts 3 turns.
Flavor text

“Why is it called Iceblood Tower?”\n“Not really sure. Anyways, try not to lose your footing on any of the frozen bodies as you make your way in.”

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Cast spell, Objective
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Random, Deck-related, Triggered effect
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Iceblood Tower is a rare mage spell card, from the Fractured in Alterac Valley set.

How to get

Auto-detected sources
Card packs
Fractured in Alterac Valley
Golden Standard
Golden Fractured in Alterac Valley
Regular, Golden1~2
Crafting100 dustdustRegular1
Crafting800 dustdustGolden1
RunCompleting an Arena or Heroic Duels runRegular1
RankedOpening the Highest Rank Bonus chest at the end of season1~7
Quest Commander
(Earn 780 Honor to be promoted to Commander.)
Golden 1
Quest First Sergeant
(Earn 260 Honor to be promoted to First Sergeant.)
Golden 1
Quest Lieutenant Commander
(Earn 660 Honor to be promoted to Lieutenant Commander.)
Golden 1
Quest Senior Sergeant
(Earn 180 Honor to be promoted to Senior Sergeant.)
Golden 1


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Iceblood Tower is located just south / behind Iceblood Garrison and it the northen most horde tower in Alterac Valley. It is one of the first two / three horde targets for the alliance when the battle starts – especially if the alliance lack the strength to take down Galvangar in Iceblood Garrison.


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