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Secrets and a Sidequest.

Hero zone cards are cards that do nothing immediately, but are instead put in your hero zone, appearing around your hero's portrait.

This article mainly focuses on the triggered hero zone spells.

For more information about specifically Secrets, Quests, Questlines, or Sidequests, see their respective pages.


Most hero zone cards have a condition that needs to be met in order for the card to activate. For example, Secrets require your opponent do peform an action, such as attacking, while Quests require you to peform actions, such as playing specific cards. You can only have five hero zone cards active at a time.

Currently, three types of hero zone cards exist in the game, all of which are spells:

  • Secrets, which are displayed as a circle-shaped (?) symbol.
  • Quests (as well as Questlines and Sidequests), which are displayed as a pointy-shaped (!) symbol.
  • Triggered spells, such as Sigils and Objectives, which are displayed with the Triggered effect "lightning" symbol.


The Sigil symbol.

Sigils are demon hunter spells, introduced in Forged in the Barrens. Sigils are spells that activate at the start of your next turn. A Triggered effect "lightning" symbol is displayed on your portrait while the sigil has not yet activated. There are currently 5 Sigils in the game.


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The Objective symbol.

Objectives are spells introduced in Fractured in Alterac Valley. Objectives are spells that last for three turns, and are displayed with the Triggered effect "lightning" symbol on your portrait while they are active. While an objective spell is active, the player may do specific actions, such as summoning minions, to gain a bonus. Objectives are also active during your opponents turn, but your opponent is not affected by the spell, unless otherwise specified. There are currently 10 Objective spells in the game.


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Secrets have existed since the beginning of the game, and were at the time the only hero zone cards in the game.

With the additon of Quests in Journey to Un'Goro, the game saw the addition of a new type of hero zone card. Different versions of Quests were later added; with more Quests in Saviors of Uldum, Sidequests in Descent of Dragons, as well as Questlines in United in Stormwind.

With the addition of Sigils in Forged in the Barrens, the game saw another new addition of a new type of hero zone card. Also seen with Objectives in Fractured in Alterac Valley, these triggered hero zone spells increased the type of hero zone cards to 3.

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