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Helka Grimtotem
Flavor text

Helka wants you to lead her new gladiator team! She's not at all interested in how you feel about this.

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Helka Grimtotem is the second boss in Rogue's Book of Heroes adventure.

Hero Power[]

Fight's On!(463978).png
Summoned minions
Lance Carrier(22335).png
Fencing Coach(22378).png
Crowd Favorite(22308).png

Player's hero[]

Poisoned Daggers(2743).png

Special cards[]


Magatha Grimtotem(389320).png


Hasty Blade(463974).png
Arcane Wraith(463952).png


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Helka Grimtotem (26/30) Valeera
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Magatha Grimtotem 1 Boss Hasty Blade 2
Warrior Shield Slam 2 Arcane Wraith 2
Spiked Wheel 2 Rogue Backstab 2
Sword and Board 2 Deadly Poison 2
Whirlwind 1 Spymistress 2
Bladestorm 2 Cold Blood 2
Orgrimmar Aspirant 2 Eviscerate 2
Shield Block 2 Patient Assassin 2
Blood Razor 2 Swindle 2
Warrior, Paladin Commencement 1 Hooked Scimitar 1
Neutral Grimestreet Smuggler 2 Master of Disguise 2
Tauren Warrior 2 Assassinate 2
Backroom Bouncer 2 Shadow Sculptor 2
Kodorider 2 Neutral Sneaky Delinquent 2
Sunwalker 1 Saboteur 3



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Holding back your Stealthed 1-health minions (Patient Assassin and Spymistress) could be a mistake since Helka can just wipe them out using Whirlwind, so may as well have them attack ASAP.

The use of whirlwind may damage a gladiator Helka summons via "Fight's On" which actually protects them from taking 2 damage via Backstab.


Before match

Valeera (present)
Despite my doubts, Rehgar's instincts proved correct. We became a winning team, defying all expectations...
But soon after, I was sold to another gladiator trainer. Mostly I was just angry, yet... I think I missed the others.
All of their stupid banter had grown on me, though I hated to admit it. And I was ready to be free.


Helka Grimtotem
Show me how well you fight on your own, blood elf.
Don't make me laugh. I'm a champion, you know.

Emote Response

Helka Grimtotem
Why are you elves always so mouthy?

Hero Power

Helka Grimtotem
Face this!
Fight to the end!
Time for a new trainee!


Helka Grimtotem
Skilled assassins are always welcome among the Grimtotems.
Something is amiss. Do you regret being separated from your team?
There are not many blood elves here in Kalimdor. You are most unusual.

Boss' turn 4

Is this what passes for a gladiator in Thunder Bluff?
Helka Grimtotem
Less talking and more fighting!

Turn 5

There's no one here who could actually challenge me.
Helka Grimtotem
We shall see about that.

Turn 7

Helka Grimtotem
Rehgar vouched for you, but even I did not expect you to be so skillful.
I have that effect on people.


Well, that was thrilling. I'm definitely going to stick around for more of this gladiator fighting business.
Helka Grimtotem
No, I'm not. Bye now!


Helka Grimtotem
I had such high hopes for you... What a pity.


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Helka Grimtotem is the niece of Magatha Grimtotem. She is a gladiator mistress and bought Valeera Sanguinar from Rehgar Earthfury for 2000 gold after his team won at the Dire Maul tournament. Helka wanted Valeera to lead an all-female gladiator team consisting of an orc and a troll. However soon after they set out for an exhibition game on the Merchant Coast, Valeera escaped with the wyvern Bristlefur.



Helka Grimtotem, full art

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