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Curse of Naxxramas logo.png         The subject of this article is part of the Curse of Naxxramas adventure

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Heigan the Unclean
1820 • NAX5_01
Health:30 Health
Artist:Ron Lemen
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Heigan the Unclean is a boss found in the Curse of Naxxramas adventure. He is the second boss of the adventure's second wing, the Plague Quarter.

Hero Power[]

Normal Heroic

Special cards[]



Heigan the Unclean, full art

Note that the below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on Heigan's use of the cards in the encounter.

Normal and Heroic

Class Card Quantity
Boss NaxxramasDeathcharger 2
Mindpocalypse 2
Warlock LegacyBlood Imp 2
LegacyFlame Imp 2
LegacySoulfire 2
LegacyVoidwalker 2
LegacyDemonfire 2
LegacyFelguard 2
NaxxramasVoidcaller 4
LegacyBane of Doom 2
LegacyDoomguard 2
LegacyDread Infernal 2
Neutral LegacyAcidic Swamp Ooze 2
LegacyFaceless Manipulator 2

Starting board[]

In Heroic mode Heigan starts the game with a NaxxramasVoidcaller on the board.


Normal and Heroic tactics work out to be roughly the same. Heigan's Eruption has no effect when your side has no minions, so creature-light decks, such as Freeze Mage, work especially well. However, decks that have resurrection-on-death minions, such as NaxxramasNerubian Egg, NaxxramasHaunted Creeper, and LegacyHarvest Golem, do just fine. The health-gaining effects of NaxxramasStoneskin Gargoyle, LegacyQuesting Adventurer, LegacyGruul, and LegacyEthereal Arcanist make them into effective meat shields until a friend can step into the way of the fire.

Try to be ready for minions that are one cast away from appearing on the field. The NaxxramasVoidcaller trigger frequently replaces a 3/4 with a larger threat, and LegacyDoomguard will charge across with no warning as early as the fifth turn. LegacyDoomsayer deals with Voidcallers quite well, since he will pop them at the beginning of your turn, when you have the most mana. Taunts and armor can take care of the rest.

Warlock is one of the only two classes capable of removing the initial NaxxramasVoidcaller in Heroic Mode before your turn 2, by means of either LegacyCorruption or LegacySoulfire. Druid is the other, using LegacyNaturalize. A warlock deck with plenty of directly damaging spells and removal such as the above and LegacyShadow Bolt, LegacyDrain Life, LegacySiphon Soul, LegacyDemonfire etc., as well as resilient Taunts, resurrecting minions and health-gaining or health-restoring minions will defeat him easily even in Heroic Mode given a decent opening hand.

With the Grand Tournament expansion, this battle can be pretty easy if you place The Grand TournamentDreadsteed in the left-most position, because Eruption will be unable to kill it and thus protect the rest of your minions from the damage.




Unstable Ghoul


Heigan the Unclean in World of Warcraft

Before match

Heigan sent me a message telling me that he promises not to kill you if you don't play any cards against him.


Heigan the Unclean
You think you're safe here?

Emote Response

Heigan the Unclean
I don't have time for this nonsense.

Hero Power

Heigan the Unclean
Dance, fools!


Heigan the Unclean
I will blow your MIND!


Heigan the Unclean
I should have taken a shower.
I am seething with anger. SEETHING.


Heigan the Unclean was the mastermind behind the magic of the cauldrons that quickly spread the undead plague through Lordaeron, corrupting not just the humans, but the flora and fauna in the area as well. The entire wilderness surrounding Lordaeron is now referred to as “the Plaguelands”—thanks in no small part to Heigan’s handiwork.[1]

In World of Warcraft[]

Heigan the Unclean was a raid boss in the World of Warcraft Naxxramas raid. The infamous "dance boss", mastering the fight against Heigan required learning the steps to his diabolical dance, with movement and position key to defeating him. Extensive player-made tutorials were created to illustrate the phases and rhythm of the encounter.

"Observe, Heigan the Unclean. The mastermind behind the plague cauldrons that turned the wilderness of Azeroth into the Plaguelands. It is said that Heigan has rigged the very walls and floors of Naxxramas itself with a vast array of traps, which he can trigger at will."
Commander Eligor Dawnbringer


Heigan the Unclean in the Curse of Naxxramas promotional art

  • Kel'thuzad's "SEETHING" is a reference to Heigan's quote "I see everything" in World of Warcraft.
  • Heigan was the first Curse of Naxxramas boss to be announced in detail, featuring in the initial announcement blog.
  • Senior UI Designer Derek Sakamoto shared the following unused flavor text for Heigan:
"Heigan the Unclean: The nefarious deeds of his youth earned him his title, which was bestowed upon him by his mother."[2]

Patch changes[]