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HearthStone Indonesia community[edit | edit source]

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History[edit | edit source]

The first HearthStone Indonesia community was established in 2013 when HearthStone is still in Closed Beta.

Was named as HearthStoneID and on January 31, 2014 we primarily use facebook group for our hub, plus the community used tumblr as our blog platform at the time with this domain: hearthstone.gamerz.asia (NOW DEFUNCT). Now we are proud to identify ourselves as blizzgamers.id (CURRENT).

Back then, there was still no tournaments being held publicly. But interest was high, and one of the local game media, "Games in Asia" (now "Tech in Asia - Games") helped in covering our baby steps.

Blizzgamers[edit | edit source]

Long story short, from HearthStone, the love of Blizzard games also spread to others. Soon, we also have the Heroes of the Storm Indonesia community in 2015, as well.

Then suggestions came in from many people, including our long-time sponsor, MOL Indonesia. Some suggested that we merge all the communities that we've built into one name.

After long discussion and brainstorming, we came up with the name "Blizzgamers Indonesia".

Our contribution in the Indonesian eSports scene:

- Road to 8th IeSF World eSports Championship - HearthStone Indonesia National Qualifier (Bahasa)

- Road to Asian Games 2018 eSports - HearthStone Indonesia & StarCraft 2 Indonesia National Qualifier (Bahasa)

"Play Nice, Play Fair"[edit | edit source]

We want to spread Blizzard's own values as stated on their Mission Statement: "Play Nice, Play Fair."

Our members have so far proven that we don't answer toxicity with toxicity, we uphold sportivity, and able to handle those with maturity.

Giving respect to fellow gamers, play fairly, no cheats, and avoid unethical conducts.

Last but not least, transparency + honesty = trust.

Those are the key learning points that we have learned as we play and build Blizzard games communities starting from HS, Heroes, WoW, and Overwatch.