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Have you been going crazy reading about Hearthstone, totally jealous of your friends who were accepted to Beta test? Well, now is your chance to get in on the action and win yourself a key to join the ranks of Hearthstone beta testers. And even if you don’t win the beta key, we have a bunch of other awesome prizes such as an Afterglow Wireless Headset, Perixx Gaming Mouse, Rosewill Earbuds, and Blizzard iPhone cases!


Prize drawing will be held on September 2nd, 2013

  • Grand Prize (3): Hearthstone Beta Key + Blizzard iPhone 4/4S Cell Phone Case
  • 1st Prize (1): Afterglow Prismatic Wireless Headset
  • 2nd Prize (1): Perixx MX-3000 Programmable Gaming Laser Mouse
  • 3rd Prize (1): Rosewill High Fidelity Passive Noise Isolating Rosewood Earbud Headphones
  • Runners up (8): Blizzard iPhone 4/4S Cell Phone Case

Official Rules

Grand prize of Beta keys is available to all users regardless of location. Physical prizes are limited to US and Canadian residents due to legal restrictions.

How to Win

Winners will be randomly selected from Hearthstone Wiki contributors, with each constructive edit you make counting as an entry in the contest. Minor or nonconstructive edits will be reverted and ineligible to win. You must create a Curse account and be logged in while editing, otherwise we won’t know how to contact you if you win! There is plenty of information out there to be added, and we here at Gamepedia want to encourage the community to help build Hearthstone Wiki into the undisputed #1 source for Hearthstone info!

We at Gamepedia have set up a card page template you can use as a guide when you begin editing. We feel each card page having a How to get, Rarity, Strategy, and Lore section will provide the best information about a card to help new and old players alike! You can find this page at Dread Infernal.

But I’ve never edited a Wiki before!

Well there’s no better time to learn! Remember, you only have to make one meaningful contribution to be considered for the contest, although its hard to just make one!

If you’re looking for a place to start, you can check out our Help Page on the Hearthstone Wiki or the more general Gamepedia Help Wiki. If you want some personal help with something, you can always visit us in the #Gamepedia channel on IRC. We also encourage folks to make use of the Community Discussion page, which will be monitored by other community members as well as the Gamepedia Wiki team.