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Hearth and Home is the first animated short featuring the characters and inn of Hearthstone.[1] The short shows how Ava discovered why Hearthstone is home.[1]

It was released on August 23rd, 2017.


The short opens with trudging through a snowy forest, followed by Sarge, a white mouse. Ava produces a compass to try and find her way; to her dismay, the Compass's needle is spinning rapidly. As Ava gazes around, now hopelessly lost, a Hearthstone box materializes behind her. She slowly makes her way over to the box, and Sarge climbs onto it, beckoning her.

Slowly, Ava lays her hands on the box. To her shock, as soon as her hands make contact, she is abruptly teleported to Harth Stonebrew's tavern, where the dwarven Innkeeper is currently playing a game of Hearthstone against the elderly wizard Malto. As the two laugh over Malto's use of LegacyPolymorph to disable one of Stonebrew's minions, they notice Ava's presence. Stonebrew bids Ava welcome and invites her to warm her feet by the fire, to which she responds by asking where she is.

The Innkeeper gives a jovial laugh in response, inviting the goblins Fewz and Wik to begin a song. Over the musical number, Ava is welcomed by the various patrons of the Tavern, given her first cards, and thrust into a game against an Orc Warrior. Facing down a board full of minions, Ava plays LegacyDeathwing, which reduces her opponent's minions to ash. Enraged by his loss, the Orc stands up and prepares to vent his anger on Ava, but is stopped by the Innkeeper, who chides him to "play nice".



Where are you? (Where are you?) (Where are you?)
Where are you?
Well there's a place
And there's a time (Well met!)
Where the magic of the board becomes alive (You're next!)
And you'll have all that you can do just to survive
Before an Orc or an Ogre tries to take your hide (I'm not ready!)
But fear not, don't you know
A hero lies inside of you
In time you'll see it's true
From taverns here in Azeroth
To inns in distant lands far off
Stonebrew will spin a tale or two
So shed your cares (Are you worried?)
And just relax (Here, have a seat!)
Don't you fret about the monster with the axe (He'll soon be beat!)
You'll need some cards (Here you go!)
Come follow me (Time to compete)
Play this or that and you will bring him to his knees (Now on your feet!)
Still if you're not sure just where you are
Well, let us make it clear for you
This is a place that magic has graced
And it's calling out for you!
To come play
(Hearthstone!) Where big and small it doesn't matter
(Hearthstone!) The tavern's always filled with laughter
(Hearthstone!) At firesides where heroes gather
Hearthstone is home
(Hearthstone!) Where duels are waged inside of dungeons
(Hearthstone!) Where fights are fair, no stomp'n bunions
(Hearthstone!) For the young at heart and a few curmudgeons
Hearthstone is home
So sheath your sword (Put it away!)
And prep your deck (I think he's gonna smash you)
Summon creatures, command heroes, protect your neck (Or maybe he'll just slash you)
If you seek fun (What fun!)
Or just respect (And I think it's worth repeatin')
Expect the battles, beasts, and brawls to be the best (Gets better every season!)
And once you've won, you'll finally come
To learn that sometimes random fun
Deserves at least a turn or two
So face your fears and clear your ears
Of everyone that's jeering here
Rise up and do what you must do (That's epic!)
Actually... it's Legendary.
(Hearthstone!) For those who are brave and seek adventure
(Hearthstone!) The tavern's always at its center (I knew you'd get it!)
(Hearthstone!) For the dim of wit or really clever
Hearthstone is home (You're up next!)
(Hearthstone!) I think he's really gonna smite you
(Hearthstone!) Pray to your God he doesn't bite you
You must think really quick
The rope is lit
Make him submit
Commit to it
The time is right now
Ah, ah! Play nice.
Hearthstone is home!



  • Ava, human girl main character.
  • Harth Stonebrew, dwarven innkeeper and founder of the tavern. Always ready with a friendly greeting, a cold pint, and a sympathetic ear. Presumably an ordinary dwarf. Presumably.
  • Malto, a Mage, an expert in matters arcane, and a fountain of sage wisdom. The first-ever guest of the tavern, long before anyone can remember. Mentor to all, and friend of Harth.
  • Sarge, a mouse and friend to all. Brave, loyal, and highly intelligent. Frequently a hero.
  • Fewz and Wick, goblin brothers. They often provide commentary, whether requested or not, for the tavern's heated Hearthstone matches.
  • Lou, a Paladin with glorious hair, impressive muscles, and good humor. Beloved by all (he's quite certain). Once an adventurer. Will he be one again?
    • has a mustache and is a great dancer
  • Bertie, a gnome, a former soldier, and mender of all things mechanized or mystifying. Friend of Urk.
  • Urk, an orc who is smarter than he looks. Or acts. More sensitive than he seems. Still running up a huge tab in broken tables. Has an axe for every occasion.
  • Velaris, a blood elf aristocrat and far too rich for bad taste. Likes to win and hates to lose. Friend of himself.


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