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Hearth and Home is an animated short released by Blizzard Entertainment during Gamescom 2017. It was the first animated short for the game, though there have been cinematics announcing things such as adventures and expansions.

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A young girl, Ava, is lost in a snowstorm in an area resembling Warcraft's Dun Morogh. She attempts to use her compass to find her way, but the needle spins. Trudging onward, a mouse (Sarge) follows her, and she only stops when a golden glow reveals a Hearthstone case in the snow. The mouse sits atop it, perhaps suggesting she take it.

Ava does so, and as she touches it, she is transported into the Inn. Her heavy clothes are gone, and she is surrounded by a large array of characters. At a nearby table, Harth (a dwarf) and Malto (a wizard) are playing Hearthstone when she is noticed.

When she asks where she is, the Inn breaks into song, first led by the goblin pair, Fewz and Wik. The song explains what Hearthstone is, while the participants provide her with a card pack to play and a table to sit at opposite an orc that looks very much like Garrosh Hellscream. Harth provides her with a card to use against his minions, and she places it on the table. Baby Deathwing incinerates the opposition.

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Hearthstone Animated Short Hearth and Home

Hearthstone Animated Short Hearth and Home