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A typical hand. The green highlighted cards can be played, while the yellow highlighted card has a special effect enabled by the current state of the game.

The hand is where each player keeps the cards currently available to them. The player can see their hand face-up at the bottom of the screen, while the opponent's hand is shown face-down at the top of the screen.


  • To see the number of cards currently held in your hand, hover your cursor over your deck.
  • To see the number of cards in the opponent's hand, hover your cursor over the opponent's deck.


The player can only play cards that are currently in their hand. Players place cards into their hand through drawing cards from their deck. A few other methods such as return effects and generate effects can also add cards to the player's hand.

Players can have a maximum of 10 cards in their hand at any time, unless Descent of DragonsValdris Felgorge was played. Attempting to add a card to the hand when it is already full will cause that card to be destroyed, sometimes referred to as overdraw. Cards destroyed in this way are revealed to both players.

Playing a card removes it from the player's hand, and puts it into play. This is the main way for players to empty their hand. The only other way is through discard effects, which force the player to discard cards from their hand without playing them. Like overdraw, discard effects reveal the discarded cards to both players.

Hand size has some synergy with specific cards, such as LegacyMountain Giant, Whispers of the Old GodsMidnight Drake and LegacyTwilight Drake. It can also have strategic impact on the use of discard effects, and card draw mechanics such as LegacyNorthshire Cleric.


Hand tracking is a strategy used to track and predict what cards are in the opponent's hand. This can also be done during the mulligan phase to see how many cards the opponent kept in their opening hand.

For tips related to drawing cards and the size of your hand, see Card draw.

How to track the opponent's hand (part 1 of 2).

How to track the opponent's hand (part 2 of 2).

Related cards[]

For Wild format listings, see Hand/Wild format

Certain cards have effects specifically related to the size or contents of the player's hand; these are listed below.

For cards with effect that activate while in the player's hand, see In-hand effect.

Swipe left or right to see the cards.
REV 507.png
TSC 934t2.png
TSC 927.png
TSC 023.png
TSC 632.png
REV 338.png
SW 039.png
SW 039t.png
AV 308.png
SW 048.png
WC 017.png
TSC 215.png
AV 114.png
TSC 908.png
ONY 005ta10.png
TSC 927t.png
WC 025.png
REV 332.png
REV 511.png
AV 206p.png
ONY 013.png
BAR 841.png
SW 001.png
TSC 957.png
BAR 842.png
BAR 842t.png
BAR 842t2.png
DED 513.png
SW 060.png
ONY 008.png
TSC 948.png
REV 246.png
BAR 033.png
CORE BRM 013.png
BAR 325.png
AV 212.png
TSC 643.png
AV 401.png
TSC 039t.png
BAR 743.png
TSC 614.png
TSC 217.png
SW 315.png
TID 074.png
BOM 06 CaptainFairmount 004t.png
TSC 826.png
AV 711.png
BAR 320.png
WC 004.png
REV 959.png
TSC 212.png
TID 706.png
TID 085.png
TID 002.png
TID 717.png
REV 253.png
REV 509.png
REV 022.png
TSC 947.png
SW 074.png
SW 057.png
BAR 326.png
AV 256.png
DED 502.png
TSC 055.png
REV 374.png
TSC 060.png
AV 112.png
REV 011.png
REV 240.png
SW 036.png
TSC 017.png
BAR 902.png
TID 744.png
TSC 087.png
SW 085.png
SW 032.png
TID 718.png
BAR 881.png
ONY 026.png
BAR 316.png
ONY 036.png
SW 056.png
REV 238.png
CORE EX1 043.png
TSC 071.png
BAR 307.png
AV 262.png
BAR 037.png
ONY 006.png
CORE CFM 605.png
REV 961.png
TSC 943.png
TID 709t.png
ONY 001.png
CS3 025.png
TSC 641.png
BAR 080.png
AV 264.png
AV 298.png
TSC 959.png
SW 092.png
TSC 020.png
TSC 609.png
Story 10 ElderVoidwalker.png
SW 089.png
AV 286.png
TSC 652.png
SW 047.png
AV 130.png
SW 320.png
SW 109.png
TSC 658.png
WC 030.png
TSC 064.png
TSC 630.png
BAR 539.png
TSC 656.png
TSC 934.png
BAR 308.png
TSC 209.png
CS3 034.png
SW 062.png