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Set:Journey to Un'GoroJourney to Un'Goro
Spell school:Nature
Cost:1 Mana icon.png
Wiki tags:Class-related
Artist:Daria Tuzova
Discover a card from your opponent's class.
Flavor text

It's the good kind of hallucination.

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Hallucination is a common rogue spell card, from the Journey to Un'Goro set.

How to get[]

Hallucination can be obtained through Journey to Un'Goro card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Hallucination 40 5
Golden Hallucination 400 50


  • If you play Hallucination against an opponent without a class, such as against most adventure bosses or the Ragnaros hero created by Majordomo Executus, you will get to choose between 3 rogue class cards as your Discover options. This is irrespective of your own class or your opponent's original class in the case of a Ragnaros hero.
  • While Death Knight hero cards cannot be drafted in Arena, you can still discover them via Hallucination.


Hallucination fits the Rogue theme of generating cards from their opponent's class.

As a 1-mana card that replaces itself, allowing the player to choose among three random cards offered, this card is a reasonable play on turn 1. It can also be used later on in the game to smooth out the mana curve. As a Discover card, Hallucination allows the player to select the best option out of 3 with respect to the current game state. Since the cards are from the opponent's class, the options can include effects such as healing that are not normally present with rogue class cards.

At 1 mana, Hallucination can be used as a way to activate cards with Combo such as Eviscerate. It fits especially well in a Miracle Rogue deck, as it can be played after a Gadgetzan Auctioneer, which will draw an additional card from the deck alongside the Discovered card. Miracle Rogue decks can also use Hallucination prior to playing Edwin VanCleef, giving him an additional +2/+2.

Since it generates a card from a different class, Hallucination has strong synergy with Ethereal Peddler.


Hallucination, full art

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