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Hagatha the Witch, also known as Swampqueen Hagatha, is a female orc unique to Hearthstone first appeared as main antagonist of The Witchwood. Hagatha is a dark shaman, a shaman who uses the elements for their own goal and forces them to serve their will. She corrupted the forests of Gilneas, turning it into Witchwood. She was later defeated by Gilneans and forced to depart from the forest. After her departure, she answered the call of Rafaam and joined the League of E.V.I.L. and attacked the the magical city of Dalaran.


The Witchwood[]

When Hagatha took residence in the Blackwald, she twisted the woods and awakened the trees, spirits, and whatever beasts lurking in the woods to create a twisted, haunted domain. Since then, Gilneans residing near the woods have called the woods by a new name - The Witchwood.[1]

We do not know much about Hagatha’s true nature. Is she indeed the source of the curse, as rumored? Or is she merely another one of its victims? Was she a survivor of some great battle who dragged herself deep into the forest and fell prey to dark magic? A wicked manifestation of the forest’s anger, furious with intruders and despoilers? An unusually skilled shaman, whose ambition and desire for vengeance have outstripped all good sense?
Somewhere, on the bank of a dank and deadly swamp in the depths of the forest, she waits. When she speaks, every malignant thing in the woods bends an ear to listen. When she breathes, coils of glowing mist drift between tangled branches, and restless spirits wake from timeless slumber. When she rages, gnarled trees with jagged grins uproot themselves, and whole hillsides rise to lumber into the night. When she dreams, the people of Gilneas have recurring nightmares of a great serpent that threatens to devour the moon. In her despair, the vile and bizarre Shudderwock stalks the land.
She is terrifying, but she isn’t a mindless force of nature, nor is she all-powerful. She is lucid, cunning, and plotting.
We do not know why she hates this city and its people, nor whether she really even does—Gilneas may be just an obstacle to a larger goal. Whatever Hagatha’s ultimate motive, the curse is already closing its shadowy claws around the city, and she will not stop until it is lost to the Witchwood.[2]

She made deals with various denizens of the Gilnean forests, now known as Witchwood, like Glinda Crowskin, Lord Godfrey and Captain Shivers.

Her plans are failed and she is defeated by native Gilneans and mercenaries: Toki, Time Tinker, Houndmaster Shaw, Tess Greymane and Darius Crowley.

Rise of Shadows[]

Formation of League of E.V.I.L. and Invasion of Dalaran[]

Some time after the defeat of Hagatha by the Gilneans, Rafaam gathered Hagatha, Dr. Boom, King Togwaggle and Madame Lazul. He promised revenge for the defeated villians and formed the League of E.V.I.L. . After their formation, League of E.V.I.L. attacked magical city of Dalaran.

Heist of Dalaran[]

Hagatha suggested invading the Violet Hold to unleash its prisoners to distract the guards of Dalaran. She was successful, and numerous beasts and creatures were loosened upon Dalaran.

Galakrond's Awakening[]

Hagatha assisted Rafaam in Dragonblight. She challenged Nithogg, defeating him and claiming The Fist of Ra-den as her own.

However, she was ultimately defeated by Alexstrasza at Wyrmrest Temple.