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Gurubashi Berserker
768 • EX1_399
EX1 399.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
EX1 399 Premium1.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
Cost:5 Mana icon.png
Attack:2 Attack icon.png
Health:8 Health
Artist:Alex Horley Orlandelli
Whenever this minion takes damage, gain +3 Attack.
Flavor text

No Pain, No Gain.

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Damage-related, Triggered effect
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Gurubashi Berserker is a neutral minion card, inducted into the Legacy set, formerly from the Basic set.

Other versions[]

How to get[]

Regular and golden Gurubashi Berserker are uncraftable and cannot be crafted or disenchanted.

Auto-detected sources
New playerComplete the Ranked's New player experience systemRegular2
New playerComplete the Ranked's New player experience systemGolden2

Core set[]

Two copies of regular Gurubashi Berserker are obtained for raising sum of all your class levels to 1.

Two copies of golden Gurubashi Berserker (Core) are obtained for winning 500 games across all classes.

Gurubashi Berserker (Core) is uncraftable and cannot be crafted or disenchanted.

Previous availability[]

Prior Year of the Gryphon's rotation on March 30, 2021:

  • Two copies of Gurubashi Berserker were automatically included in all players' collections upon unlocking the warlock class.
  • Two Golden copies of Gurubashi Berserker were a reward for raising a warlock to levels 57 and 58.




This 2/8 minion for 5 mana has a very interesting ability. Since he gains +3 attack every time he takes damage he can become very powerful very quickly. Ideally use smaller source of damage to rapidly increase his Attack without weakening him too much.

Works very well in a warrior deck. If you can combo him with LegacyInner Rage, LegacyWhirlwind, LegacyRampage and Charge you get a 16/9 minion with charge. It is a six-card combo (you need CoreThe Coin, since the combination costs 11 mana) Mages can use LegacyFireblast to repeatedly increase his power, while priests can focus on increasing his Health through abilities such as LegacyDivine Spirit in order to make him very resilient, leaving room for his Attack to reach astounding levels.

Since the Berserker's value lies in increasing its Attack, be aware that this will necessitate the minion becoming 'damaged', allowing for the use of abilities such as LegacyExecute. It is also initially vulnerable to LegacyShadow Word: Pain. As a potentially high-power minion, be aware of any abilities your opponent may have to directly remove it from play or Silence it.

Note that healing the Berserker will not remove its Attack buff. Priests in particular can repeatedly heal a Berserker, maintaining its Health while allowing its Attack to steadily build.

Targeting a newly placed Berserker with Saviors of UldumBEEEES!!! will leave a 14/4 minion on the board. Now you can heal it with healing touch for a 14/8.


The Gurubashi are a fearsome tribe of jungle trolls who reside in Zul'Gurub, in the Eastern Kingdoms.

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Established long before the Great Sundering, the Gurubashi Empire took its name from the strongest tribe of jungle trolls at the time. The jungle trolls ruled the southern jungles of ancient Kalimdor until the Burning Legion's first invasion, which wrought havoc and devastation throughout the continent and culminated in the Great Sundering.



Gurubashi Berserker, full art

A Gurubashi Berserker in World of Warcraft

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