Gravelsnout Knight

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Gravelsnout Knight
Gravelsnout Knight(77006).png
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Gravelsnout Knight(77006) Gold.png
Set: Kobolds and Catacombs
Type: Minion
Rarity: Rare
Cost: 1 Mana icon.png
Attack: 2 Attack icon.png
Health: 3 Health
Abilities: Battlecry, Summon
Tags: Cost-related, Random
Artist: Jim Nelson

Battlecry: Summon a random 1-Cost minion for your opponent.

The mole of La Mancha rides again!

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Gravelsnout Knight is a rare neutral minion card, from the Kobolds & Catacombs set.

How to get[edit | edit source]

Gravelsnout Knight can be obtained through Kobolds & Catacombs card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Gravelsnout Knight 100 20
Golden Gravelsnout Knight 800 100

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The minion summoned by the Gravelsnout Knight's Battlecry will be ready to attack by your opponent's turn.
  • Class minions summoned by an opponent's Gravelsnout Knight will count towards your "play X class cards" quests.
  • The summoned minion counts as though it was summoned by your opponent for the purposes of cards such as Darkshire Councilman.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Can be used to intentionally inflate the number of enemy minions, in order to activate Mind Control Tech's Battlecry. Similarly, it can enable spells that require at least two minions (Multi-Shot, Forked Lightning, Cleave).

Cabal Shadow Priest and Shadow Madness can be used to steal the 1 cost minion, turning this card's downside into a useful bonus effect.

The 1-cost minion can be a target for Bane of Doom, Raging Worgen or Stampeding Kodo.

The 1-cost minion may also present various minion type or ability synergies for the player to take advantage of. For example:

This card can also work against a mage's Duplicate: if the 1 cost minion is destroyed, the value of the secret is diminished. It can also be used as a tech card against Summoner Priest by adding weak minions to the resurrectable minion pool.

Possible summons[edit | edit source]

The below table lists all collectible 1-Mana minions available in Wild format, representing the range of Gravelsnout Knight's possible summons.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Onward, Snufflesnout!
For candle!

Lore[edit | edit source]

This card depicts a kobold riding a Dire Mole.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Gravelsnout Knight, full art
Gravelsnout Knight sketch

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