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Piloted Shredder gold animated

Golden cards often add movement and visual effects, like with this golden Goblins vs GnomesPiloted Shredder

"Golden" redirects here. For information on golden heroes, see Golden heroes.

Golden cards are special, rarer versions of cards. Each card exists in both a regular and a golden form.

The difference between a card's normal version and its golden version is purely aesthetic - all golden cards feature a golden frame, and each has a unique animation. There is no difference in gameplay or behaviour on the battlefield, and golden cards do not allow you to circumvent the 2-per-deck (1-per-deck for legendaries) card restriction.

Golden cards are commonly compared with "foil" cards of other Trading Card Games, and are far harder and more costly to obtain than their regular versions. Golden cards are intended to allow players to show off their card-collecting achievements.[1]

Because golden cards do not display the usual class colours, golden cards feature additional ribbons at the top and/or bottom bearing the colour of the card's class.

How to get[]

Swipe gold animated

A golden LegacySwipe. Note the brown ribbons, indicating a druid card.

While offering no functional difference, golden cards are far harder to obtain than their non-golden versions. Those that can be crafted are far more expensive to craft, and far more rewarding to disenchant. The means of obtaining a golden card depends on the card set to which the card belongs.

Golden cards also generate, summon, transform and otherwise create golden cards.[2][3] Golden uncollectible cards can therefore be brought into play through golden versions of the generating cards.

Core cards[]

All core set cards have their golden versions unlocked with progression achievements. Win games and click the achievement to receive all associated golden cards:

Card type Common Rare Epic Legendary
Class cards 50 class wins 100 class wins 250 class wins 500 class wins
Neutral cards 500 total wins 1000 total wins 2500 total wins 5000 total wins

Alternatively any golden cards from previous sets that the player has already acquired by whatever means will also have them available as core set versions. Crafting the versions from the older sets will make them available in the core set regardless of any progression achievements.

Expansion cards[]

Golden cards from expansion sets currently part of Standard format can be obtained through card packs, Arena or Heroic Duels rewards, or crafting. Golden cards from Wild format expansion sets can be obtained through crafting or through card packs. Golden cards from any sets that are a part of Twist format depends on whether the set is Standard or Wild.

Each card found in a card pack has a chance to be automatically upgraded to its golden version. Individual cards rewarded from Arena play likewise have a chance to be golden. Crafting and disenchanting values for golden cards are between two and eight times those of their non-golden counterparts. It is also worth noting that Rare, Epic and Legendary golden cards will disenchant for exactly as much dust as it takes to craft a regular counterpart, respectively allowing them to be exchanged for any single Rare, Epic or Legendary card you might require, making them especially useful for building up your collection.

Water Elemental gold animated

A golden LegacyWater Elemental

Rarity Crafting cost Disenchanting Upgrading from regular
Golden Common 400 50 360
Golden Rare 800 100 700
Golden Epic 1600 400 1200
Golden Legendary 3200 1600 1600

Adventure cards[]

Golden cards from adventure sets can be obtained exclusively through crafting. Golden cards from Standard format adventures are only available to craft once the card's regular version has been obtained through defeating the corresponding boss or Class Challenge within the adventure, but golden cards from Wild format adventures can be crafted at any time. As of the start of the Year of the Phoenix, all adventures are now in Wild format except Galakrond's Awakening, and so golden cards from any adventure predating that can be crafted at any time. The costs for crafting them are the same as those for other craftable cards (see section above).

Generated golden cards[]

Golden cards create golden cards. This means that new cards or minions created by a golden card during a game will automatically be the golden version. This includes summon, generate and transform effects.[2][4] These means are the only way to encounter golden versions of uncollectible cards. However, existing cards which are merely moved or put into play by golden cards will not be changed into their golden versions.[5]

Deathwing gold animated

A golden LegacyDeathwing

As a rule, if any card involved in the generation of another card is golden, the resulting card will also be golden. For example a golden LegacyPolymorph cast upon a regular LegacyGoldshire Footman will create a golden LegacySheep; as will a regular Polymorph cast upon a golden Goldshire Footman, or a golden Polymorph cast upon a golden Goldshire Footman.[6] Effects which create cards through interaction with characters obey the same rules; Goblins vs GnomesLight of the Naaru will generate a golden LegacyLightwarden if either the spell or the target character is golden - including golden heroes.[7][8]

The above rules apply for all generation of new cards, including both uncollectible cards such as LegacyImp Master's Imps, and normally collectible cards such as LegacyArchmage Antonidas' Fireballs. However, as stated above, existing cards which are merely moved or put into play from the player's deck by golden cards, such as by put into battlefield, put into hand or card draw effects, will not be changed into their golden versions.[5]

Hero Powers which generate cards work the same way. For example, a golden LegacyReinforce will generate golden Silver Hand Recruits. However, effects which replace Hero Powers may or may not produce golden versions (see below).

While these rules are largely consistent, there are a few exceptions, and these are listed in the appropriate sections below. Note that bugs may also cause inconsistent behaviour in some cases.


The main types of uncollectible card generation are broken down below, along with a few examples.

  • Minion summoning
  • Card generation
    • Golden cards which generate other cards will generate golden versions of those cards.[2] For example, golden LegacyMind Vision will create golden versions of the opponent's cards, and golden LegacyElite Tauren Chieftain will create golden Power Chord cards (which may in turn summon golden minions). This includes generate effects which copy other cards, even if the card being copied is not golden.
    • The only exceptions are Goblins vs GnomesBlingtron 3000, Journey to Un'GoroElise the Trailblazer's Journey to Un'GoroUn'Goro Pack, and Kobolds & CatacombsZola the Gorgon. Blingtron and Zola will always generates golden weapons and minions, respectively, regardless of whether the Blingtron or Zola is golden or regular. A golden Elise generates a golden pack containing five golden cards, as expected; but while a regular Elise generates a regular pack, that Un'Goro Pack has a chance to generate Golden cards, much like a regular pack has a chance to open them.
The Coin gold animated

A golden CoreThe Coin, available only through playing with an entirely golden deck

  • Transformation
    • Golden cards which transform cards will transform them into their golden versions. For example, golden LegacyPolymorph and golden LegacyHex will turn a target minion into a golden LegacySheep and a golden LegacyFrog, respectively.
    • Golden minions will always produce golden versions when transformed. For example, a regular LegacyPolymorph played on a golden LegacyMolten Giant will produce a golden LegacySheep.
  • Card draw, put into battlefield and put into hand effects
    • Golden cards which cause the player to draw cards, or move them from zone to another will not change cards to their golden versions. This is because those cards already exist, and are not modified by being drawn or moved. For example, a golden LegacyNovice Engineer will not draw golden cards, unless the cards are already golden. Likewise, a golden The Grand TournamentVarian Wrynn or LegacyCaptain's Parrot will not change cards into their golden versions.
  • Replacing Hero Powers
    • Cards which replace a Hero Power with another one (such as LegacyLord Jaraxxus, The League of ExplorersSir Finley Mrrgglton or LegacyShadowform) will only grant golden Hero Powers if the card is golden. For example, playing a regular Sir Finley Mrrgglton with a golden Hero Power will replace it with a regular Hero Power; playing a regular Shadowform after playing a golden Shadowform will replace the golden LegacyMind Spike with a regular LegacyMind Shatter.
    • However, The Grand TournamentJusticar Trueheart and The WitchwoodBaku the Mooneater both produce a golden Hero Power if either the card or the Hero Power is golden.[10] This may be because those cards conceptually "upgrade" the Hero Power, so a golden hero power is changed to a more powerful golden power.
  • CoreThe Coin
    • If the deck of the player chosen to go second is composed entirely of golden cards, they will be granted a golden version of CoreThe Coin.

Non-constructed decks[]

In some game modes, the game provides you with a deck, or with the cards for your deck (instead of you constructing the deck from your own collection). Those modes have different rules for which cards are golden.

  • In Arena play, if you have two copies of a golden card (or one copy of a legendary golden card), all copies of that card appearing in the arena draft will be golden. If you have one golden copy of a non-legendary card, the first copy of that card appearing in the draft will be golden, and all further copies will be regular.
  • In dungeon runs, none of the cards you build your deck with are golden, though you can add golden cards to your deck with certain treasures (like One Night in KarazhanMagic Mirror).
  • Tavern Brawls where you do not build your own deck do not ordinarily give you golden cards, though every tavern brawl makes its own rules.
  • If you use a golden The Boomsday ProjectWhizbang the Wonderful or Rise of ShadowsZayle, Shadow Cloak, you'll play with a golden hero and an all-golden deck.[11] If you use a non-golden version, the deck you play with will have no golden cards, regardless of what you have in your collection.
  • In Battlegrounds, golden cards are a mechanic. Golden minions are obtained by collecting three of any minion, which will fuse the three cards into a golden copy with doubled stats and a stronger ability.

Viewing uncollected golden cards[]

To view currently uncollected golden cards in-game, go to the Collection screen, enter crafting mode, and choose the 'show golden cards only' option. Players can right-click cards to view them up close. However, currently uncollected cards will be yellow-shaded rather than showing their actual colours.

Full-colour animated golden versions of all cards can also be viewed on Hearthpwn.


Iron Juggernaut Gold - animated Abomination Gold - animated Malorne Gold - animated Sprint

Card art[]

Main article: Card art#Golden cards

While the underlying art for each card is created by a range of artists, the creation of golden card images requires additional work, transforming each static 2D image into a recoloured, animated, moving display. Hearthstone's golden card art is created by Becca Abel, Kyle Harrison, John Zwicker and Jon Briggs.[12][13]


Promo cards[]

Previously, golden cards from the Promo set were only obtainable by fulfilling the specific criteria for those cards. At the start of the Year of the Mammoth, the Promo set was moved into the Hall of Fame, and so the cards were moved into Wild format. They can now be crafted at any time.


  • Senior Game Designer Ben Brode has stated that he intentionally "tried to make the least playable golden basics the easiest to get," and that he "loves" how rare golden LegacySen'jin Shieldmasta is,[14] requiring the player to reach levels 59 and 60 with a rogue.
  • The introductory sections to trailers such as those for Goblins vs Gnomes and Curse of Naxxramas feature placeholder art for golden card frames.[15] Resembling a purple version of the mage card frame, this art was used prior to the development of the golden card frames, but has continued to be used in trailers.[15]



Patch changes[]

  • Whispers of the Old Gods logo Patch (2016-07-12): Golden Priest, Rogue, and Neutral cards are now easier to tell apart. [The ribbon at the tops and bottoms of golden cards are now black for Rogue, and white for Priest.]
  • Hearthstone logo Patch (Open beta, 2014-03-11): If a player’s deck contains all Golden cards, a Golden Coin will complement your deck if you happen to go second.
  • Hearthstone logo Patch (Closed beta, 2013-12-10): All Golden cards are now animated.
  • Hearthstone logo Patch (Closed beta, 2013-10-02):
    • You can now acquire Golden Basic minions at higher experience levels.
    • At 9 Arena wins, you are now guaranteed an extra pack or a Golden card.
    • Many Golden cards have new animations! More to come! Check out LegacyGelbin Mekkatorque!