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Goblins are infamous for their explosive inventions

Goblins are small green humanoids known for their heavily commerce-oriented society, flexible morals, and surprisingly effective - if often fatally flawed - inventions. Goblins place personal profit above almost everything else in life, often including life itself - especially when that life is somebody else's. In Hearthstone, goblins are best known for their explosive and damage-dealing inventions.

The goblins and their inventions are featured in the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion.


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The cunning goblins are small green creatures from the isle of Kezan. Their love of money, explosives, and technology leaves them to be a very dangerous race, both to their enemies and themselves. Most goblins have a neutral standpoint, preferring to sell their contraptions, knowledge and services to other races.
Goblins are small humanoids, crafty and shrewd, bearing an overwhelming interest in commerce and a strong curiosity about mechanical things. Goblin society is fragmented, defined chiefly by commerce and trade. The ultimate schemers and con artists, goblins are always in search of a better deal. Despite their seemingly chaotic natures, they exist in a fairly strict and straightforward hierarchy. Other races universally view goblins as inventors, merchants and, without exception, maniacs. Goblins value technology as a useful aspect of commerce. Some say that their advantage — and their curse — is to be the primary users of technology in a world governed by magic. While dwarves and gnomes share a similar gift, goblin technology is more far-reaching and sinister and makes a larger impact on the natural world.

In World of Warcraft, the goblins of Kezan are a playable Horde race.

"The wise and cunning goblins of Kezan have lived in relative peace for generations. Though some of their race sided with the marauding orcs during the Second War, most goblins remained neutral throughout the various conflicts of the Alliance and Horde. Ruled over by corrupt yet highly affluent Trade Princes, the goblins created a virtual paradise for themselves throughout the islands of the South Seas. Their fantastic feats of engineering and vast trade fleets helped make their island capital of Kezan one of the great technological wonders of the world. And now, as the elements themselves rise up in anger across the world, the goblins' mechanical paradise will be put to the test. For, very soon, fate will force them to choose sides in a conflict that will shape the very history of the world."
- World of Warcraft introduction

In Hearthstone[]

Goblins are known for their business acumen and their love of big explosions, and definitely not in that order. At the heart of Goblin engineering lies a deep, overwhelming desire to see things explode. Sure, ideally that means the enemy, but that’s not what you’d call a strict requirement. As long as someone is getting blown up, then your average Goblin will be happy.[1]

Goblins are at the heart of the first Hearthstone expansion Goblins vs Gnomes, where they represent the Horde. They are contrasted with the mechanical and clockwork constructions of the gnomes, with goblins preferring volatile, explosive contraptions capable of producing powerful - if not entirely controllable - effects. Both races have their share of accidents, but those of the goblins tend to be somewhat louder and more violent in nature. While gnomish inventions are notorious for transforming test subjects into Chickens, miscalculations in goblin technology are more likely to result in the destruction of the surrounding area - goblin included - in a massive ball of fire. Goblins are however generally quite happy with this state of affairs, which doesn't help the other races to trust their inventions.

Themes of goblin card design are RNG and damage dealing, usually to unpredictable targets.


"I sorta imagine a goblin's perfect day is, you wake up in the morning, you spend the morning building some awesome explosives ... and then blowing, you know, somebody up. And you know, if that's an enemy that's probably a plus, but, uh..." - Eric Dodds[2]


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CS3 008.png
AT 133.png
DAL 739.png
YOD 022.png
BT 723.png
DMF 125.png
GVG 009.png
DRG 035t.png
DRG 024.png
TRL 507t.png
SCH 312.png
TRL 504.png
PVPDR YOP RogMagT1.png
BOT 419.png
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BOT 543.png
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GVG 087.png
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BOT 431.png
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BAR 890.png
AT 083.png
BGS 049 Battlegrounds.png
TB BaconUps 127 Battlegrounds.png
GVG 095.png
DRG 059.png
CFM 755.png
GVG 104.png
ULD 250.png
ULD 229.png
BOT 216.png
TSC 002.png
TRL 315.png
BAR 061.png
GIL 212.png
AV 256.png
AV 312.png
SCH 517.png
DMF 514.png
ONY 003.png
OG 322.png
DRG 050.png
DRG 257.png
GVG 004.png
CFM 754.png
GVG 074.png
GIL 125.png
BOT 039.png
BAR 316.png
BOT 296.png
BAR 544.png
SW 006.png
GVG 099.png
CFM 667.png
CS2 187.png
NEW1 024.png
GVG 090.png
Menagerie Magician (Battlegrounds, golden).png
KAR 702.png
BOT 536.png
BOT 511.png
CS2 227.png
CFM 648.png
WC 806.png
EX1 095.png
GVG 117.png
CS2 213.png
GVG 028.png
DAL 064.png
BOT 034.png
GVG 110.png
BOT 238.png
DED 521.png
BGS 022.png
TB BaconUps 091.png
CFM 670.png

Goblin art[]

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TSC 934t2.png
DRG 301.png
YOD 023.png
DRG 251.png
SW 028t.png
DAL 728.png
BOT 031.png
ULD 711.png
YOP 001.png
DAL 608.png
TSC 631.png
BOT 402.png
AV 324.png
BOT 453.png
BOT 263.png
DRG 311a.png
BOT 238p.png
BOT 033.png
GVG 038.png
YOD 020.png
GVG 001.png
GVG 023.png
YOP 023.png
BOT 067.png
GVG 072.png
DMF 191.png
DAL 062.png
AV 119.png
YOD 025.png
BAR 319.png
BAR 319t.png
BAR 319t2.png
ULD 134.png
GVG 050.png
DMF 237.png
DAL 060.png
SCH 521.png
AV 315.png
LOOT 101.png
EX1 137.png
BAR 812.png
TRL 124.png
DRG 022.png
WC 016.png
CFM 905.png
AV 250.png
GVG 123.png
DMF 514t.png
BOT 087.png
DAL 008.png
DMF 701.png
DMF 701t.png
BOT 532.png
DAL 770.png
GVG 096.png
YOP 009.png
ULD 286.png
DAL 716.png
SCH 138.png
DRG 086.png
DRG 201.png
BOT 242.png
ULD 707.png
BOT 529.png
GILA 820.png
BOT 234.png
ULD 258.png
TSC 932.png
DRG 074.png
DAL 376.png
GVG 105.png
TRL 351.png
TRL 569.png
BOT 429.png
GVG 113.png
TB BaconUps 153.png
DED 525.png
TB BaconUps 080 Battlegrounds.png
GVG 114.png
BGS 006.png
DAL 059.png