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Galakrond's Awakening adventure.

George the Fallen
George the Fallen
Set:Galakrond's AwakeningGalakrond's Awakening
Health:30 Health
30 Armor.png (Heroic)
Artist:J. Axer
Flavor text

Two old friends meet on the streets of Dalaran, hammers in hand.
Karl opted to save his friend. What about you?

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For other representations of George and Karl, see George and Karl (disambiguation).

George the Fallen is a boss encounter in Galakrond's Awakening adventure. It is the first encounter of Chapter 4 of Explorers campaign: Showdown in Dalaran.

The boss for this encounter is George the Fallen, while the hero the player controls in Story mode is Karl the Savior.

Boss Hero Power[]

Story Heroic
Golden Blade(184771).png
Golden Blade(184772).png

Boss special cards[]


Boss decks[]

Story Heroic
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Paladin Avenge 2 Paladin Lost in the Jungle 2
Blessing of Might 2 Air Raid 2
Brazen Zealot 2 Dark Conviction 2
Lost in the Jungle 2 Drygulch Jailor 2
Air Raid 2 Muster for Battle 2
Crystalsmith Kangor 1 Steward of Darkshire 2
Dark Conviction 1 Sword of Justice 2
Drygulch Jailor 1 Warhorse Trainer 2
Mysterious Blade 1 Lightforged Zealot 2
Call to Adventure 1 Lightfused Stegodon 2
Muster for Battle 2 Quartermaster 2
Steward of Darkshire 2 Crystal Lion 2
Wickerflame Burnbristle 1 Level Up! 2
Ancestral Guardian 1 Lightforged Crusader 2
Chillblade Champion 1 Vinecleaver 2
Lightforged Zealot 2
Righteousness 1
Level Up! 1
Lightforged Crusader 2
Vinecleaver 2

Story mode[]

Player's hero[]

Karl the Savior(184776).png
Golden Aegis(184778).png

Player's decks[]

Class Card Quantity
Paladin Desperate Measures 1
Lost in the Jungle 2
Righteous Cause 2
Righteous Protector 2
A Light in the Darkness 2
Air Raid 2
Argent Protector 2
Sanctuary 2
Shotbot 2
Aldor Peacekeeper 1
Call to Adventure 2
Muster for Battle 1
Sword of Justice 1
Consecration 1
Lightforged Zealot 2
Stand Against Darkness 1
Lightforged Crusader 2
Vinecleaver 1
Lay on Hands 1




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Story mode[]

Player's portrait after George and Karl merging

Before encounter

Sir Finley
Everyone, into the city! Oh my - where's Karl?


Karl the Savior
George!!! It's really you!
George the Fallen
Karl?! No… this must be a trick!

Turn 4

George the Fallen
How do I know it's you? It could be… another trick!
Karl the Savior
George… you're not evil! Stop helping these bad guys!
George the Fallen
They're not bad… they're… misunderstood! Like me!

Turn 6

George the Fallen
There's no way it's you… you disappeared…
Karl the Savior
I didn't disappear! You disappeared! In the catacombs!
You're a Paladin of the Light! Just like me. I understand you, George!

Turn 12

George the Fallen
I did a lot of bad things! I helped steal this city!
Karl the Savior
Then help me get it back, George!

Player's Hero Power

Karl the Savior
The Light will protect me!
Time to play defensively!

George defeated

George the Fallen
Karl… it really is you! I'm… I'm sorry.
Karl the Savior
Come back to the light, George! We can be BROS again!
(George and Karl merges into a hero)

Defeating George by Attacking as Karl

Karl the Savior
I'll knock some sense into you!
George the Fallen
Karl… it is you…
That strike… I know that strike!
Karl the Savior
George, it's me! It's Karl!
George! Listen to me! I won't hurt you anymore.

George the Fallen[]

George the Fallen, full art

Introduction in Heroic

Haven't you goody two-shoes had enough of losing?!

Hero Power

I will strike you down myself!
By the power of E.V.I.L.!
This weapon… I like it!

Emote Response

I'm NOT listening! This is a trick! (Story only)
Yeah yeah yeah, I've heard all your stories. (Heroic only)


Let's hurry up and finish this, pretender. (Story only)
It's a shame I never could find Karl… (Heroic only)
I got my vengeance. I can rest after this.
Now that I've really listened, Rafaam has some good points, y'know.


For E.V.I.L.!

Player equipping weapon

A duel, then! Let's do this!


Just let me… catch my breath…

Boss cards

Eye for an Eye
Vengeance! And eye poking!

Player's cards

Lost in the Jungle
Lost… like we were…
I remember it like it was yesterday… chopping through the jungle together… smiling…
Any kobold
Ugh… kobolds! Horrible creatures!
King Togwaggle
You! You filthy good for nothing kobold! It's all YOUR fault!


Karl… I failed you….

Karl the Savior[]

Karl the Savior, full art

Type Emote
Thanks Well, hey, thank you!
Well Played Haha! That was good!
Greetings Hiya George! You doin' ok?
Wow Wowee zowee!
Oops Whoopsie…
Threaten I'll knock some sense into ya!
Attack <Attack>
Concede This didn't work out…
Death Darn it…
Thinking [1] Hmm…
Thinking [2] Now what would George do…
Thinking [3] What about some of this… or that…?
Running out of time Gotta hurry up, ol' Karl…
Almost out of cards Almost out of cards…
Out of cards Uh oh, totally out of cards!
Error: Generic Can't do that, nope!
Unused Greetings Hey, buddy!

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