Gentle Megasaur (Battlegrounds)

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Gentle Megasaur
BG Regular
Gentle Megasaur (Battlegrounds).png
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Gentle Megasaur(52595).png
Gentle Megasaur(52595) Gold.png
BG Gold
Gentle Megasaur (Battlegrounds, golden).png
See other versions: Regular and BG Gold
Set: Battlegrounds
Tier: 6 Star.png
Type: Minion
Minion type: Beast
Class: Neutral
Rarity: Epic
Cost: 4 Mana icon.png
Attack: 5 Attack icon.png
Health: 4 Health
Abilities: Adapt, Battlecry
Tags: Area of effect, Murloc-related
Artist: Brian Despain

Battlecry: Adapt
your Murlocs.

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The subject of this article has been removed from Hearthstone.
  • The in-game information in this article is kept purely for historical purposes.

Gentle Megasaur was a Tier 6 minion in the Battlegrounds game mode.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Gentle Megasaur was the endgame goal for every Murloc build, giving all Murlocs a substantial buff. While Flaming Claws, Rocky Carapace, and Volcanic Might gave marginal stat increases, it's Crackling Shield and Poison Spit that are highly coveted, turned the Murlocs into extremely resilient insta-kill murder machines, which no other tribes can compare. Living Spores was a runner-up choice, good for combating Divine Shields and diverting attacks. Massive was useful if you had non-Murloc minions you wanted to protect (usually for mixed builds) or wanted to further boost your stats with Strongshell Scavenger, and Lightning Speed was dependent on your opponent's composition and your own buffs, such as if you wanted to give a Poisonous Murloc more chances to break through a huge Taunt minion or allow a Divine Shielded Murloc to make better trades.

This was one of the best Battlecries to double with Brann Bronzebeard by far, as it was giving double the chance to get the coveted Poisonous Spit and Crackling Shield Adaptations while also offering a small chance to get both at once, or even combine one of the two with Lightning Speed.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

The Adapt ability in the Battlegrounds mode does not offer two of the ten adaptations available in regular Hearthstone. The two unavailable adaptations are Liquid Membrane and Shrouding Mist.

With 8 available adaptations, there are 56 equally-likely possible combinations of three adaptation choices. There are 21 possible combinations that contain one specific adaption, such as Poisonous, meaning the odds of being presented one specific adapt option are 21/56 or more simply 3/8 or 37.5%. There are 20 possible combinations that do not contain Divine Shield or Poisonous, meaning the odds of "missing" the coveted Divine Shield and Poisonous adaptations on a single adapt is 20/56, or more simply 5/14 or approximately 35.7%.

These are the 56 equally-likely adapt options (in a crude "best to worst" ordering), with the odds of any one set being presented being 1/56 or approximately 1.79%.

The 56 Possible Adapts
1 Divine Shield Poisonous Deathrattle
2 Divine Shield Poisonous + 3 Health
3 Divine Shield Poisonous +3 Attack
4 Divine Shield Poisonous +1/+1
5 Divine Shield Poisonous Windfury
6 Divine Shield Poisonous Taunt
7 Divine Shield Deathrattle +3 Health
8 Divine Shield Deathrattle +3 Attack
9 Divine Shield Deathrattle +1/+1
10 Divine Shield Deathrattle Windfury
11 Divine Shield Deathrattle Taunt
12 Divine Shield + 3 Health +3 Attack
13 Divine Shield + 3 Health +1/+1
14 Divine Shield + 3 Health Windfury
15 Divine Shield + 3 Health Taunt
16 Divine Shield +3 Attack +1/+1
17 Divine Shield +3 Attack Windfury
18 Divine Shield +3 Attack Taunt
19 Divine Shield +1/+1 Windfury
20 Divine Shield +1/+1 Taunt
21 Divine Shield Windfury Taunt
22 Poisonous Deathrattle +3 Health
23 Poisonous Deathrattle +3 Attack
24 Poisonous Deathrattle +1/+1
25 Poisonous Deathrattle Windfury
26 Poisonous Deathrattle Taunt
27 Poisonous +3 Health +3 Attack
28 Poisonous +3 Health +1/+1
29 Poisonous +3 Health Windfury
30 Poisonous +3 Health Taunt
31 Poisonous +3 Attack +1/+1
32 Poisonous +3 Attack Windfury
33 Poisonous +3 Attack Taunt
34 Poisonous +1/+1 Windfury
35 Poisonous +1/+1 Taunt
36 Poisonous Windfury Taunt
37 Deathrattle +3 Health +3 Attack
38 Deathrattle +3 Health +1/+1
39 Deathrattle +3 Health Windfury
40 Deathrattle +3 Health Taunt
41 Deathrattle +3 Attack +1/+1
42 Deathrattle +3 Attack Windfury
43 Deathrattle +3 Attack Taunt
44 Deathrattle +1/+1 Windfury
45 Deathrattle +1/+1 Taunt
46 Deathrattle Windfury Taunt
47 +3 Health +3 Attack +1/+1
48 +3 Health +3 Attack Windfury
49 +3 Health +3 Attack Taunt
50 +3 Health +1/+1 Windfury
51 +3 Health +1/+1 Taunt
52 +3 Health Windfury Taunt
53 +3 Attack +1/+1 Windfury
54 +3 Attack +1/+1 Taunt
55 +3 Attack Windfury Taunt
56 +1/+1 Windfury Taunt

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Gentle Megasaur, full art

Patch changes[edit | edit source]