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Generate is an ability which creates new cards and places them into a player's hand or shuffles them into the player's deck. They may generate entirely new cards, or combine with a Copy effect to generate copies of existing cards. Discover effects incorporate a generate effect for the chosen card, while Summon and equip effects are essentially generate effects which place the generated minion or weapon directly into play, without passing through the player's hand.

Generate effects often provide the only means of obtaining uncollectible cards like Spare Parts, LegacyPower of the Horde or even Goblins vs GnomesBurrowing Mine, but can also create collectible cards. Many generate random cards from a pool of possibilities. Cards created by generate effects usually display the text "Created by [name of card]" when played by the opponent or moused over in the history.

Generate effects are distinguished from card draw and put into hand effects which draw cards from the player's deck; from Summon effects which summon new minions directly onto the battlefield; and from equip effects which directly equip the hero with new weapons.


  • Generate effects cannot create cards in a player's hand if the hand is already full (10 cards). Effects which generate multiple cards, such as LegacyThoughtsteal, will generate as many as possible without exceeding the maximum hand size. The same is true for generate effects which shuffle cards into the player's deck, although the deck maximum of 60 cards means this is rarely a concern.


Because they do not draw from the player's deck, generate effects can be very useful for gaining card advantage, and provide an alternative to card draw for refilling the player's hand.


For Wild format listings, see Generate/Wild format

All cards with specific generate effects are listed below. For related effects, see Discover, Equip and Summon.

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TSC 927.png
TSC 772.png
CORE KAR 009.png
TSC 653.png
SW 440.png
ONY 034.png
SW 052.png
SW 108.png
AV 308.png
WC 028.png
CORE EX1 193.png
SW 313.png
TSC 631.png
TSC 215.png
CORE TRL 348.png
BAR 031.png
UPCOMING 75922.png
CORE KAR 069.png
SW 439.png
TSC 069.png
TSC 039.png
ONY 022.png
BAR 841.png
SW 059.png
SW 306.png
SW 311.png
SW 110.png
TID 931.png
DED 003.png
SW 070.png
BAR 549.png
CORE BOT 533.png
DED 002.png
BAR 022.png
AV 219.png
AV 710.png
BAR 541.png
AV 277.png
CS3 015.png
AV 260.png
BAR 312.png
TSC 643.png
TID 707.png
AV 402.png
ONY 032.png
CS3 005.png
WC 035.png
TSC 644.png
TSC 776.png
TSC 913.png
AV 282.png
TID 715.png
DED 514.png
TSC 956.png
SW 069.png
SW 400.png
AV 136.png
SW 434.png
BAR 721.png
UPCOMING 79935.png
SW 074.png
SW 064.png
BAR 030.png
SW 065.png
TSC 633.png
AV 323.png
TSC 955.png
BAR 918.png
BAR 065.png
CORE ULD 209.png
CORE CS2 013.png
CORE LOOT 516.png
TSC 067.png
BAR 324.png
AV 116.png
TSC 057.png
TSC 775.png
TSC 945.png
SW 073.png
TSC 087.png
CORE GIL 828.png
CORE LOE 079.png
CORE DAL 416.png
CORE TRL 252.png
BAR 079.png
ONY 019.png
SW 097.png
TSC 052.png
BAR 081.png
AV 317.png
CORE LOE 012.png
TSC 919.png
TSC 912.png
CS3 003.png
CORE UNG 963.png
TSC 641.png
TSC 959.png
TSC 924.png
AV 316.png
CORE TRL 345.png
ONY 028.png
SW 320.png
AV 202.png
ONY 005.png
CS3 033.png

Patch changes[]

  • Scholomance Academy logo.png Server-side patch (2020-08-13):
    • Discover cards can no longer Discover themselves randomly.
    • Cards that 'generate a random card' can no longer generate themselves.
Dev comment: Overall, this change is aimed at helping games feel a bit more varied. While generating the same card can be an exciting individual moment, these types of experiences tend to have diminishing returns after a while. These adjustments should make for healthier games against classes with a ton of resource generation.
For more info and examples, see Game Mechanics Updates.