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The Game Menu as seen during a match against another player

The cog-wheel icon.

The Game Menu is a menu dialog accessed through the cog-wheel icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen, available at any time.

The Game Menu features a variety of options, depending on the current screen and game mode; the only options that always appear are Quit and Options.

  • Concede - Causes the player to concede the current match
  • Leave - Stops spectating the current match
  • Restart - Restarts the current Solo Adventures match without concluding it
  • Options - Opens the 'Options' menu, for adjusting graphics, sound and other features
  • Quit - Quits the game


From the main menu

While in spectator mode

During a Solo Adventures match

Patch changes[]

  • One Night in Karazhan logo full2.png Patch (2016-08-09):
    • The Game Menu now has a Restart button when doing battle in Solo Adventures, including practice mode.
    • The Resume button has been removed. Players can still resume the game by clicking somewhere outside of the Menu.