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Friendly Feud was a special time-limited event, during which players could complete quests through Friendly Challenges with players on their friends lists, an option not normally allowed at the time. The event did not have a set schedule for its appearance, but the start of the event was announced in-game and online. It debuted July 2016 and ran twice before developers made plans to effectively make it a permanent part of the game.

During the event, quests could be completed during Friendly Challenges as though they were battling a randomly selected opponent. This was mostly useful for completing daily quests, most of which cannot normally be completed in Friendly Challenges. All such quests offer gold as their reward, making the event a good time to earn some gold by completing all daily quests available.

Friendly Feud received "a ton of positive feedback"[1], with many players requesting that its effect be made permanent. Developers initially stated this would be difficult without opening up a number of possible gold-generating exploits.[2] Nonetheless, Blizzard later announced plans to make Friendly Challenges a permanent option for completing quests, and the feature was permanently implemented along with Deck Importing in June 2017.[1] This change made the Friendly Feud event redundant.


  • Only matches which are played until the game is completed, or until one player is under 15 Health and concedes, are eligible for completing quests. If either player concedes before they are at 15 health or less the match will not be counted for quest purposes.
  • The game's files mention a limit on the amount of quest rewards a player can earn from Friendly Challenges each day, although the amount is not specified.


Friendly Feud Start End
1 July 18, 2016 July 24, 2016
2 February 8, 2017 February 21, 2017[3]


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Friendly Feud screenshot2a.jpg

Patch changes[]

Journey to Un'Goro logo.png Patch (2017-06-01) Permanently integrated into the main game.


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