Frost Lich Jaina 2

Fire and Ice is a Deck Recipe for mages. It was introduced with the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion.

Frost Lich Jaina is summoning elementals to do her bidding and is adding a frosty touch. Mix the power of fiery and frosty elementals to burns and freeze your foes.

Deck Edit

Minions Edit

Source Name (hover) Number
UGSmall Blazecaller 2
FTSmall Coldwraith 2
UGSmall Fire Fly 2
FTSmall Frost Lich Jaina 1
UGSmall Glacial Shard 2
FTSmall Ice Walker 2
UGSmall Pyros 1
UGSmall Servant of Kalimos 2
UGSmall Shimmering Tempest 1
FTSmall Sindragosa 1
UGSmall Steam Surger 2
Mage icon Mage Water Elemental 2

Spells Edit

Source Name (hover) Number
Mage icon Mage Arcane Intellect 2
Mage icon Mage Blizzard 2
Mage icon Mage Frostbolt 2
UGSmall Primordial Glyph 2
OldGodsSmall Shatter 2

Weapons Edit

This deck recipe requires no weapons.
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