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Find the Imposter
Set:United in StormwindUnited in Stormwind
Cost:1 Mana icon.png
Abilities:Cast spell, Generate, Questline
Wiki tags:Random, SI:7-related, Spy Gizmo-generating
Artist:Ivan Fomin
Questline: Play 2 SI:7 cards. Reward: Add a Spy Gizmo to your hand.
Flavor text

My money is on the evil advisor to the king.

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Find the Imposter is a legendary rogue spell card, from the United in Stormwind set.

How to get[]

Find the Imposter can be obtained by:

  • Opening card packs
    United in Stormwind
    Golden Standard
  • Crafting regular version for 1600 dustdust
  • Crafting golden version for 3200 dustdust
  • Completing an Arena or Heroic Duels run
  • Completing Climbing the Ranks achievements (Regular only)
    AchievementPin GameModes1.pngRanked - PNG logo.pngGame Modes - Ranked - Climbing the RanksReach Legend in Ranked (any format).50 Achievement Point.png, Random Recent Expansion Legendary Card,Legend Card Back

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Generated Spy Gizmo cards

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With a maximum of 14 SI:7 cards that can be added to the deck, fulfilling this Questline's requirements isn't difficult by itself. The real value of Find the Imposter lies in making use of Spymaster Scabbs and his impressive 7/7 statline, along with the Spy Gizmos he generates. Make liberal use of draw tools such as SI:7 Extortion, Swindle and Secret Passage to locate and play your SI:7 cards. The most effective finisher is to give Scabbs +2 Attack and Stealth from Noggen-Fog Generator, and finish off the opponent when backed by Battleground Battlemaster, using Fizzflash Distractor to clear out any problematic Taunt minions.


There is 1 achievement related to Find the Imposter.

AchievementPin Gameplay.pngUnited in Stormwind - SVG logo.svgGameplay - Stormwind - RogueExpecting an Exploding Pen?Play every Spy Gizmo in one game.200 Rewards Track - XP.png, 20 Achievement Point.png


This card depicts Scabbs trying to find an imposter in Stormwind City. Eventually, Scabbs found out it was Lady Katrana Prestor, who is Onyxia in her human disguise. Then, given the final questline named "Marked a Traitor", it seems Katrana uses her power to deem Scabbs as a traitor to the alliance and puts him in jail. His summoning animation seems to hint that Scabbs breaks out of jail at some point.



Find the Imposter, full art

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