Feed the Void is a Deck Recipe for warlocks. Discard your cards into the volatile Nether Portal. Tear open the rift and unlock a limitless legion of imps!

Deck Edit

Minions Edit

Source Name (hover) Number
UGSmall Clutchmother Zavas 1
UGSmall Cruel Dinomancer 2
OldGodsSmall Darkshire Librarian 2
Warlock icon Warlock Doomguard 2
Earthen Ring Farseer 2
UGSmall Lakkari Felhound 2
Warlock icon Warlock Lord Jaraxxus 1
KaraSmall Malchezaar's Imp 2
KaraSmall Silverware Golem 2
UGSmall Tar Creeper 2
UGSmall Tar Lurker 2

Spells Edit

Source Name (hover) Number
UGSmall Bloodbloom 1
UGSmall Corrupting Mist 2
GadgetSmall Felfire Potion 1
UGSmall Lakkari Sacrifice 1
Warlock icon Warlock Siphon Soul 2
Warlock icon Warlock Soulfire 2
Warlock icon Warlock Twisting Nether 1

Weapons Edit

This deck recipe requires no weapons.
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