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Explorer's Hat
Give a minion +1/+1 and "Deathrattle: Add an Explorer's Hat to your hand."
Flavor text

Harrison Jones was disappointed that he didn't get to be part of the League of Explorers, but his hat did.

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Explorer's Hat is a rare hunter spell card, from the League of Explorers set.

How to get[]

Two copies of regular Explorer's Hat are granted to the player automatically upon purchasing the first wing of the The League of Explorers adventure.

As a Wild format card, both regular and golden versions of Explorer's Hat can also be crafted for the following amounts:

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Explorer's Hat 100 20
Golden Explorer's Hat 800 100


  • The Deathrattle created by this spell will add a copy of Explorer's Hat to the hand of whichever player controls the minion when it dies. This means that if the player takes control of an enemy minion with the Explorer's Hat enchantment and it then dies, that player will be given a copy of Explorer's Hat, and not the player that originally cast it.
  • Upon the death of the possessing minion, Deathrattles are activated in the order in which they were applied. This means that if a minion with a return or shuffle into deck Deathrattle dies, such as Anub'arak or Malorne, further Deathrattles (including the Explorer's Hat Deathrattle) will not be activated, and the Explorer's Hat will be lost. This is because the minion is removed from the battlefield before the Explorer's Hat Deathrattle can be activated.


Can combo well with Lock and Load and Baron Rivendare in order to get more cards and Hats. If your opponent has Baron Rivendare, or any low Health minion, you can potentially fill their hand with Hats, as you can grant this Deathrattle to enemy minions.


This hat belongs to Harrison Jones.[1] Since Harrison is generally quite adept at keeping possession of his hat, it's not known how it ends up coming into the player's possession.


  • This card and Forgotten Torch were accidentally made available to players 2-3 days ahead of the release of the rest of the adventure, due to an error which made it possible for players to pre-order the first wing.[2]


Explorer's Hat, full art

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  1. Flavor text: "Harrison Jones was disappointed that he didn't get to be part of the League of Explorers, but his hat did."
  2. League of Explorers Purchase Issue Update. (2015-11-10).