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Knights of Hallow's End Journal

Event Tracks are smaller types of Rewards Tracks that are playable during events.

Event Tracks were introduced in Patch and are aimed at replacing the usual Legendary Quest reward system seen in previous events. During events, players can earn special Event XP through thematic Event Quests or by simply playing the game, and can progress through a small rewards track with 5 milestones to earn rewards.[1]

Event Tracks can be found in the Journal, which also has a unique event-specific wax seal as its icon for the duration of the event.[1]

Event XP[]

Event XP

Event XP icon

Event XP (Event XP) can be earned by various methods to progress in the Event Track. The progression system is very similar to the regular Rewards Track.

Ways to earn[]

There are two ways to earn Event XP:

  • Playing games
    • Playing Ranked games or Fighting Pit games for 3-7 Event XP per game.
    • Playing Solo Adventures games.
    • Playing any other modes, including Travel Point games.
    • Winning a game in any of these modes awards more Event XP, while losing awards less.
  • Completing special Event Quests

Event Tracks are free to progress through, and do not feature a paid track.

Reward structure[]

WaxSeal - Hallow's End

The Journal icon is replaced with a wax seal during an Event Track.

  • Levels - Event Tracks have 5 levels. Each level requires a certain amount of Event XP and has a reward for the player that may be one or multiple items, such as card packs, hero skins for constructed or Battlegrounds, signature cards, or other cosmetics.
  • Functionality - The system will remark the reward with a blue glow to inform the player that it can be claimed. Then, the player needs to click or tap on it to confirm and claim it. If there is no blue glow, the player is still able to click or tap on it, but to view details of the reward.

Event Quests[]

During Event Tracks, special event quests can be completed.

There are two versions of event quests in Event Tracks:

  • Legendary: Quest that awards 100+ Event XP and can't be rerolled. Each comes with a special title, and there are a select few that must be completed in order.
  • Daily: Smaller non-unique quests that award around 50 Event XP and can be rerolled. Easier to complete than legendary quests.

Completing regular quests does not award Event XP.

Patch changes[]


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