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Engineer Whirleygig
71948 • BOM_02_Whirleygig_004hb
Set:Forged in the BarrensForged in the Barrens
Health:40 Health
Artist:Dan Scott
There is a name for Tavish's plan to break through the goblins' defenses. It's called "stealing."
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The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.

Engineer Whirleygig is the fourth boss in Xyrella's Book of Mercenaries chapter.

Hero Power[]

Big Red Button(89828).png

Player's hero[]

BOM 02 Xyrella 01p1.png
BOM 02 Xyrella 01p2.png

Special cards[]


Boom Barrage(184731).png


BOM 02 Tavish 01t.png
BOM 02 TavishsLoot 01s.png
BOM 02 BabyElekk 02t.png
Light Prophecy(442198).png


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Engineer Whirleygig Xyrella
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Boom Barrage 2 Boss A Mother's Vow 2
Lighterbot 2 Baby Elekk 1
Mage Goblin Blastmage 1 Light Prophecy 2
Paladin Grimestreet Outfitter 1 Priest Forbidden Words 1
Rogue, Warrior Coerce 2 Binding Heal 1
Warrior Bloodsail Deckhand 2 Flash Heal 1
Hobart Grapplehammer 1 Holy Smite 2
Bomb Wrangler 2 Condemn (Rank 1) 2
Clockwork Goblin 2 Insight 2
Wrenchcalibur 2 Power Word: Feast 2
Brawl 2 Apotheosis 1
Iron Juggernaut 1 Velen's Chosen 2
Beryllium Nullifier 2 Holy Nova 2
Neutral Mad Bomber 2 Lightsteed 2
Mechanical Yeti 2 Priest of An'she 2
Seaforium Bomber 2 Holy Fire 1
Missile Launcher 1 Lightshower Elemental 2
Spark Drill 1 Neutral Beaming Sidekick 2
Ethereal Augmerchant 2


  • The player start with Tavish on the board.
    • Tavish dies instead of losing the enchantments if he is being silenced.
  • If the player starts a turn with Tavish alive the hero power is Heal. If Tavish is dead it will switch to Resurrect at the start of next turn.


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Before match

▶️We need more firepower to cut through those goblins' defenses. See that shredder over there?
▶️That terrible-looking machine with the sawblades? We should stay away.
▶️Aye! I mean, no! We're stealin' it!


▶️Are we truly going to fight this thing?
Engineer Whirleygig
▶️I still gotta meet today's quota. Get outta here!

Emote Response

Engineer Whirleygig
▶️I ain't even reached the deductible on this mech.


Engineer Whirleygig
▶️I chop down trees and wear suspenders!
▶️Maybe someday I'll upgrade to a SUPER shredder.
▶️Time is money, foe! Waddaya think this is, a game?

Turn 2

▶️Careful, Xyrella. Goblin technology's not exactly the most reliable.
▶️Tavish! Are you worried about me?

Turn 3

▶️I'm not worried about you. I'm worried our beautiful new shredder's gonna be damaged.
▶️And what exactly are we going to do with it?

Turn 4

▶️Ah, just keep those healin' spells comin'. I'll handle this.


Engineer Whirleygig
▶️Hoohoo! And the shredder's still in one piece. All aboard!
Xyrella and Tavish take over the shredder


Engineer Whirleygig
▶️Welp, back to work!


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Engineer Whirleygig is a rare Venture Company goblin found in the control room in the Sludge Fen in the Northern Barrens. He is on a 2-3 hour respawn timer.


Engineer Whirleygig, full art

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