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Magni Bronzebeard, Former king of Khaz Modan and Ironforge. Former leader of the dwarves of Azeroth.

Dwarves are stout, down to earth humanoids found in the Eastern Kingdoms. Hearty folk, the dwarves can be relied upon for both their humour and their grim determination in the face of formidable challenges. Staunch allies of the humans, and core members of the Alliance, dwarves are also known for their ready laughter and almost incomparable fondness for ale, as well as their aptitude for blacksmithing and guns. In Hearthstone, dwarves are known for bringing damage-dealing and destroy effects, taking the fight to the enemy one way or another.

For Dark Iron dwarves, see Dark Iron dwarf art.


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Dwarves are short and stout creatures mostly inhabiting Khaz Modan in the Eastern Kingdoms. They are shorter than humans but taller than gnomes, taking advantage of their size when possible and relying on their robustness and strength when not. The average dwarf is steady, observant and composed both during work and combat, yet able to rage with fierce zeal and persistence when the situation calls for it. While a dwarf prefers to plan forward to overcome challenges, many of them easily lose their temperament and self-restraint when exposed to conditions stirring their feelings and concerns.
In past ages, the dwarves rarely left the safety of their mountain fortresses, spending their time on refining metal and stone into powerful weapons and beautiful jewelry. However, when the call to battle sounded, they rose up to defend their friends and allies with unmatched courage and valor.

The dwarves make their home in Ironforge in the Eastern Kingdoms. Carved into the snowy mountainside of Khaz Modan, the great city is a wonder of engineering, centred around the Great Forge itself, within which the Ashbringer was forged. A bustling, intricate and awe-inspiring city, the dwarves share Ironforge with the gnomes, whom they took in following their exodus from the trogg invasion of Gnomeregan many years ago.

Dwarves are natural innkeepers, fans of cozy nooks and roaring fires, and always ready to encourage a friend to another (and another) pint. It is therefore little wonder that the Innkeeper himself is a dwarf.



Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Buccaneer Common Minion Pirate Rogue 1 2 1 Whenever you equip a weapon, give it +1 Attack.
Dwarven Sharpshooter Common Minion General Hunter 1 1 3 Your Hero Power can target minions.
Frazzled Freshman Common Minion General Priest 1 1 4
Voidtouched Attendant Epic Minion General PRIEST 1 1 3 Both heroes take one extra damage from all sources.
Bloodsail Raider Common Minion Pirate Any 2 2 Battlecry: Gain Attack equal to the Attack of your weapon.
Bolner Hammerbeak Legendary Minion General SHAMAN 2 1 4 After you play a Battlecry
minion, repeat the first
  Battlecry played this turn. 
Dragon Breeder Rare Minion General Any 2 2 3 Battlecry: Choose a friendly Dragon. Add a copy of it to your hand.
Dwarven Archaeologist Epic Minion General Any 2 2 3 After you Discover a card, reduce its cost by (1).
Museum Curator Common Minion General Priest 2 1 2 Battlecry: Discover a Deathrattle card.
Skyvateer Common Minion Pirate Rogue 2 1 3 Stealth
Deathrattle: Draw a card.
Brann Bronzebeard Legendary Minion General Any 3 2 4 Your Battlecries trigger twice.
Carnival Barker Rare Minion General Paladin 3 3 2 Whenever you summon a 1-Health minion, give it +1/+2.
Deathlord Rare Minion General Any 3 2 8 Taunt. Deathrattle: Your opponent puts a minion from their deck into the battlefield.
Dragonslayer Common Minion General Any 3 4 3 Battlecry: Deal 6 damage to a Dragon.
Goody Two-Shields Rare Minion General Paladin 3 4 2 Divine Shield
Spellburst: Gain Divine Shield.
Howling Commander Rare Minion General Paladin 3 2 2 Battlecry: Draw a Divine Shield minion from your deck.
Impatient Shopkeep Common Minion General Any 3 3 3 Tradeable
Ironforge Rifleman Free Minion General Any 3 2 2 Battlecry: Deal 1 damage.
Northwatch Soldier Minion General Paladin 3 3 3 Deathrattle: Transform back into a Secret.
Silent Knight Common Minion General Any 3 2 2 Stealth
Divine Shield
Stablemaster Epic Minion General Hunter 3 4 2 Battlecry: Give a friendly Beast Immune this turn.
Tavish Stormpike Legendary Minion General Hunter 3 2 5 After a friendly Beast attacks, summon a Beast from your deck that costs (1) less.
Untamed Beastmaster Epic Minion General Any 3 3 4 Whenever you draw a Beast, give it +2/+2.
Wickerflame Burnbristle Legendary Minion General Paladin 3 2 2 Divine Shield, Taunt, Lifesteal
Big Game Hunter Epic Minion General Any 4 4 2 Battlecry: Destroy a minion with 7 or more Attack.
Bright-Eyed Scout Epic Minion General Any 4 3 4 Battlecry: Draw a card. Change its Cost to (5).
Priest of the Feast Common Minion General Priest 4 3 6 Whenever you cast a spell, restore 3 Health to your hero.
Corrupt Elementalist Rare Minion General Shaman 5 3 3 Battlecry: Invoke Galakrond twice.
Crazed Worshipper Epic Minion General Any 5 3 6 Taunt. Whenever this minion takes damage, give your C'Thun +1/+1 (wherever it is).
Doppelgangster Rare Minion General Any 5 2 2 Battlecry: Summon 2 copies of this minion.
Grimestreet Enforcer Rare Minion General Paladin 5 4 4 At the end of your turn, give all minions in your hand +1/+1.
Hemet Nesingwary Legendary Minion General Any 5 6 3 Battlecry: Destroy a Beast.
Inara Stormcrash Legendary Minion General Shaman 5 4 5 On your turn, your hero has +2 Attack and Windfury
Ram Wrangler Rare Minion General Hunter 5 3 3 Battlecry: If you have a Beast, summon a random Beast.
Stormpike Commando Free Minion General Any 5 4 2 Battlecry: Deal 2 damage.
Tavish, Master Marksman Minion General HUNTER 5 7 7 Battlecry: For the rest of
the game, spells you cast
refresh your Hero Power.
Bolf Ramshield Legendary Minion General Any 6 3 9 Whenever your hero takes damage, this minion takes it instead.
Hemet, Jungle Hunter Legendary Minion General Any 6 6 6 Battlecry: Destroy all cards in your deck that cost (3) or less.
Dinotamer Brann Legendary Minion General Hunter 7 2 4 Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, summon King Krush.
Master Oakheart Legendary Minion General Any 9 5 5 Battlecry: Recruit a 1, 2, and 3-Attack minion.
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Dwarven Sharpshooter(127274).png
Frazzled Freshman(329874).png
Voidtouched Attendant(64429).png
Bloodsail Raider(637).png
Bolner Hammerbeak(64774).png
Dragon Breeder(151346).png
Dwarven Archaeologist(90828).png
Museum Curator(27250).png
Brann Bronzebeard(27214).png
Carnival Barker(388989).png
Goody Two-Shields(329867).png
Howling Commander(62836).png
Impatient Shopkeep(64703).png
Ironforge Rifleman(41).png
Northwatch Soldier(487680).png
Silent Knight(22297).png
Tavish Stormpike(487659).png
Untamed Beastmaster(90187).png
Wickerflame Burnbristle(49633).png
Big Game Hunter(73).png
Bright-Eyed Scout(55590).png
Priest of the Feast(42056).png
Corrupt Elementalist(151416).png
Crazed Worshipper(35212).png
Grimestreet Enforcer(49667).png
Hemet Nesingwary(12268).png
Inara Stormcrash(388987).png
Ram Wrangler(22344).png
Stormpike Commando(325).png
Tavish, Master Marksman(67560).png
Bolf Ramshield(22346).png
Hemet, Jungle Hunter(55508).png
Dinotamer Brann(90720).png
Master Oakheart(76983).png

United in Stormwind

The below cards are planned for release with United in Stormwind, coming August 3rd, 2021.

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Harbor Scamp Common Minion PIRATE WARRIOR 2 2 2 Battlecry: Draw a Pirate.
City Architect Common Minion General Any 6 4 4 Battlecry: Summon two
0/5 Castle Walls
with Taunt.
Showing all 2 cards
Harbor Scamp(64277).png
City Architect(64724).png

Dwarf art[]

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Circle of Healing Common Spell Holy Priest 0 Restore 4 Health to ALL minions.
Autodefense Matrix Common Spell General Paladin 1 Secret: When one of your minions is attacked, give it Divine Shield.
Awaken the Makers Legendary Spell General Priest 1 Quest: Summon 7 Deathrattle minions.
Reward: Amara, Warden of Hope.
Defend the Dwarven District Legendary Spell General HUNTER 1 Questline: Deal damage with 2 spells. Reward: Your Hero Power can target minions.
Holy Smite Free Spell Holy Priest 1 Deal 3 damage to a minion.
Humility Free Spell General Paladin 1 Change a minion's Attack to 1.
Inner Fire Common Spell General Priest 1 Change a minion's Attack to be equal to its Health.
Knock 'Em Down Legendary Spell General HUNTER 1 Questline: Deal
damage with 2 spells.
Reward: Tavish,
Master Marksman.
Light's Justice Free Weapon Paladin 1 1 4
Never Surrender! Common Spell General Paladin 1 Secret: When your opponent casts a spell, give your minions +2 Health.
Secret Passage Epic Spell General Rogue 1 Replace your hand with 4 cards from your deck. Swap back next turn.
Shield of Honor Common Spell Holy 1 Give a damaged minion +3 Attack and Divine Shield.
SI:7 Extortion Rare Spell General ROGUE 1 Tradeable
Deal 3 damage to an undamaged character.
Take the High Ground Legendary Spell General HUNTER 1 Questline: Deal damage
with 2 spells.
Reward: Set the Cost of
your Hero Power to (0).
Tour Guide Common Minion General Any 1 1 1 Battlecry: Your next Hero Power costs (0).
Unseal the Vault Legendary Spell General Hunter 1 Quest: Summon 20 minions.
Reward: Pharaoh's Warmask.
Astral Rift Rare Spell General Mage 2 Add 2 random minions to your hand.
Belligerent Gnome Rare Minion General Any 2 1 4 Taunt
Battlecry: If your opponent has 2 or more minions, gain +1 Attack.
Cursed! Spell Shadow Warlock 2 While this is in your hand, take 2 damage at the start of your turn.
Cybertech Chip Rare Spell General Hunter 2 Give your minions "Deathrattle: Add a random Mech to your hand."
Divine Spirit Common Spell Holy Priest 2 Double a minion's Health.
Flametongue Totem Free Minion Totem Shaman 2 0 2 Adjacent minions have +2 Attack.
Holy Ripple Rare Spell Holy Priest 2 Deal 1 damage to all enemies. Restore 1 Health to all friendly characters.
In Formation! Common Spell General Warrior 2 Add 2 random Taunt minions to your hand.
Power Word: Feast Rare Spell General Priest 2 Give a minion +2/+2. Restore it to full Health at the end of this turn.
Prospector's Caravan Rare Minion General Hunter 2 1 3 At the start of your turn, give all minions in your hand +1/+1.
Slam Common Spell General Warrior 2 Deal 2 damage to a minion. If it survives, draw a card.
Tame Beast (Rank 1) Rare Spell General Hunter 2 Summon a 2/2 Beast with Rush. (Upgrades when you have 5 Mana.)
Tame Beast (Rank 2) Rare Spell General Hunter 2 Summon a 4/4 Beast with Rush. (Upgrades when you have 10 Mana.)
Tame Beast (Rank 3) Rare Spell General Hunter 2 Summon a 6/6 Beast with Rush.
Heavy Plate Common Spell General WARRIOR 3 Tradeable
Gain 8 Armor.
Hunter's Pack Common Spell General Hunter 3 Add a random Hunter Beast, Secret, and weapon to your hand.
Muster for Battle Rare Spell General Paladin 3 Summon three 1/1 Silver Hand Recruits. Equip a 1/4 Weapon.
Shield Block Free Spell General Warrior 3 Gain 5 Armor. Draw a card.
Stormhammer Epic Weapon Hunter 3 3 2 Doesn't lose Durability while you control a Dragon.
Stormstrike Common Spell Nature Shaman 3 Deal 3 damage to a minion. Give your hero +3 Attack this turn.
Invigorating Sermon Common Spell Holy Paladin 4 Give +1/+1 to all minions in your hand, deck, and battlefield.
Piercing Shot Common Spell General Hunter 4 Deal 6 damage to a minion. Excess damage hits the enemy hero.
Rally! Rare Spell Holy 4 Resurrect a friendly 1-Cost, 2-Cost, and 3-Cost minion.
Against All Odds Epic Spell Holy Priest 5 Destroy ALL odd-Attack minions.
Arbor Up Rare Spell Nature Druid 5 Summon two 2/2 Treants. Give your minions +2/+1.
Blessed Champion Rare Spell Holy Paladin 5 Double a minion's Attack.
Doom Pact Spell Shadow Death Knight 5 Destroy all minions. Remove the top card from your deck for each minion destroyed.
Holy Fire Rare Spell Holy Priest 6 Deal 5 damage. Restore 5 Health to your hero.
Earthquake Rare Spell Nature Shaman 7 Deal 5 damage to all minions, then deal 2 damage to all minions.
War Golem Free Minion General Any 7 7 7
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Circle of Healing(38).png
Autodefense Matrix(89817).png
Awaken the Makers(52588).png
Defend the Dwarven District(64637).png
Holy Smite(409).png
Inner Fire(207).png
Knock 'Em Down(64636).png
Light's Justice(250).png
Never Surrender!(90590).png
Secret Passage(329903).png
Shield of Honor(329967).png
SI-7 Extortion(64033).png
Take the High Ground(64635).png
Tour Guide(329972).png
Unseal the Vault(90813).png
Astral Rift(89915).png
Belligerent Gnome(90167).png
Cybertech Chip(89843).png
Divine Spirit(554).png
Flametongue Totem(390).png
Holy Ripple(90803).png
In Formation!(329998).png
Power Word- Feast(329971).png
Prospector's Caravan(464053).png
Tame Beast (Rank 1)(487641).png
Tame Beast (Rank 2)(487642).png
Tame Beast (Rank 3)(487643).png
Heavy Plate(65656).png
Hunter's Pack(90737).png
Muster for Battle(12223).png
Shield Block(493).png
Invigorating Sermon(487649).png
Piercing Shot(464052).png
Against All Odds(63347).png
Arbor Up(442067).png
Blessed Champion(7).png
Doom Pact(63050).png
Holy Fire(457).png
War Golem(323).png

United in Stormwind

The below cards are planned for release with United in Stormwind, coming August 3rd, 2021.

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Ramming Mount Rare Spell General HUNTER 3 Give a minion +2/+2
and Immune while
attacking. When it dies,
summon a Ram.
Showing the only card
Ramming Mount(64965).png