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Dungeon Run is a free single-player game mode added with the release of the Kobolds & Catacombs expansion on December 7, 2017.


  • The objective of the Dungeon Run is to defeat eight bosses of increasing difficulty to win the run.
  • If the player beats the run with a given class, the class is given a crown on the selection page.
  • Once the player has beaten the run with all nine classes, the player is rewarded with the Candle King card back!
  • The player begins with a collection of ten cards, consisting of different cards for each class.
  • The player starts on 15 Health, and gains an additional 5 Health per defeated boss, up to 50 Health for the eighth, and final boss.
  • After rounds 1 and 5, the player receives a Passive buff, selected from one of three random passive buffs from the pool of Passives. (listed below)
  • These passives give a permanent effect to the player for the rest of the run. These are applied at the start of the match, meaning some buffs that affect cards will not affect cards added to your hand or deck later in the game.
  • After rounds 3 and 7, the player receives a Treasure card, selected from one of three random cards from the pool of Treasure cards. (listed below) These are very powerful cards, and often have low mana costs.
  • After each round, the player is offered three bundles of three cards each. The player can only select one of these three bundles. This allows the player to increase their deck size in tandem with the boss' decks increasing in size.
    • The bundles are often themed or synergize well with each other. Many of these bundles are class specific, feeding into the popular archetypes available to that class up to the release of Kobolds and Catacombs.
      • For example, Mage is often rewarded with bundles that encourage spell synergy, fire themed cards, and frost themed cards, among others. You can find more below.
  • Should a game end in a tie, the player will encounter another boss of the same difficulty level.[1]
  • The player always goes first. The enemy also does not get The Coin. On the final round, the boss starts with 2 mana crystals.

Starting Cards[]

Upon starting a fresh Dungeon Run, a player is given a deck of 10 cards. These decks are always the same for that class. Each deck runs one copy of each of the cards in the below lists.

Enchanted Raven
Power of the Wild
Tortollan Forager
Mounted Raptor
Shade of Naxxramas
Keeper of the Grove
Savage Combatant
Druid of the Claw
Hunter's Mark
Stonetusk Boar
Dire Wolf Alpha
Explosive Trap
Animal Companion
Deadly Shot
Eaglehorn Bow
Jungle Panther
Unleash the Hounds
Oasis Snapjaw
Arcane Missiles
Mana Wyrm
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Earthen Ring Farseer
Ice Barrier
Chillwind Yeti
Blessing of Might
Goldshire Footman
Noble Sacrifice
Argent Protector
Holy Light
Earthen Ring Farseer
Stormwind Knight
Truesilver Champion
Holy Smite
Northshire Cleric
Potion of Madness
Faerie Dragon
Mind Blast
Shadow Word: Pain
Dark Cultist
Auchenai Soulpriest
Holy Nova
Deadly Poison
Pit Snake
Sinister Strike
Gilblin Stalker
Undercity Huckster
SI:7 Agent
Unearthed Raptor
Air Elemental
Lightning Bolt
Flametongue Totem
Murloc Tidehunter
Stormforged Axe
Lightning Storm
Unbound Elemental
Defender of Argus
Fire Elemental
Mortal Coil
Knife Juggler
Sunfury Protector
Drain Life
Imp Master
Dark Iron Dwarf
Amani Berserker
Cruel Taskmaster
Heroic Strike
Fiery War Axe
Hired Gun
Raging Worgen
Dread Corsair

Treasure Cards[]


Battle Totem
Captured Flag
Cloak of Invisibility
Crystal Gem
Glyph of Warding
Grommash's Armguards
Justicar's Ring
Khadgar's Scrying Orb
Mysterious Tome
Potion of Vitality
Robe of the Magi
Scepter of Summoning
Small Backpacks
Totem of the Dead


Archmage Staff
Bag of Coins
Scroll of Confusion
Bag of Stuffing
Blade of Quel'Delar
Boots of Haste
Gloves of Mugging
Hilt of Quel'Delar
Loyal Sidekick
Magic Mirror
Mask of Mimicry
Party Portal
Portable Forge
Portable Ice Wall
Greedy Pickaxe
Vorpal Dagger
Horn of Cenarius
Aleatoric Cube
Amulet of Domination
Embers of Ragnaros
Wondrous Wand
Golden Kobold
Orb of Destruction
Wand of Disintegration
Wax Rager
Dr. Boom's Boombox
Primordial Wand
Shifting Hourglass
Rod of Roasting

Card Bundles[]

Note to editors: The data for this section is available at this reference: Hearthpwn source. All we need to do is copy it into our format.

After each win, the player gets to choose three cards to add to their deck. The three cards chosen belong to the same bundle, being selected from it randomly; the player then chooses one selection of three cards from three options. Each selection may contain multiple copies of the same card.[2]

Unique packs of Mage, Priest and Warlock contain all existing cards of these classes including the newer expansions.


Balance Cult of C'Thun Jade Fangs Jungle King Jungle Quest Mana Growth Natural Defense Restoration Stampede Stomp Taunt Wise Decisions
Moonfire Beckoner of Evil Jade Idol Enchanted Raven Jungle Giants Innervate Barkskin Mistress of Mixtures Fire Fly Lunar Visions Druid of the Swarm Living Roots
Bloodmage Thalnos Disciple of C'Thun Jade Blossom Druid of the Saber Tortollan Forager Darnassus Aspirant Claw Naturalize Living Roots Giant Anaconda Crypt Lord Raven Idol
Wrath Twilight Elder Jade Spirit Mark of Y'Shaarj Druid of the Flame Greedy Sprite Earthen Scales Earthen Ring Farseer Mark of the Lotus Primordial Drake Stonehill Defender Anodized Robo Cub
Poison Seeds C'Thun's Chosen Aya Blackpaw Mounted Raptor Elder Longneck Grove Tender Lesser Jasper Spellstone Healing Touch Druid of the Swarm Ragnaros the Firelord Strongshell Scavenger Wrath
Swipe Klaxxi Amber-Weaver Jade Behemoth Vicious Fledgling King Mukla Pilfered Power Plated Beetle Mulch Haunted Creeper Sneed's Old Shredder Druid of the Claw Branching Paths
Azure Drake Crazed Worshipper Arfus Cursed Disciple Wild Growth Feral Rage Refreshment Vendor Power of the Wild The Lich King Hungry Ettin Fandral Staghelm
Starfire Dark Arakkoa Savage Combatant Shellshifter Astral Communion Gnash Antique Healbot Crypt Lord Soggoth the Slitherer Spreading Plague Keeper of the Grove
Malygos Twin Emperor Vek'lor Druid of the Fang Stranglethorn Tiger Mire Keeper Branching Paths Moonglade Portal Savage Roar Ysera Malfurion the Pestilent Fatespinner
Doomcaller Stranglethorn Tiger Menagerie Warden Twig of the World Tree Ironwood Golem Recycle Vicious Fledgling Aviana The Curator Dark Wispers
C'Thun Verdant Longneck Kun the Forgotten King Nourish Oaken Summons Tree of Life Soul of the Forest Deathwing Grizzled Guardian Nourish
Virmen Sensei Tyrantus Ultimate Infestation Fatespinner Kun the Forgotten King Ironbark Protector Ancient of War
Menagerie Warden Force of Nature Tyrantus Primordial Drake Wisps of the Old Gods
Giant Anaconda Ixlid, Fungal Lord Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Hadronox Cenarius
Knight of the Wild Living Mana


Beast Training Big Beasts Deathrattle Defense Legendary Secrets Shots Smugglers Summoner Tracker Weapons Wee Beasts
Stampede Bittertide Hydra Play Dead Bear Trap Barnes Candleshot Arcane Shot Smuggler's Crate Alleycat Tracking Candleshot Alleycat
Timber Wolf Bloodworm Feign Death Doomsayer Leeroy Jenkins Secretkeeper Grievous Bite Hidden Cache Haunted Creeper Explorer's Hat Small-Time Buccaneer Fiery Bat
Crackling Razormaw Nesting Roc Kindly Grandmother Explosive Trap Maexxna Bear Trap Hunter's Mark Trogg Beastrager Scavenging Hyena Flare Bloodsail Raider Timber Wolf
Dinomancy Stampeding Kodo Forlorn Stalker Freezing Trap Dr. Boom Cat Trick Quick Shot Shaky Zipgunner Animal Companion Jeweled Scarab Glaivezooka Crackling Razormaw
Kill Command Stranglethorn Tiger Terrorscale Stalker Deathlord Swamp King Dred Explosive Trap Snipe Dispatch Kodo Eggnapper King's Elekk Eaglehorn Bow Dire Wolf Alpha
Rat Pack Tundra Rhino Arfus Unleash the Hounds Kel'Thuzad Freezing Trap Toxic Arrow Doppelgangster Infest Lock and Load Rummaging Kobold Haunted Creeper
Houndmaster Deathstalker Rexxar Exploding Bloatbat Defender of Argus Sneed's Old Shredder Mad Scientist Deadly Shot Emperor Thaurissan Unleash the Hounds Loot Hoarder Ebon Dragonsmith Huge Toad
Ram Wrangler Savannah Highmane Carnivorous Cube Antique Healbot The Lich King Misdirection Powershot Don Han'Cho Cult Master Dreadscale Blingtron 3000 Kindly Grandmother
Tundra Rhino Charged Devilsaur Corpse Widow Sludge Belcher King Krush Snake Trap Flanking Strike Infested Tauren Stitched Tracker Piranha Launcher Stubborn Gastropod
Giant Sand Worm Princess Huhuran Crushing Walls Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Snipe Multi-Shot Ball of Spiders Deathstalker Rexxar Furnacefire Colossus Bearshark
Kathrena Winterwisp Savannah Highmane Venomstrike Trap Cobra Shot Corridor Creeper Gladiator's Longbow Cave Hydra
Seeping Oozeling Wandering Monster Explosive Shot Kathrena Winterwisp Rat Pack
Sylvanas Windrunner Cloaked Huntress Call of the Wild Vicious Fledgling
Abominable Bowman Eaglehorn Bow
Kathrena Winterwisp Professor Putricide
N'Zoth, the Corruptor Lesser Emerald Spellstone


Arcane Big Spells Chaos Defense Elementals Frost Fire Giant Army Heroic Power Lost Secrets Magical Friends Unique
Arcane Artificer Raven Familiar Shifting Scroll Mirror Image Fire Fly Breath of Sindragosa Forgotten Torch Duplicate Fallen Hero Arcanologist Arcane Blast Zephrys the Great
Arcane Missiles Arcane Tyrant Babbling Book Doomsayer Lesser Ruby Spellstone Glacial Shard Volcanic Potion Ice Block Auctionmaster Beardo Mad Scientist Bloodmage Thalnos Kazakus
Mirror Image Deck of Wonders Open the Waygate Frost Nova Pyros Frostbolt Fireball Simulacrum Dalaran Aspirant Medivh's Valet Cult Sorcerer Reno Jackson
Arcane Intellect Dragon's Fury Primordial Glyph Ice Block Shimmering Tempest Shatter Dragon's Fury Echo of Medivh Kvaldir Raider Counterspell Mana Wyrm Inkmaster Solia
Polymorph: Boar Blizzard Unstable Portal Animated Armor Volatile Elemental Snowchugger Meteor Molten Reflection Mukla's Champion Duplicate Sorcerer's Apprentice
Potion of Polymorph Meteor Kabal Courier Antique Healbot Steam Surger Coldwraith Firelands Portal Carnivorous Cube Nexus-Champion Saraad Frozen Clone Flamewaker
Polymorph Spiteful Summoner Mana Bind Sludge Belcher Tol'vir Stoneshaper Frost Nova Flamestrike Emperor Thaurissan Coldarra Drake Ice Block Violet Teacher
Aluneth Flamestrike Spellslinger Blizzard Water Elemental Cone of Cold Ragnaros the Firelord Arcane Giant Kodorider Mirror Entity Azure Drake
Rhonin Grand Archivist Leyline Manipulator The Lich King Servant of Kalimos Water Elemental Pyroblast Molten Giant Frost Lich Jaina Ethereal Arcanist Gadgetzan Auctioneer
Dragoncaller Alanna Cabalist's Tome Baron Geddon Blizzard Kabal Crystal Runner Archmage Antonidas
Pyroblast Ethereal Conjurer Blazecaller Malygos
Ragnaros the Firelord
Frost Lich Jaina


Divine Shield Dragonmaster Healing Helping Hand Justice Legendary Many Blessings Murlocs Sacred Arms Secrets Silver Hand Taunt
Righteous Protector Netherspite Historian Mistress of Mixtures Grimscale Chum Humility Auctionmaster Beardo Adaptation Grimscale Oracle Coghammer Avenge Lost in the Jungle Annoy-o-Tron
Shielded Minibot Blackwing Technician Lesser Pearl Spellstone Smuggler's Run Dark Conviction Nexus-Champion Saraad Blessing of Might Murloc Tidecaller Muster for Battle Competitive Spirit Drygulch Jailor Stubborn Gastropod
Tainted Zealot Dragonkin Sorcerer Benevolent Djinn Grimestreet Outfitter Aldor Peacekeeper Emperor Thaurissan Blessing of Wisdom Vilefin Inquisitor Rallying Blade Getaway Kodo Muster for Battle Wickerflame Burnbristle
Argent Horserider Hungry Dragon Wickerflame Burnbristle Grimestreet Smuggler Consecration The Black Knight Divine Strength Bluegill Warrior Sword of Justice Noble Sacrifice Silver Hand Regent Corpsetaker
Blood Knight Twilight Drake Chillblade Champion Bolvar Fordragon Equality Val'anyr The Last Kaleidosaur Hydrologist Unidentified Maul Redemption Warhorse Trainer Psych-o-Tron
Howling Commander Azure Drake Shroom Brewer Grimestreet Enforcer Hammer of Wrath Dr. Boom Desperate Stand Murloc Tidehunter Ebon Dragonsmith Repentance Lightfused Stegodon Sludge Belcher
Scarlet Crusader Blackwing Corruptor Antique Healbot Emperor Thaurissan Keeper of Uldaman The Curator Potion of Heroism Murloc Warleader Truesilver Champion Secretkeeper Quartermaster Hungry Ettin
Silent Knight Dragon Consort Blackguard Don Han'Cho Avenging Wrath Troggzor the Earthinator Primalfin Champion Primalfin Lookout Furnacefire Colossus Hydrologist Stand Against Darkness Sunkeeper Tarim
Steward of Darkshire Scaled Nightmare Ivory Knight Enter the Coliseum Marin the Fox Seal of Champions Gentle Megasaur Val'anyr Mad Scientist Crystal Lion Sunwalker
Wickerflame Burnbristle Volcanic Drake Ragnaros, Lightlord Sunkeeper Tarim Ragnaros the Firelord Blessing of Kings Murloc Knight Vinecleaver Mysterious Challenger Level Up! Grimestreet Protector
Light's Sorrow Wrathion Uther of the Ebon Blade Eadric the Pure The Lich King Silvermoon Portal Old Murk-Eye Vinecleaver The Curator
Bolvar, Fireblood Chromaggus The Voraxx Finja, the Flying Star The Lich King
Argent Commander Primordial Drake Blessed Champion Corrupted Seer Tirion Fordring
Sunwalker Dragonhatcher Spikeridged Steed Anyfin Can Happen
Tirion Fordring Malygos Lynessa Sunsorrow
Onyxia Dinosize
Sleepy Dragon
Deathwing, Dragonlord


Bag of Tricks Cult of C'Thun Combo Caster Discipline Domination Dragon Priest Elementals Holy Last Rites Resurrection Shadow Unique
Pint-Size Potion Beckoner of Evil Power Word: Shield Power Word: Shield Crystalline Oracle Twilight Whelp Crystalline Oracle Circle of Healing Awaken the Makers Resurrect Zombie Chow Zephrys the Great
Convert Disciple of C'Thun Radiant Elemental Inner Fire Mind Vision Netherspite Historian Fire Fly Flash Heal Crystalline Oracle Injured Blademaster Shadow Ascendant Kazakus
Shadow Word: Death Twilight Elder Shadow Visions Divine Spirit Potion of Madness Wyrmrest Agent Radiant Elemental Light of the Naaru Haunted Creeper Twilight's Call Spirit Lash Raza the Chained
Shadow Word: Pain C'Thun's Chosen Wild Pyromancer Eydis Darkbane Psionic Probe Blackwing Technician Tar Creeper Lightwarden Museum Curator Eternal Servitude Acolyte of Agony Reno Jackson
Shrinkmeister Hooded Acolyte Dragon Soul Fjola Lightbane Thoughtsteal Duskbreaker Lightspawn Northshire Cleric Dark Cultist Tortollan Shellraiser Acolyte of Pain
Spirit Lash Crazed Worshipper Priest of the Feast Unidentified Elixir Curious Glimmerroot Hoarding Dragon Tol'vir Stoneshaper Holy Champion Deathlord Onyx Bishop Mirage Caller
Auctionmaster Beardo Twilight Darkmender Violet Teacher Velen's Chosen Shadow Madness Twilight Drake Lyra the Sunshard Holy Nova Shallow Gravedigger Sylvanas Windrunner Shadowfiend
Elise Starseeker Twin Emperor Vek'lor Lyra the Sunshard The Voraxx Mindgames Twilight Guardian Servant of Kalimos Priest of the Feast Twilight's Call Lesser Diamond Spellstone Shadowform
Shadow Word: Horror Doomcaller Grand Archivist Djinni of Zephyrs Shifting Shade Azure Drake Blazecaller Darkshire Alchemist Baron Rivendare Kel'Thuzad Void Ripper
Elise the Trailblazer C'Thun Shadowreaper Anduin Devour Mind Blackwing Corruptor Ragnaros the Firelord Holy Fire Piloted Shredder Obsidian Statue Auchenai Soulpriest
Excavated Evil Cabal Shadow Priest Drakonid Operative Ozruk Lightbomb Shifting Shade The Darkness
Kabal Songstealer Embrace Darkness Bone Drake Prophet Velen Spiritsinger Umbra Vol'jin
Entomb Entomb Book Wyrm Tortollan Shellraiser Shadow Essence
Lightbomb Archbishop Benedictus Dragonfire Potion Barnes Shadowreaper Anduin
Psychic Scream King Togwaggle Dragonhatcher Carnivorous Cube
Obsidian Statue Mind Control Malygos Corrupted Healbot
Sleepy Dragon Sludge Belcher
Ysera Tomb Lurker
Deathwing, Dragonlord Cairne Bloodhoof
Obsidian Statue
N'Zoth, the Corruptor


Adrenaline Rush Assassin Bag of Tricks Blademaster Cult of C'Thun Death Dealer Evasive Exhaustion Greed Jade Lotus Outlaws Thief
Counterfeit Coin Backstab Preparation Deadly Poison Beckoner of Evil Journey Below Preparation Shadowstep Counterfeit Coin Jade Shuriken Buccaneer Hallucination
Preparation Cold Blood Shadowstep Doomerang Twilight Geomancer Bloodmage Thalnos Shadowstep Gang Up Bloodmage Thalnos Jade Swarmer Patches the Pirate Swashburglar
Razorpetal Volley Eviscerate Betrayal Kingsbane Disciple of C'Thun Roll the Bones Fire Fly Sap Cutpurse Jade Spirit Small-Time Buccaneer Lorewalker Cho
Edwin VanCleef Patient Assassin Cheat Death Leeching Poison Twilight Elder Undercity Huckster The Caverns Below Brann Bronzebeard Loot Hoarder Aya Blackpaw Southsea Deckhand Undercity Huckster
Mimic Pod Shiv Evasion Cavern Shinyfinder C'Thun's Chosen Shallow Gravedigger Cheat Death Coldlight Oracle Coldlight Oracle Bloodsail Raider Burgle
Questing Adventurer Fan of Knives Gang Up Goblin Auto-Barber Crazed Worshipper Unearthed Raptor Gadgetzan Ferryman Deathlord Elven Minstrel One-eyed Cheat Shaku, the Collector
Sherazin, Corpse Flower Plague Scientist Sudden Betrayal Envenom Weapon Twin Emperor Vek'lor Arfus Novice Engineer King Mukla Genzo, the Shark Ship's Cannon Lilian Voss
Violet Teacher Shadow Strike Beneath the Ground Rummaging Kobold Doomcaller Baron Rivendare Youthful Brewmaster Violet Illusionist Tomb Pillager Shady Dealer Obsidian Shard
Xaril, Poisoned Mind SI:7 Agent Mimic Pod Shadowblade Blade of C'Thun Infested Tauren Sonya Shadowdancer Vanish Azure Drake Southsea Captain Ethereal Peddler
Gadgetzan Auctioneer Assassinate Fal'dorei Strider Blade Flurry C'Thun Piloted Shredder Vanish Burgly Bully Dread Corsair Trade Prince Gallywix
Spectral Pillager Dark Iron Skulker Shadowcaster Grave Shambler Spiritsinger Umbra Marin the Fox Naga Corsair
Xavius Vilespine Slayer Thistle Tea Runeforge Haunter Twilight Summoner Phantom Freebooter
Sprint Valeera the Hollow Tinker's Sharpsword Oil Xaril, Poisoned Mind Southsea Squidface
Furnacefire Colossus Carnivorous Cube Captain Greenskin
Lesser Onyx Spellstone Luckydo Buccaneer
Sludge Belcher
Sylvanas Windrunner
N'Zoth, the Corruptor


Battlecrier Destruction Elementals Farseer Frost Jade Lotus Mechanized Murlocs Mutations Overload Restoration Totems
Fire Plume Harbinger Lightning Bolt Fire Fly Ancestral Knowledge Glacial Shard Jade Claws Annoy-o-Tron Deadscale Knight Evolve Finders Keepers Ancestral Healing Primal Fusion
Murmuring Elemental Crackle Fire Plume Harbinger Ancestral Spirit Brrrloc Jade Lightning Mechwarper Murloc Tidecaller Unstable Evolution Tunnel Trogg Mistress of Mixtures Kobold Hermit
Brann Bronzebeard Crushing Hand Murmuring Elemental Reincarnate Cryostasis Jade Spirit Micro Machine Unite the Murlocs Devolve Ancestral Knowledge Vitality Totem Totem Golem
Stonehill Defender Lava Shock Igneous Elemental Far Sight Hyldnir Frostrider Aya Blackpaw Whirling Zap-o-matic Bluegill Warrior Tinkmaster Overspark Eternal Sentinel Healing Rain Flametongue Totem
Fireguard Destroyer Maelstrom Portal Tar Creeper Spirit Echo Ice Breaker Jade Chieftain Harvest Golem Ice Fishing Faceless Shambler Lava Shock Healing Wave Mana Tide Totem
Saronite Chain Gang Stormcrack Tol'vir Stoneshaper Ancestor's Call Avalanche Powermace Murloc Tidehunter Hex Totem Golem Hot Spring Guardian Primal Talismans
Azure Drake Elemental Destruction Servant of Kalimos Carnivorous Cube Voodoo Hexxer Enhance-o Mechano Rockpool Hunter Lotus Illusionist Drakkari Defender Jinyu Waterspeaker Tuskarr Totemic
Doppelgangster Lava Burst Blazecaller Corpse Raiser Frozen Crusher Gorillabot A-3 Coldlight Oracle Master of Evolution Feral Spirit Tidal Surge Wicked Witchdoctor
Loatheb Lightning Storm Stone Sentinel White Eyes Moorabi Piloted Shredder Coldlight Seer Furbolg Mossbinder Unbound Elemental Antique Healbot Thunder Bluff Valiant
Lotus Agents Volcano Al'Akir the Windlord Cairne Bloodhoof Psych-o-Tron Murloc Warleader Thrall, Deathseer Flamewreathed Faceless Hallazeal the Ascended Windshear Stormcaller
Fire Elemental Kalimos, Primal Lord Sylvanas Windrunner Piloted Sky Golem Primalfin Lookout Doomhammer Thing from Below
Gelbin Mekkatorque Ragnaros the Firelord Kel'Thuzad Sneed's Old Shredder Call in the Finishers Earth Elemental
Grumble, Worldshaker Ozruk The Runespear Gentle Megasaur Lesser Sapphire Spellstone
The Mistcaller Old Murk-Eye Snowfury Giant
Bonemare Siltfin Spiritwalker
Marin the Fox Finja, the Flying Star
Everyfin is Awesome


Blood Cult of C'Thun Destruction Dire Demons Discard Little Legion Huge Hand Lifesteal Sacrifice Swarm Taunt Unique
Flame Imp Beckoner of Evil Darkbomb Voidcaller Lakkari Sacrifice Flame Imp Sunfury Protector Deadscale Knight Dark Pact Kobold Librarian Voidwalker Zephrys the Great
Bloodbloom Twilight Geomancer Defile Doomguard Malchezaar's Imp Voidwalker Defender of Argus Drain Soul Power Overwhelming Possessed Villager Dirty Rat Kazakus
Vulgar Homunculus Disciple of C'Thun Doomsayer Skull of the Man'ari Soulfire Queen of Pain Twilight Drake Queen of Pain Sanguine Reveler Dire Wolf Alpha Sunfury Protector Reno Jackson
Chittering Tunneler Twilight Elder Shadow Bolt Dread Infernal Clutchmother Zavas Vulgar Homunculus Nexus-Champion Saraad Drain Life Corrupting Mist Haunted Creeper Vulgar Homunculus Krul the Unshackled
Hellfire C'Thun's Chosen Blastcrystal Potion Kabal Trafficker Darkshire Librarian Bloodfury Potion Emperor Thaurissan Deathaxe Punisher Doomsayer Knife Juggler Stonehill Defender
Lesser Amethyst Spellstone Crazed Worshipper Cataclysm Possessed Lackey Tiny Knight of Evil Demonwrath Wilfred Fizzlebang Lesser Amethyst Spellstone Nerubian Egg Darkshire Councilman Tar Creeper
Floating Watcher Usher of Souls Felfire Potion Abyssal Enforcer Silverware Golem Imp Gang Boss Chromaggus Bloodworm Devilsaur Egg Eggnapper Saronite Chain Gang
Felfire Potion Twin Emperor Vek'lor Twisting Nether Lord Jaraxxus Cataclysm Crystalweaver Lord Jaraxxus Siphon Soul Unwilling Sacrifice Imp Gang Boss Green Jelly
Cho'gall Doomcaller Deathwing Mal'Ganis Lakkari Felhound Dreadsteed Mountain Giant Bloodreaver Gul'dan Void Terror Imp Master Sludge Belcher
Molten Giant C'Thun DOOM! Voidlord Blood-Queen Lana'thel Imp-losion Molten Giant Ravenous Pterrordax Imp-losion Tar Lurker
Bloodreaver Gul'dan Doomguard Demonheart Shadowflame Guild Recruiter Hungry Ettin
Cruel Dinomancer Carnivorous Cube Sea Giant The Lich King
Dark Bargain Voidlord
Sylvanas Windrunner


Armor Berserker Charge! Dragon Heart Everybody Hurts Legendary Pirates Re-Enforcer Recruiter Smash! Taunt Weapons
Shield Slam Inner Rage Charge Alexstrasza’s Champion Whirlwind Zola the Gorgon N'Zoth's First Mate Hobart Grapplehammer Dead Man's Hand Blood To Ichor Fire Plume's Heart Upgrade!
Armorsmith Cruel Taskmaster Southsea Deckhand Netherspite Historian Battle Rage Elise Starseeker Patches the Pirate Grimestreet Pawnbroker Guild Recruiter Cleave I Know a Guy Forge of Souls
Bladed Gauntlet Execute Argent Horserider Blackwing Technician Commanding Shout Elise the Trailblazer Small-Time Buccaneer Grimestreet Smuggler Gather Your Party Execute Cornered Sentry Fiery War Axe
Bring It On! Rampage Kor'kron Elite Hoarding Dragon Execute Loatheb Bloodsail Raider Brass Knuckles Madam Goya Heroic Strike Fierce Monkey Orgrimmar Aspirant
Drywhisker Armorer Acolyte of Pain Leeroy Jenkins Hungry Dragon Sleep with the Fishes Nexus-Champion Saraad Ship's Cannon Grimy Gadgeteer Silver Vanguard Slam King's Defender Rummaging Kobold
Bash Frothing Berserker Argent Commander Twilight Drake Unstable Ghoul Cairne Bloodhoof Bloodsail Cultist Emperor Thaurissan Geosculptor Yip Bash Stonehill Defender Blood Razor
Mountainfire Armor Val'kyr Soulclaimer Skycap'n Kragg Twilight Guardian Blood Warriors Hemet, Jungle Hunter Southsea Captain Don Han'Cho Woecleaver Mortal Strike Bloodhoof Brave Death's Bite
Reckless Flurry Axe Flinger Charged Devilsaur Azure Drake Bouncing Blade Justicar Trueheart Dread Corsair Master Oakheart Fool's Bane Direhorn Hatchling Ebon Dragonsmith
Shield Block Bloodhoof Brave Grommash Hellscream Blackwing Corruptor Ravaging Ghoul Sylvanas Windrunner Naga Corsair Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Crush Sludge Belcher Grave Shambler
Alley Armorsmith Death's Bite Icehowl Book Wyrm Blood Razor Baron Geddon Captain Greenskin Hungry Ettin Arcanite Reaper
Ironforge Portal Grim Patron Drakonid Crusher Death's Bite Gruul Skycap'n Kragg Obsidian Destroyer Tentacles for Arms
Gemstudded Golem Crush Wrathion Brawl Kel'Thuzad The Curator Furnacefire Colossus
Shieldmaiden Hogger, Doom of Elwynn Chillmaw Sudden Genesis Marin the Fox Primordial Drake Gorehowl
Unidentified Shield Grommash Hellscream Primordial Drake Primordial Drake Ragnaros the Firelord The Lich King Lesser Mithril Spellstone
Geosculptor Yip Rotface Dragonhatcher Scourgelord Garrosh Sneed's Old Shredder Sleepy Dragon Malkorok
Nefarian King Mosh The Boogeymonster Soggoth the Slitherer
Sleepy Dragon The Lich King
Ysera Arch-Thief Rafaam
Deathwing Varian Wrynn
Deathwing, Dragonlord


Most bosses have a proper class associated with them, and it's very unlikely that they will use a different class's cards in their own deck, save for boss-unique cards like Looming Presence.

Boss Encountered in Round Hero Power Notes
first last
Bink the Burglar 1 Coin: "Gain 1 Mana Crystal this turn only." (0 Mana, autocast) The rarest round 1 boss.
Giant Rat 1 Rat Race: "Summon two 1/1 rats." (2 Mana)
Wee Whelp 1 Baby Breath: "Deal 2 damage." (2 Mana)
A. F. Kay 4 Idle: "Do nothing" (2 Mana) Does nothing until Turn 6, then plays Boots of Haste to flood the board with 8/8 minions.
Battlecrier Jin'zo 4 5 Battle Totem: "Battlecries trigger twice." (Passive)
Blackseed 4 5 Evolvomancy: "Transform a minion into a random one that costs (1) more." (0 Mana) Plays a Token Druid deck.
6 7 Greater Evolution: "Transform a minion into a random one that costs (3) more." (1 Mana)
Brimstone Warden 4 Dispel Ward: Silence your minions. (5 Mana) Starts with four Stone Golems and summons more from his hand (Letting him silence them is an almost immediate defeat).
Bristlesnarl 6 7 Hunter’s Call: Reduce the cost of cards in your hand by 1 (3 Mana, autocast) Plays a midrange Hunter deck.
Candlebeard 2 3 Charge!: "Give a friendly minion Charge." (1 Mana) Plays an aggressive Pirate deck.
6 7 Charrrge!: "After you play a minion, give it Charge." (Passive)
Inara the Mage 7 Stolen Time: Destroy 3 of your mana crystals. Take an extra turn (10 Mana, autocast) Deck contains Medivh's cards
Elder Brandlemar 2 3 Dampen Magic: "Put a 'Counterspell' Secret into the battlefield." (2 Mana, autocast)
Elder Jari 4 5 Mystic Barrier: "Gain 3 armor." (1 mana)
Frostfur 2 3 Freeze: "Freeze a minion." (2 Mana)
Fungalmancer Flurgl 4 5 Fungal Infection: "Give your minions +1/+1." (2 Mana) Plays a Murloc deck.
Karl and George 6
  • Divinity: "Give all your minions Divine Shield." (2 Mana) (George)
  • The Silver Hand: "Summon two 1/1 Silver Hand Recruits." (2 Mana) (Karl)
30 HP each. Starts with George and switches to Karl on defeat. The boss can also swap between George and Karl in the middle of the game. Both play swarm-based Paladin decks.
Gnosh the Greatworm 6 Swallow Whole: "Destroy a random minion with the highest attack." (2 Mana, autocast) If the Hero Power kills a Poisonous minion, Gnosh automatically dies.
Graves the Cleric 2 3 Light's Will: "Restore 2 health to all minions" (0 Mana)
Gutmook 4 5 Digest Magic: "Whenever your opponent casts a spell, summon a Tunnel Trogg." (Passive) Plays an Overload-themed Shaman deck.
6 7 Metabolized Magic: "Whenever your opponent casts a spell, draw a card. It costs (1)". (Passive)
Ixlid 6 Sprouting Spore: "Summon an extremely deadly spore." (2 Mana, autocast) Spore is a 1 mana 1/1 that is poisonous to heroes. Additionally, Ixlid always starts with 20 health, despite most round 6 bosses having 50 health.
Jeeru 6 7 Three Wee Wishes: Both players draw 3 cards (1 Mana, autocast) Plays a Druid mill deck, but ironically equally susceptible to her own milling.
Kraxx 4 5 Giant Stomp: "Deal 1 damage to all enemy minions" (2 Mana)
Lava-Filled Chamber 6 7 The Floor is Lava: "After a minion is played, deal 2 damage to it." (Passive) Plays mostly burn spells and minions that deal direct damage, also has Flamestrikes to clear the board.
Lyris the Wild Mage 4 5 Arcane Infusion: "Add an Arcane Missiles to your hand." (1 Mana) Deck contains mostly Flamewakers, as well as Arcane Giants and Arcane Intellects
Mushhuckster Max 4 5 Mushroom, Mushroom: "Craft a custom mushroom potion." (2 mana, autocast) Custom potions are 1-Mana Kazakus Potions
Overseer Mogark 2 3 Cruel Words: "Deal 1 damage to a friendly minion and give it +2 attack" (1 Mana)
5 7 Searing Lash: "Deal 1 damage to a friendly minion and give it +5 attack" (1 Mana)
Pathmaker Hamm 2 3 Unstable Explosion: "Deal 1 damage to 2 random enemies" (1 Mana, Autocast) A bomb-themed deck with Mad Bombers, Madder Bombers, and Bomb Squads. His Hero Power can only hit each target once per turn, so if your Hero is the only target, you'll only sustain a single hit of 1 (or 2) damage.
5 7 Unstable Demolition: "Deal 2 damage to 3 random enemies" (2 Mana, Autocast)
Russell the Bard 4 5 Alluring Tune: "Gain control of an enemy minion with 2 or less attack" (2 Mana) If you wait a while before ending your turn, he will start to sing the Kobolds and Catacombs theme song.
Seriona 2 3 Fading Light: "Give a minion -1 attack" (2 Mana) Dragon Priest deck; contains multiple Duskbreaker and Blackwing Corruptor
Spiritspeaker Azun 4 5 Totem of the Dead: All deathrattles trigger twice (Passive) Plays an Awaken the Makers deck
Tad 6 Catch and Release: Summon a random minion from your deck (0 mana, autocast) Rare. Has no hand. Tad will not draw cards, and therefore will not fatigue. He will not play cards even if given them (e.g.: by Mulch). Minions are not summoned randomly but in cost order, unless they are returned to his deck via cards like Psychic Scream. If Tad takes no damage (including from his own minions) then on turn 11 he will summon a "Sunken Chest" which, when killed, it adds Tad's Pole to your deck.
Thaddock the Thief 4 5 Tactical Retreat: "Return a friendly minion to your hand" (1 Mana) Plays The Caverns Below deck
The Mothergloop 7 Gloop: "Give minions in your hand +1/+1." (2 Mana, autocast) Deck consists of many self-duplicating cards to make the most of its handbuffs.
Trapped Room 6 7 Alarm: "Whenever you reveal a Secret, summon a 3/3 Sawblade." (Passive) Deck consists of many secrets, as well as some Secretkeepers and Ethereal Arcanists.

One valid strategy is to do nothing other than clearing/controlling the board. Boss' hand will be clogged up with secrets and eventually it will die to fatigue.

Treasure Vault 6 7 Doors are Closing: "End the game" (5 mana, auto-cast) Starts the game with seven 0/10 Treasure Coffers, and has no health, deck, or hand. Destroying the Coffers puts a random playable Treasure in the player's deck for the current Run. There is no way the player can lose on this boss (other than conceding). (only encountered on rounds 6 and 7 so far, but supposedly you can encounter it in round 2-5 aswell (source?))
Voodoomaster Vex 6 7 Chaos Totem: All Battlecries and Deathrattles trigger twice. (Passive)
Waxmancer Sturmi 3 5 Sculpt Wax: "Summon a 1/1 copy of a minion." (1 Mana) Plays a Deathrattle-themed Hunter deck.
6 7 Harden Sculpture: "Summon a copy of a minion." (3 Mana)
Whompwhisker 4 5 Join the Fray: "Both players Recruit a minion." (2 Mana, autocast) Plays a deck filled with high-cost minions and tough Taunts, relying on his Hero Power to cheat them out.
Azari, the Devourer 8 (final boss) Devour: "Remove the top 2 cards of your opponent’s deck." (0 Mana, autocast) Plays a demon-themed Warlock deck.
King Togwaggle 8 (final boss) Magic Candle: "Find a Treasure!" (3 Mana) Treasures found are mostly playable Treasures the player could obtain during their Dungeon Run.

Occasionally deals 4 damage to a random enemy at the start of his turn.

The Darkness 8 (final boss) Encroaching Darkness: "Summon a 5/5 Darkspawn." (0 Mana, autocast) Players start with 3 Luminous Candles in their hand. Runs a Priest deck filled with darkness-based removal spells to control the board while its Darkspawn attack.
Vustrasz the Ancient 8 (final boss) Vindictive Breath: "Deal 1 damage to all enemies for each missing Master Chest." (0 Mana, autocast) Starts with 5 Master Chests in play.
Xol the Unscathed 8 (final boss) Beam Me Up: "At the end of the turn, add a Beam card to your hand." (passive) Plays a Lakkari Sacrifice deck.

Xol's voice line indicates which beam has been chosen: Fatality (destroy all damaged enemy minions), Fatigue (destroy one of your opponent's mana crystals), Fear (shuffle a random enemy minion into your opponent's deck), Flame (deal 2 damage to all enemy minions), Flummox (take control of a random enemy minion), Frost (freeze a random enemy minion and the minions next to it)


For all loading screen tips for Dungeon Run, see Tips#Dungeon Run
  • Don't worry if you die on one of the first few bosses. It happens sometimes. Reconsider your strategy, and try again!
  • Beware of picking only late-game minions, even with the Scepter of Summoning upgrade. A number of boss abilities make it extremely difficult to stabilise mid-game, even with an amazing taunt deck, so playing on curve is important.
  • Great go-to Passive Treasures regardless of your class of choice are the Captured Flag, Justicar's Ring, Potion of Vitality, and Scepter of Summoning. Only in niche situations would they be less favorable than other options. (e.g. Justicar's Ring doesn't offer much for Hunter, Scepter of Summoning offers little for spell-heavy decks)
    • You get your first Passive before you get your first bundle, so try and pick your Passive based on what bundles could come up for your class. For instance, the Battle Totem is particularly potent if your class gets access to Jade or C'thun bundles.
  • Try and grab combos of synergistic cards from your bundles. For example, if you grab a C'Thun bundle, grab more C'Thun bundles later!
    • One combo in particular: Wax Rager synergizes incredibly well with Frost Lich Jaina. The Rager is an elemental, so it gains the lifesteal buff. In addition, Jaina can use her hero power to kill the 1-health Rager, thus summoning a Water Elemental, and the Rager's deathrattle immediately resummons it.
  • Unless another playable Treasure is very convincing, pick up the Blade of Quel'Delar or Hilt of Quel'Delar, and hope to find the other half. The Blade is still a useful cheap weapon, while the Hilt is nice for buffing your Taunt minions. Assembling Quel'Delar is always something to behold, especially when it'll trivialize the final boss.