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Dunemaul Shaman
Set:Goblins vs GnomesGoblins vs Gnomes
Cost:4 Mana icon.png
Attack:5 Attack icon.png
Health:4 Health
Abilities:Forgetful, Overload, Windfury
Wiki tags:Random, Triggered effect
Artist:José Ladrönn
Windfury, Overload: (1) 50% chance to attack the wrong enemy.
Flavor text

He just closes his eyes and goes for it. Raarararrrarar!

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Dunemaul Shaman animated golden portrait.gif

Dunemaul Shaman is a rare shaman minion card, from the Goblins vs Gnomes set.

How to get[]

Dunemaul Shaman can be obtained through Goblins vs Gnomes card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Dunemaul Shaman 100 20
Golden Dunemaul Shaman 800 100


  • This minion has a 50% chance to attack an enemy target that is not the intended target. This includes heroes and minions.
  • Dunemaul Shaman will no longer be offered for selection in Arena, since the 15th of September 2016.[1] However, it is still obtainable in Arena matches through random effects, such as Unstable Portal.

Probability of hitting the right target;[]

With only the enemy hero as a hostile target, this minion has a 100% chance to hit them, effectively negating its triggered effect.

With a single minion on the field, Dunemaul Shaman has a 50% chance of hitting its intended target, and a 50% chance of hitting the other.

With a 50% chance of hitting the wrong target, the percentage likelihood of any specific other enemy character being attacked is (50 / total number of other enemy characters)

Number of other targets 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Chance of being hit 50% 25% 16.7% 12.5% 10% 8.3% 7.14%


Dunemaul is a dangerous direct attacker, capable of dealing 10 damage each turn by itself. Back it up with removal spells like Lightning Storm and with luck it can end the game in short order. However, the Forgetful effect and the Overload can make the next turn difficult for the shaman if the opponent's board is filled with minions that can destroy the Dunemaul Shaman.


Main article: Forgetful

The main significance of this minion's triggered effect is that with multiple targets available, the player cannot be sure which target will be hit. This makes its use less advisable when there are high-Attack enemy minions on the board (unless they are desirable targets), as hitting them will cause the player a lot of damage. It adds further unpredictability when playing against minions such as Boom Bots.

This minion can be useful for potentially bypassing Taunt minions. For example, with 1 Taunt minion and 3 non-Taunt minions on the field, attacking the Taunt using the Shaman will have a 50% of hitting the Taunt, and a 12.5% chance of hitting any one of the other targets.

This can be useful for removing protected minions, or even for dealing lethal damage to the opponent themselves. For example, with only 1 Taunt minion on the field, attacking the Taunt using the Shaman will have a 50% chance of bypassing the Taunt and striking the enemy hero. In close games this chance at extra damage can allow players to close the gap.

Because of this possibility, when seeking to prevent an opponent with card such as Dunemaul Shaman from hitting your hero while behind a taunt, it is effective to summon as many minions onto the field as possible. Each acts to decrease the likelihood of an attack reaching your hero should the minion miss its intended target.


Dunemaul Compound, the home of the Dunemaul ogre clan

Wowpedia icon.pngThis section uses content from Wowpedia.
The Dunemaul clan is a large clan of nomadic ogres who have taken over a large area of Tanaris and formed a compound to the south. The leader of this clan was Gor'marok the Ravager, but was replaced by Sandscraper at some point.
Following the Cataclysm the Dunemaul clan was brought into the Horde by Megs Dreadshredder and the Dunemaul "Emissary", who are stationed at the Dunemaul Recruitment Camp, through means of force and treats.



Ogre time!
Get 'em!
Effect triggering


Dunemaul Shaman, full art

Patch changes[]

Goblins vs Gnomes logo.png Patch (2014-12-04): Added.