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Descent of Dragons Galakrond's Awakening logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
Galakrond's Awakening adventure.

Dragonslayer Skruk
Set:Galakrond's AwakeningGalakrond's Awakening
Health:200 Health
Artist:MAR Studio
Flavor text

A dragonslayer is loose? Time-twisting Chromie will take him out.
Can you defeat the Dragonslayer on your own?

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For the minion card, see Dragonslayer Skruk (minion).

Dragonslayer Skruk is a boss encounter in Galakrond's Awakening adventure. It is the second encounter of Chapter 3 of Explorers campaign: Air Battle Over Dragonblight.

The boss for this encounter is Dragonslayer Skruk, while the hero the player controls in Story mode is Chromie, then Chronormu if the player dies the first time.

Boss Hero Power[]

Story Heroic
Gronnic Strength(184821).png
Gronnic Strength(184822).png

Boss special cards[]

Story only
Dragonslayer's Greatbow(184823).png
Heroic only
Dragonslayer's Greatbow(184826).png

Boss decks[]

The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Story Heroic
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Dragonslayer's Greatbow 2 Boss Dragonslayer's Greatbow 2
Heartseeker 1 Heartseeker 1
Warrior Drywhisker Armorer 2 Hunter Rat Pack 2
Forge of Souls 2 Dispatch Kodo 2
Heroic Strike 2 Warrior Forge of Souls 2
Slam 1 Bash 2
Bash 2 Kobold Barbarian 2
Kobold Barbarian 2 Arcanite Reaper 2
Arcanite Reaper 1 Armored Goon 2
Armored Goon 2 Gorehowl 1
Malkorok 1 Neutral Kobold Sandtrooper 2
Neutral Kobold Sandtrooper 4 Rummaging Kobold 2
Dragonslayer 1 Sergeant Sally 1
Rummaging Kobold 2 Dragonmaw Poacher 2
Dragonmaw Poacher 2 Frigid Snobold 2
Kobold Monk 2 Kobold Monk 2
Gruul 1 Gruul 1

Story mode[]

Player's hero[]


If the player dies the first time, the game restarts with a new hero, Chronormu:

Chronomical Distortion(184892).png

Player's special cards[]

From Hero Power
Echo of Me(184894).png

Player's decks[]

Chromie Chronormu
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Paladin Divine Strength 2 Druid Breath of Dreams 2
Humility 2 Mage Dragon's Breath 2
Righteous Protector 2 Kalecgos 1
Sand Breath 2 Paladin Sand Breath 2
Sound the Bells! 1 Bronze Explorer 2
Subdue 2 Bronze Herald 1
Bronze Explorer 2 Keeper of Uldaman 2
Bronze Herald 2 Amber Watcher 2
Seal of Champions 2 Dragon Consort 2
Keeper of Uldaman 2 Priest Breath of the Infinite 2
Nozdormu the Timeless 1 Chronobreaker 2
Amber Watcher 1 Aeon Reaver 2
Dragon Consort 2 Free From Amber 2
Priest Silence 1 Neutral Young Priestess 2
Inner Fire 1 Brightwing 1
Extra Arms 2 Cobalt Scalebane 1
Chronobreaker 1 Nozdormu 1
Aeon Reaver 2 Ysera 1


Story mode
  • If the player dies as Chromie, the game automatically restarts with the new hero Chronormu and Dragonslayer Skruk's health remain unchanged, similarly to Alternate Timeline used by Infinite Toki.
Heroic mode
  • There is no special rule for this encounter.



Despite the threatening appearance of the fight, it won't be too difficult to defeat once you become Chronormu. The extra turn each turn will let you very rapidly outpace Skruk's hero power and board. All of your minions will effectively have Charge/Windfury, stomping over his deck. Just be sure to clear whatever minions he plays before focusing him down.

If you are looking to defeat Skruk as Chromie for a challenge run, it can be done, albeit with some luck required. If you can get a Bronze Explorer on the board and properly buffed before he casts Heartseeker, you can recover from the damage and swarm him with large Echoes.


Because of Skruk's immense health pool and rapidly growing minions, it's impossible to fight this boss head-on. You will need to use decks with massive amounts of stall cards like Frost Nova and Blizzard, or plenty of hard removal. The best classes to fight Skruk are Rogue and Mage. Skruk almost exclusively plays a single minion each turn, so having enough sizable Taunt minions will also slow him down. Beware of his direct removal in the form of weapons, however.

Returning minions to Skruk's hand will remove all of their buffs, making Vanish and Sap great stalling tools for a Rogue deck.

Since Skruk uses Dispatch Kodos alongside Heartseeker, it will be necessary to bring healing or armor gain. Ice Block can prevent lethal damage.

Once Skruk has been properly stalled, you need to set up a win condition. Simple candidates are Alexstrasza and some direct damage spells to finish him, or a Mecha'thun deck. See Mecha'thun's page for possible combos. Uther of the Ebon Blade is another option, although assembling The Four Horsemen is a lot more difficult.


Aeon Reaver(184655).png


Story mode[]

Before encounter

That Gronn menace is downing our dragons! We need help!


Hmm. I don't remember how this one goes. That's… not good!

Turn 1 - boss

Dragonslayer Skruk
Your time tricks not gonna work on Skruk!
We've got to stop this guy before he hurts too many dragons!

Turn 5

I feel like something bad happens if we don’t stop him soon…

Chromie dies - Game reset with Chronormu

Time, stop!
You won't mind if I take two turns, right?

Turn 2 with Chronormu

Feel the full power of a bronze dragon, you big bully!

Turn 6 onwards - boss with no Heartseeker in hand

Dragonslayer Skruk
Where...my arrow…is?

Boss cards

Dragonslayer Skruk
No get out of this one, time whelp!
Big arrow here, goodbye dragon!

Unused dialogues

Wowee. Let's take him more seriously this time.
Chromie the gnome couldn't beat him… but Chromie the dragon can!
Let's go back a few turns… ok, there. Time, resume!
Dragonslayer Skruk
I got a BIG surprise for pesky dragon like you.
Have Skruk said that before?

Dragonslayer Skruk[]

Dragonslayer Skruk, full art


Skruk freed. Sees dragons that need slaying. Busy day for Skruk.
Skruk no like gnomes! (vs. Nemsy Necrofizzle)

Hero Power

Dragonslayers… slay them!
Crush them, do not give them a chance!
Tear them from the skies!

Emote Response

Gronns like Skruk have one-track mind: dragon slaying!


Troll lady said dragons would be here. Troll lady very right.
Not going to sleep in ice ever again.
Skruk won first place in gronn archery contest.


Crunch you!

Boss cards

Dragonslayer's Greatbow(Heroic)
Dragons will fall!
Big bow for big dragon hunting. Very good!

Player's cards

Any Dragon minion
So many dragons to crush… so little time!
Famous Dragon minion
Famous Dragon. Skruk kill!
Gruul!? Skruk your number one fan.
The Amazing Reno
You smell like dragon, hat-man.
Toki, Time-Tinker
Gnome seem… familiar?


How...this… possible…

Chromie and Chronormu[]

Chromie, full art

Chronormu, full art

Type Emote
Thanks Hey, thank you!
Well Played Ooh, that was a good one! I'll try to remember that.
Greetings Hi! Oh did I say that already?
Wow Now THAT was really impressive!
Oops Whoopsie. Was that meant to happen?
Threaten Your time is up!
Attack Hi-ya!
Concede This isn't working… time to try again!
Death My time's up!
Thinking [1] Hmm…
Thinking [2] What did I do here…
Thinking [3] How about … ok, no no no.
Almost out of cards I'm getting pretty low on cards.
Out of cards Oh no, do I always run out of cards here?
Running out of time I'm running out of time! Which is… ironic.
Error: Generic I can't do that.


  • This is the first boss where the Heroic version is weaker than the regular, due to the significant change in mechanics between the two fights.

Patch changes[]