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LegacyAlexstrasza in her humanoid form.

This page lists cards with card art depicting dragons.


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A dragon is a reptilian creature, usually winged, with magical or unusual abilities. They are divided into several subraces called "dragonflights." All the dragonflights have lost the ability to lay more eggs. Legend has it that dragons were born in the dawn of the world when it was created by the titans from the primal plane.

The dragons of Azeroth are far more intelligent even than the humans who hunt them, and struggle to reconcile their metaphysical nature with the reality of the savage world they inhabit. While each dragon is a powerful entity, dragons also represent the origins of the world and were given care over various parts of Azeroth’s creation since time immemorial. Today, the dragons still remember their original natures and attempt to use their powers to continue their original purposes: for some, to shape stone and raise mountains; for others, to protect the forests or expand the realm of magic.

Dragons and some other dragonkin have the innate ability to shapeshift into many different forms, primarily the various humanoid races. They shapeshift for a variety of reasons, the main one being that it is easier to communicate, work with, and live among mortals while wearing a mortal guise. When the Aspects first realized that dragons were destined to share Azeroth with the younger races, the timeways told them that they had to learn to live alongside them. As such, each of them took on a form to allow them to see the world as the young races do. The dragonflights keep disguised spies placed among each of the younger races, who (in the dragons' view) have a tendency to cause disasters when left to their own devices. Even when the mortals they interact with know their true nature, some dragons choose to use their humanoid form to appear less threatening as a show of courtesy.


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BRM 022.png
SCH 162t.png
TB BaconUps 146 Battlegrounds.png
BGS 039 Battlegrounds.png
NEW1 023.png
EX1 189.png
DRG 229.png
DAL 146.png
YOP 025t.png
YOP 025.png
BGS 045 Battlegrounds.png
TB BaconUps 115 Battlegrounds.png
GIL 683.png
DRG 254.png
DRG 019.png
Zoobot (Battlegrounds, golden).png
KAR 095.png
DRG 102.png
DAL 146t.png
BGS 034 Battlegrounds.png
TOT 030.png
SCH 232.png
BRM 020.png
PVPDR DMF Paladint2.png
LOOT 410.png
LOOT 118.png
DREAM 03.png
DRG 073.png
DRG 300.png
LOOT 144.png
BRM 026.png
CFM 621.png
BAR 079.png
ONY 026.png
OG 320.png
DRG 309.png
ONY 024.png
TOT 112.png
DRG 211.png
BGS 037 Battlegrounds.png
TB BaconUps 107 Battlegrounds.png
DRG 224t2.png
EX1 043.png
AT 017.png
DRG 226.png
EX1 284.png
TOT 330.png
GIL 905.png
DRG 304.png
TB BaconUps 120 Battlegrounds.png
ICC 029.png
DRG 075.png
DRG 201.png
BRM 018.png
LOOT 209t.png
TRL 526.png
CFM 605.png
TRL 323.png
LOOT 535t.png
BGS 033 Battlegrounds.png
TB BaconUps 104 Battlegrounds.png
BGS 032 Battlegrounds.png
PVPDR YOP PriestT2.png
DRG 270.png
ONY 001.png
YOD 036.png
YOD 043.png
ONY 035.png
DMF 528.png
DRG 036.png
YOD 014.png
ICC 027.png
KAR 033.png
AT 008.png
DRG 323t.png
TOT 316.png
BT 726.png
BRM 024.png
BGS 067 Battlegrounds.png
TB BaconUps 117 Battlegrounds.png
DRG 313.png
DRG 079.png
TOT 320.png
SW 078.png
DRG 209t.png
DRG 224.png
SCH 230.png
ULD 238.png
OG 271.png
TB BaconUps 108 Battlegrounds.png
DRG 095.png
BRM 025.png
CFM 806.png
AT 123.png
GIL 578.png
TRL 569.png
DRG 310.png
DRG 660t3.png
DRG 610t3.png
DRG 620t3.png
DRG 600t3.png
DRG 650t3.png
DRG 660t2.png
DRG 610t2.png
DRG 620t2.png
DRG 600t2.png
DRG 650t2.png
DRG 610.png
DRG 620.png
DRG 650.png
DRG 660.png
DRG 600.png
BGS 043 Battlegrounds.png
TB BaconUps 110 Battlegrounds.png
TOT 332.png
GIL 190.png
CS3 035.png
TOT 102.png
BT 341.png
LOOT 538.png
AV 340.png
BRM 031.png
DRG 026.png
ONY 007.png
BGS 041 Battlegrounds.png
TB BaconUps 109 Battlegrounds.png
ONY 005.png
DRG 090.png
SCH 711.png
UNG 848.png
TB BaconUps 106 Battlegrounds.png
BGS 036 Battlegrounds.png
DRG 099t2t.png
ICC 838.png
DRG 213.png
DRG 209.png
EX1 561.png
CS3 031.png
DRG 089.png
DAL 609.png
EX1 563.png
CS3 034.png
BRM 030.png
BT 481.png
EX1 560.png
EX1 562.png
CS3 032.png
LOOT 137.png
EX1 572.png
CS3 033.png
DRG 320.png
NEW1 030.png
CS3 036.png
OG 317.png
GIL 128.png
DAL 581.png

Dragon art[]

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PVPDR SCH Active44.png
DRG 099t4.png
DRG 099t1.png
DRG 099t3.png
BG23 318 Battlegrounds.png
DRG 099t2.png
ONY 034t.png
DRG 106.png
YOD 023.png
ONY 034.png
TRL 321.png
PVPDR Darius T6.png
SCH 233.png
DRG 028.png
DREAM 04.png
SW 108.png
ONY 023.png
DRG 057.png
DRG 248.png
DRG 323.png
SW 052t2.png
EX1 025t.png
EX1 182.png
LOOT 353.png
DRG 233.png
SW 108t.png
ONY 025.png
DRG 024.png
DRG 224t.png
DRG 215.png
GIL 816.png
ONY 016.png
ONY 016t.png
ONY 016t2.png
ONY 013.png
DRG 318.png
DRG 006.png
DRG 070.png
TRL 362.png
BT 262.png
DRG 238p2.png
DRG 238p.png
DRG 238p5.png
ONY 014.png
DRG 205.png
KAR 062.png
SW 112.png
PVPDR Reno T2.png
PVPDR Reno T3.png
DRG 049.png
ONY 032.png
DRG 062.png
DRG 249.png
DRG 307.png
CFM 617.png
YOD 015.png
LOOT 209.png
DRG 235.png
DRG 250.png
ONY 017.png
LOOT 364.png
DRG 081.png
ONY 030.png
TRL 326.png
LOOT 187.png
TB BaconUps 105 Battlegrounds.png
ONY 003.png
DREAM 02.png
LOOT 093.png
DRG 063.png
DRG 500.png
UNG 948.png
DRG 203.png
GIL 518.png
DRG 058.png
ONY 006.png
DRG 238ht.png
BRM 003.png
LOOT 172.png
Menagerie Magician (Battlegrounds, golden).png
KAR 702.png
DRG 069.png
DRG 246.png
SCH 162.png
DRG 033.png
DRG 322.png
TB BaconUps 154 Battlegrounds.png
SCH 709.png
SCH 709t.png
BOT 066t.png
ONY 021.png
ONY 031.png
LOOT 540.png
ONY 029.png