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Secret agent, coming through!

Dragon Priest is a midrange priest deck that utilizes powerful Dragon synergies.

While the first Dragon-related cards were released in Blackrock Mountain, including the priest-specific Blackrock MountainTwilight Whelp, it was the release of The Grand Tournament which caused Dragon Priest to explode in popularity, as The Grand TournamentWyrmrest Agent and The Grand TournamentTwilight Guardian filled in gaps in the curve. The deck slowly declined in popularity with later expansions until Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, when Dragon Priest experienced a sudden revival with the release of the powerful Mean Streets of GadgetzanDrakonid Operative. This new card, along with One Night in KarazhanNetherspite Historian in the previous One Night in Karazhan adventure, made Dragon Priest one of the most dominant decks in the Gadgetzan meta. Dragon Priest made a return in the Year of the Mammoth meta after Kobolds and Catacombs added new Dragon synergy cards.

Common cards[]

Core cards[]

These are some of the core cards currently seen in Dragon Priest.

Northshire Cleric
Power Word: Shield
Shadow Word: Pain
Shadow Visions
Shadow Word: Death
Twilight Acolyte
Twilight Drake

Optional cards[]

These are other cards often run in Dragon Priest.

Circle of Healing
Inner Fire
Argent Squire
Potion of Madness
Mistress of Mixtures
Fire Fly
Divine Spirit
Faerie Dragon
Spirit Lash
Shadow Ascendant
Golakka Crawler
Crazed Alchemist
Bloodmage Thalnos
Acolyte of Pain
Tar Creeper
Curious Glimmerroot
Priest of the Feast
Tortollan Shellraiser
Defender of Argus
Shadow Madness
Holy Nova
Cobalt Scalebane
Lyra the Sunshard
Elise the Trailblazer
Book Wyrm
Bone Drake
The Black Knight
Psychic Scream
Primordial Drake
The Lich King
Shadowreaper Anduin
Plague of Death

Wild format[]

Wild icon.pngThis section concerns content exclusive to Wild format.
Twilight Whelp
Netherspite Historian
Radiant Elemental
Blackwing Technician
Brann Bronzebeard
Kabal Talonpriest
Velen's Chosen
Twilight Guardian
Azure Drake
Blackwing Corruptor
Drakonid Operative
Dragonfire Potion
Psychic Scream