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Dr. Boom is a goblin from WoW first appeared in Hearthstone in Goblins vs Gnomes set. Since his first appearance in Goblins vs. Gnomes, Dr. Boom seems to have established a secret laboratory in the Netherstorm, where he works on The Boomsday Project. Dr. Boom's efforts at Boom Labs is explored through videos, blog posts, and comics. Following the events of The Boomsday Project, Boom further goes on to become a member of the League of E.V.I.L. . now known as Blastmaster Boom.


From Wowpedia:[]

Dr. Boom is the former protégé of Lead Sapper Blastfizzle at Area 52. Previously known as Sparky Uberthruster, he refused to wear his protective nether helmet and over time became irradiated. He became known as Dr. Boom. He set up his camp northeast of Area 52 with a majority of the goblins' sapping equipment and has terrorized Area 52 ever since.

Boomsday Project[]

Dr. Boom has secretly established a secret laboratory in Netherstorm. In his laboratory, Dr. Boom has made The Boomsday ProjectZilliax as his Dr. Boom's personal bodyguard[1] which it constantly rebooted for his rebellions against Boom.


Reporting Mech Unit: G4LV-NZR

::G4LV-NZR enthusiastic greeting::

What are you doing in my office, kid? Shouldn’t you be off doing my bidding somewhere? I got important stuff to do.

::G4LV-NZR query::

Comics are important. It’s research!

::G4LV-NZR insistent query::

Fine, fine. If you don’t complete your directive, you’ll never get outta my hair. I’ll explain it. Again.

The Boomsday Project has been my dream for as long as I can remember. A few months, give or take.

And Boom Labs is a place where the finest minds in “science” can gather in fellowship, share knowledge, and irresponsibly carry out improbably destructive experiments that’ll bring the world to its knees!

And I’m tellin’ ya, it’s going GREAT. A day doesn’t go by when something doesn’t explode, or mutate, or tear a hole in the space time continuum. If my career to date, and my doctorate in explosions, have taught me one thing, it’s that stuff blowin’ up is how you know you’re makin’ real progress.

::G4LV-NZR query::

That stack o’ papers on my desk? That’s a paper weight. Those’re new requests from my employees, holdin’ down old requests from my employees. It keeps everything nice and neat.

I call my management style “lazy fair.” I’m lazy, and I ignore everybody who works for me fairly.

Great minds need freedom to do their own thing. So I can do my own thing.

::G4LV-NZR perky query::

I got my own projects, sure! I built most of you mechs, for one thing. Plus, I been workin’ on this giant mechanized battle suit in my spare time. Oh, and the best part is that I hooked all the weapons systems up to the same big, red button so I didn’t have to waste time buildin’ a whole control panel. That’s efficiency!

Check it out!



::klaxons wailing::

::G4LV-NZR panicked wailing::

::magnetic clunk::

::The Boomsday ProjectZilliax/G4LV-NZR “Dr. Boom. Your flawed organic behavior is an obstacle to unity

and perfection. I must relieve you of command for the sake of all.”::

::Automated Female Goblin Voice: “Warnin’. Warnin’. Mechs have developed self-awareness and are rebellin’. Again.”::

Zilliax, Zilliax, Zilliax. You’re programmed to be my bodyguard. How many times this week have you developed self-awareness and betrayed me?

::Automated Female Goblin Voice: “It has been *4* days since the last sentient Mech uprisin’.”::

It was a rhetorical question! Sic ‘em, E.M.P. Agents!



::a chicken clucking::

Almost got me this time, eh buddy! Bet you thought this was just an office, huh? Ha ha ha ha ha! NOPE! BOOMSHIP, AWAY!

See ya, suckers! . . . Tomorrow mornin’—noon sharp! Bring donuts!

I LOVE this job!


He is apparently responsible for the creation of The Boomsday ProjectMecha'thun[2] and for rebuilding LegacyLord Jaraxxus into Hero SkinsMecha-Jaraxxus.He also provided some "unhelpful advice" to The Boomsday ProjectSubject 9 while she was receiving robotic body parts[3], and was supposedly involved in the creation of The WitchwoodExperiment 3C.

Lowering the Boom[]

Dr. Boom creates a clone of himself with the help of Zerek. for doing his job for him.

Beside Himself[]

After seeing Dr. Boom's lover, his clone betrayed him and took over the lab.

Your Own Worst Enemy[]

Dr. Boom tries to fight his clone but fails. He then orders his clone to self destruct himself which he does. Dr. Boom's lover denies him but she says that she is working for someone else now for conquest of Azeroth, presumably Rafaam.

Rise of Shadows[]

Formation of League of E.V.I.L.[]

Dr. Boom joined Rafaam and become a member of the League of E.V.I.L.. With the rest of League of E.V.I.L., Dr. Boom, now known as Blastmaster Boom, attacked Dalaran following the lead of Rafaam.

Heist of Dalaran[]

Dr. Boom suggested strapping rockets to the city, so that they could fly it around wherever they want. He later wired up his rockets through the Underbelly and defeated his former protege The Boomsday ProjectBoommaster Flark, who was trying to blow up the entire city.

Galakrond's Awakening[]

Boom captured Reno Jackson using a grappling claw and carried him away to Dalaran. However, he was defeated by Brann Bronzebeard shortly afterwards, being the first founding League of E.V.I.L. member to be defeated. It's unclear if he survived or not.



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