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This page lists cards with card art depicting dinosaurs.

For general beasts, see Beast art.


A LegacyDevilsaur in World of Warcraft

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Dinosaurs or simply dinos, are large, powerful reptiles who come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. They are mainly found in tropical areas, such as the Un'Goro Crater in southern Kalimdor, the Sholazar Basin in Northrend, or on the islands of the South Seas such as Zandalar and the Isle of Giants.
Trolls commonly tame and ride dinosaurs. A common rite of passage among the Zandalar tribe is to travel to one of the violent, beast-ruled islands near the capital to steal or subdue a wild creature. The lesser troll races have their own, humbler versions of this tradition, but the mastery of ravasaurs or raptors is nothing compared to the power required to call upon a LegacyDevilsaur or direhorn.
The term "dinomancer" applies to individuals who either tame dinosaurs, whether by normal means or magically as well as those who transform into dinosaurs.


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UNG 920t2.png
TRL 505.png
UNG 834t1.png
UNG 076t1.png
UNG 914.png
UNG 914t1.png
BAR 031.png
CS2 172.png
UNG 915.png
TRL 254t.png
UNG 009.png
UNG 083.png
UNG 109.png
LOE 050.png
UNG 001.png
LOE 019.png
UNG 075.png
TRL 343at2.png
TRL 343et1.png
TRL 343ct2.png
TRL 343dt2.png
TRL 343bt2.png
BGS 031 Battlegrounds.png
TB BaconUps 084 Battlegrounds.png
UNG 089.png
UNG 962.png
UNG 047.png
UNG 101t3.png
UNG 101t2.png
UNG 101t.png
UNG 810.png
UNG 116t.png
EX1 tk29.png
TRL 347t.png
UNG 083t1.png
UNG 957.png
UNG 954t1.png
TRL 232t.png
UNG 920t1.png
BOT 573.png
UNG 100.png
UNG 925.png
TRL 232.png
UNG 010.png
UNG 919.png
UNG 002.png
UNG 099.png
LOE 073.png
EX1 543.png
ULD 156t3.png
UNG 933.png
TRL 542.png
UNG 852.png
UNG 806.png

Dinosaur art[]

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UNG 999t8.png
UNG 999t7.png
UNG 999t5.png
UNG 999t2.png
UNG 999t6.png
UNG 999t13.png
UNG 999t4.png
UNG 999t10.png
UNG 999t14.png
UNG 961.png
UNG 923.png
TRL 223.png
UNG 916.png
UNG 954.png
UNG 920.png
UNG 926.png
UNG 922.png
TOT 105.png
UNG 910.png
TRL 240.png
ONY 012.png
WC 021.png
TRL 343at1.png
PVPDR Brann T2.png
UNG 060.png
TRL 343ct1.png
TRL 343dt1.png
TRL 343bt1.png
TRL 405.png
UNG 101b.png
TRL 254a.png
TRL 254.png
PRO 001c.png
TRL 244.png
UNG 101a.png
TRL 254b.png
BAR 840.png
TRL 347.png
UNG 834.png
UNG 927.png
BOT 448.png
AT 088.png
UNG 952.png
TRL 255.png
ULD 156.png
TRL 241.png
BOT 537t.png