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Tavern Brawl game mode.

Decorating Stormwind.png

"It's time to prepare Stormwind for the party! The city starts undecorated, but send your minions in to dress it up! How ready can YOU get Stormwind?"

Decorating Stormwind is a Tavern Brawl. It made its debut on March 22, 2017. A direct follow-up to Storming Stormwind, this Brawl uses almost exactly the same mechanics as its predecessor, however the main purpose now is decorating the city, not besieging it.

This Brawl was part of a three-part series of special Tavern Brawls which celebrated the start of the Year of the Mammoth.


Tavern Brawl Start End Notes
93 March 22, 2017 March 27, 2017 Journey to Un'Goro pack reward


This Brawl revolves around decorating Stormwind for the upcoming celebration of Year of the Mammoth. It sees players competing with constructed decks of any class against the computer-controlled hero City of Stormwind.

The objective of this Brawl is to inflict at least 30 damage upon the enemy hero before the player's Health is reduced to zero. When the player takes fatal damage, the Brawl ends in victory for the player if at least 30 damage was dealt to the enemy hero, and defeat otherwise. The player can also end the Brawl in victory by dealing 100 damage to the enemy hero. At the end of the Brawl, a scoreboard appears showing the total amount of decorations (damage) inflicted upon the enemy hero and the number of revelers (enemy minions) destroyed.

The City of Stormwind starts the game with the Party Armory weapon equipped, and from turn 2 onward the weapon's Attack is increased by 1 at the start of each turn. If it is destroyed, the weapon will replace itself at the end of the City's turn; the replacement weapon will have its Attack reset to 0, but will gain in Attack more rapidly until it catches up to the value it would have had that turn if it had not been destroyed. Armory is never used by the enemy hero to attack, but grants its Attack value in stats to Swordsman and Shieldsman, leading to ever more powerful minions being summoned as the match progresses. The City of Stormwind's Hero Power Party Barracks is auto-cast, meaning it is used at the start of any turn where the hero has at least 2 mana, immediately after Party Armory gains Attack.


City of Stormwind(31160).png
Decorated Stormwind(52622).png
Partytown Stormwind(52624).png
Party Capital(52625).png

Hero Power[]

Party Barracks(52626).png

Special cards[]

Ornery Partygoer(52630).png
Happy Partygoer(52628).png
Party Banner(52629).png
Party Armory(52627).png


Class Card Quantity
Neutral Target Dummy 2
Armor Plating 1
Emergency Coolant 1
Finicky Cloakfield 1
Rusty Horn 1
Mind Control Tech 1
Stormwind Knight 1
Stormwind Champion 1
Mage Arcane Missiles 2
Mirror Image 1
Flamecannon 1
Frostbolt 1
Duplicate 2
Mirror Entity 2
Cone of Cold 1
Fireball 1
Priest Silence 1
Mind Vision 1
Convert 1
Resurrect 1
Lightbomb 1
Paladin Blessing of Might 1
Blessing of Kings 1
Hammer of Wrath 1
Blessed Champion 1
Enter the Coliseum 1
Warrior Commanding Shout 1
Execute 1
Rampage 1
Warlock Dark Bargain 1
Boss Party Banner 6


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The City Deck.png

A good strategy is to become the city and use a deck similar to the one shown on the right.

  • Recommended class: Paladin.
  • Use low cost silences on Ornery Partygoer and Party Banner.
  • Required card: Sideshow Spelleater, which makes your hero power the enemy hero power. The effect is permanent and works even though you aren't the city.
  • It's mostly luck after that, but use your buff cards to give you an advantage over the city's minions.

Another good strategy is to leave the Happy Partygoer minions until they fill the board and kill all other minions as they are played. Once the board is full, the adversary will have very few choices available. A good class for this is the mage as spells bypass the Taunts, there is good crowd control, and the mage can damage the enemy hero with Fireblast and spells. This tactic requires few minions, which are usually best with Taunt or Spell Damage.

Totem Shaman is a cheap way to get an outright win. The deck contains everything needed for silencing or transforming, everything that buffs all through Inspire, and some early game survival. The goal is to have 3-4 buffers and just use buffed up totems and removals to kill revelers. Adding Faceless can make it easier to set up buffing team.