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Each player’s card deck centers around a hero representing one of nine iconic Warcraft classes. With the coming of game formats, the number of decks increased to a total of 18.[1]


Decks consist of 30 cards (minimum and maximum), and two maximum copies of any card, or one copy for Legendary cards.

These decks are customized with a set of minions, spells, and/or weapons based on individual strategy and available cards.

To further develop their decks, players will be able to acquire cards by crafting them and by winning or purchasing new card packs. With hundreds of unique cards to choose from, the potential card combinations and possible strategies are endless!

Customizing Edit

The card back collection has been moved to the Collection Manager. Selecting a card back will give a closer look at it and allow it to be set as a favorite, making it the default card back for all decks.

If a player wants to assign a different card back to one of their decks, they can open the desired deck, select the card back tab in Collection Manager, then drag the card back into the waiting card back slot.

Patch changes Edit

  • IconHearthstone (Patch access to 9 additional deck slots by unlocking all nine Hearthstone Heroes, bringing your total number of deck slots to 18.

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Curse of NaxxramasBlackrock MountainThe League of ExplorersOne Night in KarazhanThe Dalaran Heist

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Goblins vs GnomesThe Grand TournamentWhispers of the Old GodsMean Streets of GadgetzanJourney to Un'GoroKnights of the Frozen ThroneKobolds & CatacombsThe WitchwoodThe Boomsday ProjectRastakhan's RumbleRise of Shadows

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Paladin / Uther / Liadrin / ArthasPriest / Anduin / TyrandeRogue / Valeera / Maiev
Shaman / Thrall / MorglWarlock / Gul'dan / NemsyWarrior / Garrosh / Magni
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