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Deathrattle Priest, also known as Quest Priest is a Priest deck type. It is a variant of Control Priest that relies Deathrattle minions and deathrattle synergies. The deck features many high value Deathrattle minions, along with tech choices in the form of healing or card draw to help survive into the late game. In the late game, Deathrattle Priest intends to play either Hakkar, the Soulflayer, to outlast the opponent or play Princess Talanji after shuffling minions with Spirit of the Dead to instantly gain an overwhelming board.

Deathrattle Priest runs the Journey to Un'Goro Priest Quest, Awaken the Makers, it also runs cards that can generate extra copies of the quest reward, Amara, Warden of Hope, such as Zola the Gorgon and Seance.

In wild, this deck gains a lot more power due to the Old God, N'Zoth, the Corruptor resurrecting all the deathrattle minions at once, creating big deathrattle minions such as Obsidian Statue.

Common cards[]

The following cards are usually in the deck.

Core cards[]

The following cards are played in most or all versions of the deck;

Northshire Cleric(600).png
Power Word- Shield(431).png
Dead Ringer(89819).png
Shadow Word- Pain(315).png
Shadow Visions(55463).png
Shadow Word- Death(547).png
Mirage Caller(55492).png
Twilight's Call(76959).png
Zola the Gorgon(76880).png
Tortollan Shellraiser(55446).png
Eternal Servitude(61835).png
Carnivorous Cube(73325).png
Mass Hysteria(90253).png
Lesser Diamond Spellstone(76954).png
Shadowreaper Anduin(62889).png
Obsidian Statue(62870).png

Optional cards[]

The following cards are played more than occasionally, but not always:

Circle of Healing(38).png
Awaken the Makers(52588).png
Crystalline Oracle(55461).png
Spirit of the Dead(90168).png
Volatile Elemental(55550).png
Plated Beetle(76995).png
Wild Pyromancer(25).png
Bloodmage Thalnos(525).png
Harvest Golem(386).png
Stonehill Defender(55529).png
Curious Glimmerroot(55486).png
Gilded Gargoyle(77005).png
Auchenai Soulpriest(656).png
Spiritsinger Umbra(55522).png
Holy Nova(671).png
Elise the Trailblazer(55451).png
Skulking Geist(62883).png
Cairne Bloodhoof(498).png
Zerek, Master Cloner(89863).png
Archbishop Benedictus(62856).png
Princess Talanji(90209).png
The Lich King(62922).png
Zerek's Cloning Gallery(89840).png

Wild cards[]

Wild icon.pngThis section concerns content exclusive to Wild format.

Wild cards that fit well into this deck type:

Mistress of Mixtures(49646).png
Potion of Madness(49630).png
Zombie Chow(683).png
Dirty Rat(49673).png
Unstable Ghoul(7757).png
Kabal Courier(49621).png
Kabal Talonpriest(49620).png
Dark Cultist(7735).png
Greater Healing Potion(49755).png
Infested Tauren(33128).png
Piloted Shredder(12191).png
Shifting Shade(35186).png
Excavated Evil(27242).png
Onyx Bishop(42058).png
Raza the Chained(49702).png
Sludge Belcher(7749).png
Dragonfire Potion(49648).png
Herald Volazj(33127).png
Reno Jackson(27228).png
Sylvanas Windrunner(33).png
Dr. Boom(12182).png
N'Zoth, the Corruptor(33134).png