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"Pancakes are like murlocs on the shore, one is fine, but more than that and you're in a for a bad time." - Daxxarri[1]

Daxxarri (real name Nik Gianozakos), is a Blizzard employee and Community Manager for Hearthstone, focusing on the Americas region. He began posting on the Hearthstone forums on June 2nd 2014, and officially transferred to the Hearthstone Community Team on June 27th 2014.[2] Along with Zeriyah, Daxxarri is responsible for writing the official Hearthstone blogs.[3]

Daxxarri previously served as Community Manager on the World of Warcraft official forums.


  • Daxxarri has "dabbled in" a range of CCGs, including Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh and The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. However, he describes himself as "a much more dedicated Hearthstone player" than he was with any of the games he played in the past.[4]



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