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Siphon Soul(573).png
Siphon Soul(573) Gold.png
Primary parameters
Parameter Value Variable
dbfId 1100 dbfId
id EX1_309 id
name Siphon Soul name
Enum parameters
Parameter Value Variable
setsets EXPERT1 set
multiclassGroupmulticlass multiclass
classescardClassclass Warlock class
type Spell type
racespellSchoolsubtype Shadow subtype
spellSchool spellSchool
rarity Rare rarity
Integer parameters
Parameter Value Variable
cost 5 cost
attack attack
healthdurabilityhp hp
durability durability
armor armor
collectible collectible
elite elite
Text parameters
Parameter Value Variable
Destroy a minion. Restore 3 Health to your hero.
You probably should avoid siphoning your own soul. You might create some kind of weird infinite loop.
artist artist
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Battlegrounds parameters
Parameter Value Variable
techLeveltier tier
battlegroundsHero battlegroundsHero
battlegroundsNormalDbfId battlegroundsNormalDbfId
battlegroundsPremiumDbfId battlegroundsPremiumDbfId
battlegroundsSkinParentId battlegroundsSkinParentId
Manual parameters
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Parameter Value Variable
Siphon Soul(573) image
has_gold True has_gold
Siphon Soul(573) Gold gold_image
has_diamond has_diamond
has_bg has_bg
abilities abilities
costs_gold costs_gold
link /cards/573-siphon-soul link
shows_playhsautodefined true shows_playhs
original_ver original_ver
core_ver Siphon Soul(475009) core_ver
classic_ver Siphon Soul(464926) classic_ver
heroichp heroichp
heroicarmor heroicarmor