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Savagery(148).png Savagery(148) Gold.png
Imported from API
Parameter Value Variable
dbfId 481 dbfId
id EX1_578 id
name Savagery name
classclassescardClass Druid class
multiclassmulticlassGroup multiclass
Deal damage equal to your hero's Attack to a minion.
It is true that some druids are savage, but others still enjoy a quiet moment and a spot of tea.
cost 1 cost
attack attack
healthhpdurability hp
armor armor
rarity Rare rarity
setsets EXPERT1 set
type Spell type
racesubtype subtype
spellSchool spellSchool
battlegroundsHero battlegroundsHero
techLeveltier tier
battlegroundsNormalDbfId battlegroundsNormalDbfId
battlegroundsPremiumDbfId battlegroundsPremiumDbfId
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Manual parameters
Parameter Value Variable
image Savagery(148) image
has_gold True - gold_image Savagery(148) Gold gold_image
has_diamond has_diamond
abilities abilities
costs_gold costs_gold
link /cards/148-savagery link
shows_playhs true shows_playhs
original_ver original_ver
core_ver core_ver
classic_ver Savagery(465012) classic_ver
heroichp heroichp
heroicarmor heroicarmor