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Choosing a Class Challenge

Curse of Naxxramas features nine class-specific Class Challenges, with each offering a new and more difficult twist on the adventure's encounters, tailored to that class.

Class Challenges use predetermined decks, which are not directly revealed to the player at any point. Class Challenge decks feature 30 cards in total, but like Arena decks are not subject to the 2-copies-per-card limit found in constructed play.

Completing each Class Challenge will reward the player with two copies of a new class-specific card for that class. Each Class Challenge features the related card, as well as often including other cards from Curse of Naxxramas, some of which, at the time of the Challenge's release, were not yet available for players to collect.

Class Challenge decks usually have specific themes, and often serve to specifically demonstrate how the related card can be used to great effect, such as by including several other cards with which the card has good synergy. This synergy often extends to the hero powers and cards used by the Challenge's boss.

Class Challenges do not have Heroic mode versions.

Class Challenges are not immediately available, but must be unlocked through completing the corresponding wing of the adventure.


Class Boss Reward Wing
Druid NaxxramasGrand Widow Faerlina NaxxramasPoison Seeds Arachnid Quarter
Hunter Loatheb NaxxramasWebspinner Plague Quarter
Mage NaxxramasHeigan the Unclean NaxxramasDuplicate Plague Quarter
Paladin Kel'Thuzad NaxxramasAvenge Frostwyrm Lair
Priest Thaddius NaxxramasDark Cultist Construct Quarter
Rogue Maexxna NaxxramasAnub'ar Ambusher Arachnid Quarter
Shaman NaxxramasGothik the Harvester NaxxramasReincarnate Military Quarter
Warlock NaxxramasBaron Rivendare NaxxramasVoidcaller Military Quarter
Warrior NaxxramasGrobbulus NaxxramasDeath's Bite Construct Quarter

Druid (Grand Widow Faerlina)[]

Class Card Quantity
Druid LegacyInnervate 2
LegacyClaw 2
LegacyNaturalize 1
LegacyMark of the Wild 2
LegacyPower of the Wild 2
LegacyMark of Nature 2
LegacyKeeper of the Grove 1
NaxxramasPoison Seeds 2
LegacySwipe 2
Neutral NaxxramasEchoing Ooze 2
NaxxramasHaunted Creeper 2
NaxxramasNerubian Egg 2
NaxxramasStoneskin Gargoyle 5
LegacyDefender of Argus 2
LegacyHogger 1

The druid Class Challenge sees the player battling NaxxramasGrand Widow Faerlina in order to obtain NaxxramasPoison Seeds.

The deck features NaxxramasNerubian Egg, and provides several means of ensuring the minion's destruction, triggering its Deathrattle. LegacyDefender of Argus, LegacyMark of the Wild and LegacyMark of Nature can be used to grant the Egg Taunt, forcing the opponent to remove it; while NaxxramasPoison Seeds (as well as LegacyNaturalize) offer means of directly destroying it.

Aside from Nerubian Egg synergy, the deck is notable for featuring large amounts of Taunt (including LegacyHogger), a decent amount of removal (including NaxxramasPoison Seeds) and NaxxramasStoneskin Gargoyle x 5.

Rogue (Maexxna)[]

Class Card Quantity
Rogue LegacyShadowstep 1
LegacyDefias Ringleader 1
LegacySI:7 Agent 1
NaxxramasAnub'ar Ambusher 2
Neutral LegacyElven Archer 2
LegacyVoodoo Doctor 1
NaxxramasEchoing Ooze 5
LegacyMurloc Tidehunter 1
LegacyNovice Engineer 1
LegacySunfury Protector 1
LegacyYouthful Brewmaster 1
LegacyEarthen Ring Farseer 1
LegacyMind Control Tech 1
LegacyRazorfen Hunter 1
LegacyTinkmaster Overspark 1
LegacyDefender of Argus 1
LegacyGnomish Inventor 1
LegacyBig Game Hunter 1
NaxxramasLoatheb 1
LegacyStampeding Kodo 2
LegacyFrost Elemental 1
LegacyPriestess of Elune 1
LegacyAlexstrasza 1

The rogue Class Challenge sees the player battling Maexxna in order to obtain NaxxramasAnub'ar Ambusher.

The Anub'ar Ambusher's return effect sets the tone for the deck, with almost every minion in the deck featuring a Battlecry or Combo effect. This matches the boss Maexxna perfectly, whose hero power returns minions to the player's hand.

The deck also features several minions whose Battlecries summon additional minions, such as NaxxramasEchoing Ooze, LegacyMurloc Tidehunter and LegacyRazorfen Hunter, allowing the rogue to keep something on the board even if the original minion is returned to their hand.

Other notable cards include LegacyAlexstrasza, and the NaxxramasLoatheb minion, otherwise unavailable to players at the time of this Class Challenge's release.

Hunter (Loatheb)[]

Class Card Quantity
Hunter NaxxramasWebspinner 30

The hunter Class Challenge sees the player battling Loatheb in order to obtain NaxxramasWebspinner.

The deck is composed only of Webspinners. However, through the Webspinner's Deathrattle the player may obtain any collectible Beast in the game. The Challenge deck's composition is therefore heavily dependent on RNG.

Mage (Heigan the Unclean)[]

Class Card Quantity
Mage LegacyCounterspell 1
NaxxramasDuplicate 2
LegacyIce Barrier 1
LegacyIce Block 1
LegacyKirin Tor Mage 2
LegacyMirror Entity 1
LegacySpellbender 1
LegacyVaporize 1
LegacyEthereal Arcanist 2
Neutral LegacySecretkeeper 2
NaxxramasUndertaker 2
LegacyBloodmage Thalnos 1
LegacyLoot Hoarder 2
NaxxramasMad Scientist 4
NaxxramasNerubian Egg 2
NaxxramasBaron Rivendare 1
NaxxramasSludge Belcher 2
LegacyCairne Bloodhoof 1
LegacySylvanas Windrunner 1

The mage Class Challenge sees the player battling NaxxramasHeigan the Unclean in order to obtain NaxxramasDuplicate.

This deck is a heavy deathrattle and secret deck, which allows for great synergy with LegacyEthereal Arcanist or the NaxxramasUndertaker.

At the time of its release, the deck was notable for including NaxxramasMad Scientist, a card that was not yet available for players to obtain.

Shaman (Gothik the Harvester)[]

Class Card Quantity
Shaman NaxxramasReincarnate 2
LegacyRockbiter Weapon 2
LegacyFlametongue Totem 3
LegacyLightning Storm 2
LegacyHex 2
LegacyEarth Elemental 2
Neutral NaxxramasHaunted Creeper 3
NaxxramasNerubian Egg 4
LegacyShattered Sun Cleric 2
LegacyTinkmaster Overspark 1
LegacyCult Master 1
LegacyDefender of Argus 2
NaxxramasFeugen 1
NaxxramasStalagg 1
LegacyCairne Bloodhoof 1
LegacySylvanas Windrunner 1

The shaman Class Challenge sees the player battling NaxxramasGothik the Harvester in order to obtain NaxxramasReincarnate.

Players might employ a variety of tactics to use Gothik's strengths against him. LegacyRockbiter Weapon and LegacyFlametongue Totem enable the Spectral ghosts to suicide against Unstable Ghouls, Abominations, and Spectral Knights. At the same time, Nerubian Eggs, Haunted Creepers, and LegacyCairne Bloodhoof clog your side so that additional Spectrals cannot be added.

Other notable cards include NaxxramasFeugen and NaxxramasStalagg, otherwise unavailable to players at the time of this Class Challenge's release.

Warlock (The Four Horsemen)[]

Class Card Quantity
Warlock LegacySacrificial Pact 1
LegacySoulfire 1
LegacyVoidwalker 2
LegacyDemonfire 2
LegacyDrain Life 2
LegacyFelguard 2
LegacySense Demons 2
LegacyShadow Bolt 1
NaxxramasVoidcaller 6
LegacyBane of Doom 1
LegacyDoomguard 2
LegacyDread Infernal 2
LegacyLord Jaraxxus 1
Neutral NaxxramasUnstable Ghoul 2
LegacyImp Master 2
LegacyXavius 1

The warlock Class Challenge sees the player battling NaxxramasBaron Rivendare in order to obtain NaxxramasVoidcaller.

Success may hinge on a lucky 'NaxxramasVoidcaller chain', where the Baron exhausts most of his early game removal to destroy Voidcaller after Voidcaller in one turn. If this can be accomplished, then the player might also be able to summon a timely LegacyFelguard for the opposing team to suicide against. This is the best case scenario, since neither LegacyRedemption nor NaxxramasAvenge will trigger on the Baron's turn.

Once the Baron's remaining health is less than equal to the power of your taunts, his Runeblade is near-useless. He may only resume his attacks when the taunts are cleared, or one of the two Drain Lifes in his deck is drawn.

Also, when all seems lost and you draw LegacyLord Jaraxxus it makes for swift game change.

Warrior (Grobbulus)[]

Class Card Quantity
Warrior LegacyWhirlwind 2
LegacyArmorsmith 2
LegacyBattle Rage 2
LegacyCleave 1
LegacyExecute 1
LegacyRampage 1
LegacyFiery War Axe 2
LegacyFrothing Berserker 2
NaxxramasDeath's Bite 2
LegacyBrawl 1
LegacyGrommash Hellscream 1
Neutral LegacyAmani Berserker 2
NaxxramasUnstable Ghoul 2
LegacyAcolyte of Pain 2
LegacyRaging Worgen 2
LegacyTauren Warrior 2
NaxxramasFeugen 1
LegacySpiteful Smith 1
NaxxramasStalagg 1

The warrior Class Challenge sees the player battling NaxxramasGrobbulus in order to obtain NaxxramasDeath's Bite.

Priest (Thaddius)[]

Class Card Quantity
Priest LegacyPower Word: Shield 2
LegacyInner Fire 2
LegacyDivine Spirit 2
NaxxramasDark Cultist 2
LegacyShadow Madness 2
LegacyAuchenai Soulpriest 2
LegacyLightspawn 2
LegacyMindgames 2
LegacyTemple Enforcer 2
LegacyCabal Shadow Priest 2
LegacyProphet Velen 1
Neutral NaxxramasZombie Chow 2
LegacyCrazed Alchemist 2
NaxxramasNerubian Egg 2
NaxxramasDeathlord 2
NaxxramasMaexxna 1

The priest Class Challenge sees the player battling Thaddius in order to obtain NaxxramasDark Cultist.

Divine Spirit can be used to create a very large Lightspawn (or a different minion when combined with Inner Fire). Inner Fire alone combines well with Deathlord or Maexxna to give an 8/8 minion.

Paladin (Kel'Thuzad)[]

Class Card Quantity
Paladin NaxxramasAvenge 5
LegacyBlessing of Wisdom 2
LegacyAldor Peacekeeper 2
LegacyDivine Favor 2
LegacySword of Justice 2
LegacyBlessing of Kings 4
LegacyConsecration 1
LegacyGuardian of Kings 1
Neutral NaxxramasEchoing Ooze 7
LegacyScarlet Crusader 2
LegacyShattered Sun Cleric 1
LegacyDefender of Argus 1

The paladin Class Challenge sees the player battling Kel'Thuzad in order to obtain NaxxramasAvenge.

The paladin deck presents great opportunity for reproducing buffs, thanks to NaxxramasEchoing Ooze. LegacyBlessing of Kings, LegacySword of Justice, and LegacyBlessing of Wisdom are the major buffs, and can be easily reproduced by comboing them with an Ooze. Kel'Thuzad's two-phase behaviour makes it worth establishing a strong board before removing his last point of Armor. His behaviour is generally very similar to that of his regular encounter (normal mode).


The Hunter Class Challenge was created by balance designer Mike Donais.[1]