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Credits cards are non-playable cards that depict prominent members of the Hearthstone development team.

These cards are not found in play, but are displayed in random order during the game's credits, accessed through the Options button from the game's main menu. There are currently 44 credits cards, depicting the members of Team 5.

The credits screen allows the viewer to choose between the 2015 and 2014 listings, with each presenting its own set of credits cards. The most recent listing is represented below, followed by credits cards now removed. For full credits card selections from earlier years, see in-game.


Becca Abel(3018).png
Dean Ayala(3024).png
Jon Bankard(11130).png
Jay Baxter(1771).png
Brian Birmingham(3020).png
Andy Brock(1775).png
Ben Brode(1768).png
Bryan Chang(3021).png
Jason Chayes(1762).png
Ryan Chew(3039).png
Elizabeth Cho(3025).png
Cameron Chrisman(3022).png
Jeremy Cranford(3031).png
Hamilton Chu(1776).png
Rachelle Davis(1772).png
Eric Dodds(1761).png
Mike Donais(3036).png
Tim Erskine(11129).png
Bob Fitch(1763).png
Robin Fredericksen(3038).png
Steven Gabriel(1764).png
Kyle Harrison(1765).png
Henry Ho(3027).png
Beomki Hong(3019).png
Jomaro Kindred(3033).png
Walter Kong(11131).png
Keith Landes(11133).png
Jonas Laster(11132).png
Max Ma(3043).png
Jason MacAllister(3029).png
Jerry Mascho(3032).png
Ryan Masterson(3040).png
Max McCall(3035).png
JC Park(3030).png
Eric Del Priore(3026).png
Ricardo Robaina(3037).png
Derek Sakamoto(1766).png
Michael Schweitzer(1770).png
Ben Thompson(1769).png
He-Rim Woo(3028).png
Yong Woo(1774).png
Christopher Yim(3023).png
Seyil Yoon(3041).png
Alec Dawson(54515).png
Brian Farr(45403).png
Brian Doyle(54524).png
Brett Dixon(54516).png
Brad Crusco(45413).png
Alex Tsang(45438).png
Aaron Gutierrez(45433).png
Bree Lawlor(54502).png
Chris Abramian(54508).png
Chris Allsopp(54522).png
Tim Erskine(11129).png
Walter Ferrell(54630).png
YoungWook Yang(54556).png
Chris Belcher(45423).png
Cat Morgan(54518).png
Chadd Nervig(54501).png
Dan Emmons(45400).png
Camille Sanford(45406).png
Charlène Le Scanff(45415).png
Christian Scharling(45401).png
Derek Dupras(45434).png
Drew Korfe(45428).png
Dave Kosak(45409).png
David Pendergrast(45427).png
Dan Priestly(54631).png
Davide Spicuglia(54523).png
Evan Polekoff(45417).png
Giovanni Scarpati(54511).png
Jordan Albert(54510).png
Hadidjah Chamberlin(45408).png
Isaac James(54513).png
Haneul Lee(54525).png
Jerry Cheng(45404).png
Jason DeFord(45420).png
Jeffrey Shyy(54505).png
Josh Durica(45437).png
Josh Harris(54632).png
Jason Shattuck(45412).png
James Yen(54512).png
Keaton Gill(54634).png
Kevin Matthews(54507).png
Kris Zierhut(45402).png
Laurent Bourcier(54503).png
Liv Breeden(45418).png
Lorenzo Minaca(45431).png
Mark Agustin(54521).png
Michael Altuna(45414).png
Martin Brochu(45416).png
Melissa Corning(54514).png
Matthew Grubb(45432).png
Minshik Kim(54504).png
Monique Ory(45424).png
Mason Phillips(54633).png
Nicholas Kinney(45430).png
Pat Nagle(45439).png
Paul Nguyen(54519).png
Peter Whalen(45422).png
Stephen Chang(54509).png
Steve Shimizu(45426).png
Steve Walker(45429).png
Xifang Zhang(54520).png

Former credits cards[]

The following cards no longer feature in the current credits screen display, but were featured in the year indicated.


Rob Pardo(1777).png
Brian Schwab(1773).png

Patch changes[]