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Cravitz Lorent
53783 • DALA_BOSS_12h
DALA BOSS 12h.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
DALA BOSS 12h Premium1.png
Dimensions: Full330 x 410px
Set:Rise of ShadowsRise of Shadows
Health:30 Health
Artist:Unknown artist
Your battle with this romance novelist won't have a happy ending.
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This content is only for Solo Adventures.
The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.
It is a part of limited content and does not appear in any other game modes.

The subject of this article is only available in Solo Adventures.

Cravitz Lorent is a boss that can be encountered in Chapter 4 of The Dalaran Heist adventure.

Hero Power[]

Normal Heroic
Forbidden Love
Forbidden Love


The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Total cards Normal Heroic
Class Possible cards Class Possible cards
25 Warlock Whispers of the Old GodsForbidden Ritual Warlock Kobolds & CatacombsKobold Librarian
Kobolds & CatacombsKobold Librarian The Grand TournamentDreadsteed
Whispers of the Old GodsPossessed Villager Rise of ShadowsEager Underling
Blackrock MountainImp Gang Boss LegacyHellfire
Rise of ShadowsImpferno Goblins vs GnomesImp-losion
Mean Streets of GadgetzanCrystalweaver NaxxramasVoidcaller
The Grand TournamentDreadsteed Rise of ShadowsFel Lord Betrug
LegacyHellfire Kobolds & CatacombsVoidlord
Goblins vs GnomesImp-losion Neutral Mean Streets of GadgetzanMistress of Mixtures
Goblins vs GnomesMal'Ganis NaxxramasNerubian Egg
Rise of ShadowsJumbo Imp Journey to Un'GoroDevilsaur Egg
Neutral NaxxramasZombie Chow Goblins vs GnomesPiloted Shredder
NaxxramasHaunted Creeper Journey to Un'GoroSpiritsinger Umbra
Whispers of the Old GodsSpawn of N'Zoth Kobolds & CatacombsCarnivorous Cube
The WitchwoodVoodoo Doll NaxxramasSludge Belcher
Journey to Un'GoroSpiritsinger Umbra LegacyCairne Bloodhoof
Kobolds & CatacombsCarnivorous Cube The Grand TournamentKodorider
NaxxramasFeugen Goblins vs GnomesPiloted Sky Golem
NaxxramasStalagg LegacySylvanas Windrunner
LegacySylvanas Windrunner Rastakhan's RumbleDa Undatakah
Rise of ShadowsTunnel Blaster Goblins vs GnomesSneed's Old Shredder
Whispers of the Old GodsN'Zoth, the Corruptor


Because of his Hero Power, your best strategy is to place as many minions on the board as possible. Through luck, you may gain the upper hand and thus rendering his hero power useless.


Before match

Blastmaster Boom
It's Cravitz Lorent! He's written 37 steamy romance novels – not that I have a collection.


Cravitz Lorent
Welcome. Here to peruse my steamy collection?
vs. Rakanishu
Cravitz Lorent
Welcome. Here to peruse my steamy collection?
I'll make it smokey instead!
vs. Rise of ShadowsMr. Chu
Cravitz Lorent
Ahh, a regular makes his return.
Mr. Chu
I have... read all these before.
vs. Rise of ShadowsGeorge the Fallen
Cravitz Lorent
Welcome. Here to peruse my steamy collection?
George the Fallen
Oh? Tales of love do warm my heart so...

Emote Response

Cravitz Lorent
You could learn a thing or two about conversation from these books.

Hero Power

Cravitz Lorent
Destroys two minions
Ahhh, I love a happy ending.
And off... into the sunset...
I dare not spoil the ending to this couple's journey.
It brings a tear to my eye.
Destroys one minion
A tale of unrequited love...
All alone in this world... how sad...
But will they ever find love? Buy the next volume to find out!


Cravitz Lorent
Well if you're not here to mug me, I suppose I'll give you a sample.
As Nahhi glided up, the grizzled warrior gave her a hard stare. "I suppose you're here to collect the reward for killing those murlocs?"
Her eyes wandered down to the glowing broadsword at his side. "That depends on what the reward is, Marcus."
She twirled her hair playfully, pretending not to notice how he shifted uncomfortably in her presence. "I may not want it."
Marcus stepped toward her, bristling with a mixture of fear and anger. “The reward is non negotiable!”
That's just a teaser. You'll have to read the rest for yourself!

Boss cards

Cravitz Lorent
Kobolds & CatacombsKobold Librarian
This little one makes my heart melt...
Ah, the cleansing fire of love.

Player's cards

Cravitz Lorent
One Night in KarazhanBabbling Book
Your books talk to you? I'm glad mine don't.
The WitchwoodBook of Specters
Oh no no, I don't do horror well.
Whispers of the Old GodsCabalist's Tome
A book of spells? How dull.
One Night in KarazhanBook Wyrm
See? Even Dragons love to read my books!


Cravitz Lorent


Cravitz Lorent
Alas, the end to your tale is bittersweet.


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Cravitz Lorent can be found in the Underbelly of Dalaran.



Cravitz Lorent, full art

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