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Cornelius Roame
Set:United in StormwindUnited in Stormwind
Cost:6 Mana icon.png
Attack:4 Attack icon.png
Health:5 Health
Abilities:Draw cards
Wiki tags:Triggered effect
Artist:Rafael Zanchetin
At the start and end  of each player's turn, draw a card.
Flavor text

Raised two perfectly normal daughters. Then one died and brought doom to Stormwind.

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Cornelius Roame is a legendary neutral minion card, from the United in Stormwind set.

How to get[]

Cornelius Roame can be obtained by:

  • Opening card packs
    United in Stormwind
    Golden Standard
  • Crafting regular version for 1600 dustdust
  • Crafting golden version for 3200 dustdust
  • Completing an Arena or Heroic Duels run
  • Completing Climbing the Ranks achievements (Regular only)
    AchievementPin GameModes1.pngRanked - PNG logo.pngGame Modes - Ranked - Climbing the RanksReach Legend in Ranked (any format).50 Achievement Point.png, Random Recent Expansion Legendary Card,Legend Card Back


  • Cornelius Roame draws a card for the controlling player at the start and end of each turn. This includes the enemy player's turn. The end result is the controlling player gaining a minimum of 2 cards once Cornelius is played: One for the end of their turn, and one for the start of the enemy's turn.


This minion provides very strong card-draw for all classes on-top of a decently statted body. For more aggressive decks, Cornelius acts as a Soft taunt, providing an enormous amount of value if not dealt with immediately. For more slow decks, one should be mindful of hand size so as not to burn any cards if the opponent leaves Cornelius up.

Fittingly, Cornelius goes well in decks that utilize his daughters: Cariel Roame for Control/Hand Buff Paladin, and Tamsin Roame for Empty Deck or Quest Warlock. Paladins can struggle with having efficient card-draw, particularly for Handbuff Paladin which needs to have several minions in hand to function, which Cornelius can alleviate. Once the hand has plenty of minions, Cariel can be used in tandem with Prismatic Jewel Kit or Highlord Fordragon for a large hand buff. For Warlocks who wish to empty their deck quickly to activate Neeru Fireblade or finish off the enemy with the The Demon Seed, Cornelius helps to thin the deck without the usual health-sacrificing downsides of Warlock card-draw, while Tamsin creates cheap spells to help keep the board clear.




Cornelius Roame is unique to Hearthstone. He is the father of Cariel Roame and Tamsin Roame.


Cornelius Roame, full art

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