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Commander Bolan
Set:Rise of ShadowsRise of Shadows
Health:40 Health
Artist:Michael Komarck
Flavor text

Be careful, he's got an enormous exclamation point over his head.

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Rise of Shadows logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
Rise of Shadows's The Dalaran Heist.

Commander Bolan is a boss that can be encountered in Chapter 5 of The Dalaran Heist adventure.

Hero Power[]

Normal Heroic
A Quest!(91473).png


Commander Bolan has no deck and will instead summon minions from turn to turn like Tad.


  • When Nozdormu the Timeless is played, multiple events can be triggered on the next turn. Upon completion of any event, the reward choice is given and the battle ends. No additional rewards are given.


Each turn, Commander Bolan places troops on the battlefield. The player has to kill them to win.

Killing Humongous Razorleaf during the Plants Event is not necessary.

Murloc event[]

Turn 1 - Murloc Raider and Bluegill Warrior

Turn 2 - two Grimscale Oracle

Turn 3 - two Murloc Warleader

Turn 4 - Megafin

Gnoll event[]

Turn 1 - Gnoll

Turn 2 - Shaky Zipgunner

Turn 3 - Tanglefur Mystic

Turn 4 - Hogger with 10 Health

Bear event[]

Turn 1 - Ironfur Grizzly

Turn 2 - Bearshark

Turn 3 - Amani War Bear

Turtle Event[]

At the start of this event, a 2/20 Oasis Snapjaw with Taunt will be summoned on the player's board. The goal is to protect it for five turns by fending off enemy minions. Because the Oasis Snapjaw has Taunt, it cannot be hidden behind other Taunt minions, unless silenced. Do not allow the enemies to pile on or else they will overwhelm and destroy the turtle easily.

Turn 1 - Enchanted Raven and Golakka Crawler

Turn 2 - Mounted Raptor and River Crocolisk

Turn 3 - Bearshark and Bloodfen Raptor

Turn 4 - Giant Anaconda and Hyena

Plants Event[]

Turn 1 - Razorpetal Lasher

Turn 2 - Two Razorpetal Lashers

Turn 3 - Humongous Razorleaf

Turn 4 - Two The Voraxxes

Turn 6 - The Voraxx




Commander Bolan
Uh, sentient flame creature! We could use all the help we can get! (vs. Rakanishu (hero))
Noble sethrak shaman, lend me your aid! (vs. Vessina)
Are we allied with the gnolls these days? No matter. Come! (vs. Ol' Barkeye)
Mmm, wise arakkoa. We could use your guidance! (vs. Kriziki)
Excuse me, miss cosplaying vulpera. We could use your help! (vs. Captain Eudora)
Ah! You! Brave pandaren warrior! Assist me! (vs. Mr. Chu)
Ahhh, young druid of the... rat! I require your assistance. (vs. Squeamlish)
A Tol'Vir? Here? Perhaps you could help! (vs. Tekahn)
Ah, good champion of the Light, Dalaran needs you! (vs. George the Fallen)

Emote Response

Commander Bolan
We can exchange stories after your quest is done.


Commander Bolan
Dalaran has a lot of problems, big and small. I'll take all the help I can get.
I'd do this all myself but I'm more of the delegating type.
I'm so lucky I found an adventurer like you wandering about!

Player ends the first turn

Commander Bolan
The city is never short on problems. Thanks for helping out!
There's a bunch of thieves running around. We need to prepare.

Choosing a reward

Commander Bolan
Thanks for helping out! Why don't choose a reward?
The city really splurged on these rewards! Pick your favorite.


Commander Bolan


Commander Bolan
Questing's a dangerous business. Any other takers?

Murloc Event[]

Turn 1

Commander Bolan
Murlocs have overrun the sewers! That's a no swim zone.

Killing a first murloc

Commander Bolan
This explains the fishy smell. I just figured you didn't bathe.

Killing Megafin

Commander Bolan
Thanks for taking care of that. Here's your rewards.

Gnoll Event[]

Turn 1

Commander Bolan
Hogger has made his way to Dalaran! He's a wanted gnoll!

Summon Hogger

Commander Bolan
Take out his little... Gnollings! They're protecting him!

Killing Hogger

Commander Bolan
Fine work for an adventurer.

Bear Event[]

Turn 1

Commander Bolan
The alchemists could use some bear livers. See what you can do.

Killing Ironfur Grizzly

Commander Bolan
That's it! Just a few more to go.

Killing Amani War Bear

Commander Bolan
Turns out there weren't any livers in them. Curious...

Turtle Event[]

Turn 1

Commander Bolan
Try to escort this turtle. Should take about, 5 turns.

Turn 2

Commander Bolan
Careful now! If he gets eaten it's all over!

Oasis Snapjaw is killed

Commander Bolan
Poor little one. The cycle of life can be so cruel.

Killing Giant Anaconda and Hyena

Commander Bolan
A turtle has made it to the water! Fantastic work!

Plants Event[]

Turn 1

Commander Bolan
The herbalists could use your aid picking some delicate flowers.

Turn 4

Commander Bolan
They'd make for a beautiful bouquet. Just watch your fingers.

Killing last The Voraxx

Commander Bolan
Not everyone is brave enough to be an Herbalist like you.


If you manage to complete his quest, you will get a choice between 3 cards listed below.

The Box(91047).png
Banana Split(91081).png
Dagwik Stickytoe(91089).png
Elistra the Immortal(91071).png
Golden Candle(91058).png
The Muscle(91051).png
Soulreaper's Scythe(91072).png
Sow the Seeds(91084).png
Annoy-o Horn(91075).png



Commander Bolan, full art

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