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Browsing the collection, in the Standard format mode

My collection

Accessing the collection from the main menu.

The collection manager, also known as the collection, is where a player can go to view their collection of cards, construct and modify custom decks, and craft and disenchant cards. It is accessed from the main menu screen by clicking on the My Collection button, found at the bottom-centre of the screen.


My Collection (Wild format)

The collection in the Wild format mode

My Collection (Twist format)

The collection in the Twist format mode

Players can use the collection manager to view all cards in their collection. Individual cards can be inspected in more detail by right-clicking them, showing their flavor text, card set, artist and other information. Cards can be filtered by set and game format, through the button in the bottom-left corner; by mana cost, through the numbered icons along the bottom of the screen; and by class, through the tabs at the top of the screen. A search field at the bottom-centre allows for more detailed filtering based on various properties. At the bottom-right of the screen the player's supply of Arcane Dust is displayed. The 'Back' button returns the player to the previous screen.

By default the collection is set to show only cards usable in Standard format, as set by the filter in the bottom-left corner. If the player sets the filter to "Wild Cards" or a set which is part of Wild format, or edits a deck that is currently set to Wild format, the collection will switch to Wild format mode, with various changes in the interface to remind the player of the selected format. Additonally, setting the filter to "Twist Cards" or editing a Twist format deck will switch the collection to Twist format mode. The Twist format filter will only display cards from card sets that are currently playable in Twist, as well as excluding any potential cards due to the current season's rulesets.

Occasionally, another filter may be available, called "New Cards". This section usually highlights newly released mini-set cards, or cards that received buffs.

Newly acquired cards which have not yet been viewed and moused over, are highlighted in blue, and are indicated in each class tab with a number.


In the Collection Manager, cards are separated into up to 12 different tabs: one for each class, and one for neutral cards. Multi-class cards are found in the sections for their corresponding classes. A multi-class card will only appear in the collection if viewed without editing a deck, or editing a deck that can use said multi-class card. The tabs of the ten classes are organized alphabetically in English, with the neutral tab being last. In other languages, the order of the tabs stay the same. When no cards from a tab are valid for the current query, the tab will not appear, but the order of the other tabs will stay the same.

The cards in each tab are then organized by mana-cost. Cards without a mana-cost will be treated as 0-mana. Additional qualities of a card (golden, diamond, signature) will appear immediately after the non-premium version of the card. Cards with the same mana-cost are then organized alphabetically in the language of the game client if the game client uses an alphabetical language. If the game client does not use an alphabetical language, cards will be organized by their Unicode values.

Related cards[]

Collection - One related card

Viewing a card with one related card

Collection - Related cards

Viewing a card with multiple related cards

The related cards of a card can be viewed by inspecting the parent card. If a card has only one related card, it will be presented fully on the left side of the card. If a card instead has multiple related cards, they will be presented in a list on the left, where individual cards can be hovered over to inspect them.

The list of related cards will only list up to 6 related cards for a single card. If a card has more than 6, for example Festival of LegendsSymphony of Sins, none will be presented.

Uncollectible generated cards as well as choice cards can be presented in the related cards section. Cards that simply reference another card, such as Murder at Castle NathriaPromotion which mentions Silver Hand Recruits in its card text, won't display the card as a related card.


Collection - card sets

This interface allows the player to filter their collection by game format or card set.

Collection search field

The collection search field allows players to refine their card searches even more.

A text search field at the bottom of the collection manager screen allows players to filter their collection, in further conjunction with the collection's "game format", "card set", "class", and "mana cost" filter interfaces.

The text search function searches for cards that feature the exact text string entered, with an additional feature of utilizing keywords (see below) for the query.

The text search function searches not only through card titles, but also through card texts, classes, types, subtypes, rarities, and card set titles. Any card which includes the exact search text in any of these locations will be listed in the search results. For example searching for "weapon" will return all weapon cards, as well as all cards which include "weapon" in their title or text. Also of interesting note, a search string will also match a run-on phrase that stitches together the card title and card text. For example, searching for "the chained bat" will bring up Mean Streets of GadgetzanRaza the Chained, and searching for "hunter spell" will bring up Descent of DragonsSquallhunter.

This means the text search function searches for text within the following tag locations:

  • Card title (whole or partial)
  • Card class (mage, druid, Jade Lotus, etc)
  • Card type (minion, spell, weapon, hero)
  • Card subtype (Beast, Murloc, Pirate, etc for minions, Fire, Frost, Arcane, etc for spells)
  • Card rarity (free, common, rare, epic, legendary)
  • Card set (Naxxramas, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, etc)
  • Card text (whole or partial, including abilities such as Taunt or Charge)

The entire search text must be an exact quote within one of these locations for the card to be returned. Also, the exact quote does not have to consist of whole words. However, when searching for text in locations different from card title or card text, the search text must be a whole word. For example, searching for "beas" will not return all Beast minions. Furthermore, all searches are non-case-sensitive.

  • Searching for "rare" or "chicken" will bring up LegacyAngry Chicken, but searching for "rare chicken" will return nothing.
  • Searching for "mech" or "thermaplugg" will bring up Goblins vs GnomesMekgineer Thermaplugg, but "mech thermaplugg" will return nothing.
  • Searching for "freeze character" will not return any results, but "freeze any character" or "freeze a character" will return Goblins vs GnomesSnowchugger and LegacyIce Lance, respectively.
  • Searching for "k k" or "k knight" will return LegacyThe Black Knight and The Grand TournamentClockwork Knight, even though the search query did not entirely contain whole words.
  • Searching for "gnomes" will return all cards from the Goblins vs Gnomes set, but searching for "gnome" or "nome" will only return cards with the word / letter-sequence "gnome" or "nome" in their titles or card texts.
  • Searching for the word "the" will result in all cards from The Grand Tournament, The League of Explorers, and Whispers of the Old Gods (since these card set names contain the word "the" in them), in addition to all cards which have the word "the" in their titles or card texts.

It is possible to search across multiple locations or search the same location multiple times by using the has: keyword (see below). For example, searching for "rare has:chicken" will bring up LegacyAngry Chicken, and searching for "freeze has:character" or "character has:freeze" will return Goblins vs GnomesSnowchugger and LegacyIce Lance.

Once search text is entered, reselecting the search field will cause the previous search text to become highlighted, causing further typing to overwrite it entirely. However, it is possible to edit previous search text through certain workarounds:

  • Use an arrow key to enter 'edit-mode' and display the text caret (NB: This does not work on all platforms, such as Mac)
  • Copy the text and then immediately paste it back in, allowing you to then modify it at will
  • Right-click the text


In addition to providing basic text searches, the search function incorporates the use of various special keywords.[1]

Keywords are distinct from regular search text in that they apply special rules to the search, limiting results to cards matching their specific requirements. For example, 'golden' will return all golden cards in the player's collection, but will not return regular The League of ExplorersElise Starseeker, whose card text includes the word 'golden' (although it will return a golden Elise Starseeker, if collected). This is because 'golden' is a keyword, and overrides the default behaviour of the search function. However, searching for "has:golden" will restore the default behavior. Any syntax corresponding to other keywords will be utilized as additional queries to the search and will be quietly omitted from being used in the basic text comparison search described above.

  • Searching for "mekgineer attack:9 health:7 thermaplugg" will successfully return Mekgineer Thermaplugg. However, searching for "thermaplugg attack:9 health:7 mekgineer" will not.
  • Searching for "deck attack:5 has no duplicates" will bring up Saviors of UldumElise the Enlightened, Mean Streets of GadgetzanInkmaster Solia and Mean Streets of GadgetzanRaza the Chained if they are owned, or if in Crafting mode.
  • Searching for "tree missing of life" will bring up Goblins vs GnomesTree of Life, if the card is missing from the collection.
  • Searching for "extra arm" will bring up The Boomsday ProjectExtra Arms only if there are extra copies of it, as well as cards which you have extra copies of and have "arm" somewhere in their card title or text, such as LegacyArmorsmith or LegacyShield Slam.

You can combine multiple keywords and regular text for focused searches.

  • For example "attack:3-5 mana:2-4 deathrattle" will list any cards that have between 3 and 5 Attack, cost between 2 and 4 mana, and have the word "deathrattle" somewhere in their text or title.

If two search requirements contradict each other, the search will fail. This includes external filters.

  • For example "mana:2 mana:3" will return no cards, as will "mana:2" if entered while the visual mana cost filter is set to 1. However, the same search requirement can be stated multiple times without causing any problems.

The following keywords relate to the player's collection.

Query Syntax Notes
New new Lists only newly acquired cards (those not yet moused over).
Golden golden Lists only golden cards.
Diamond diamond Lists only diamond cards.
Signature signature Lists only signature cards.
Extra extra Lists cards that you have more than two copies of, and legendaries you have more than one copy of.
  • This includes golden and non-golden copies combined.
Missing missing Lists only cards that you have fewer than two copies of, and legendaries that you have no copies of.
  • Searching for simply "missing" will automatically switch you to Crafting Mode. Searching for "missing" with any other search terms will switch you to the regular interface.
  • Golden cards are not considered separately from their non-golden counterparts. If the total number of owned cards reaches the most you can play in a deck then "missing" will return no result. eg: if you have one non-golden copy of Webspinner and one golden copy then a search for "missing" will not include Webspinner.
Refund refund Lists cards that are eligible for a full dust refund.

The following keywords can be combined with numerical or text values to limit results. Numerical values can be passed as single numbers or ranges.

  • For example, "attack:1" will show only cards with 1 Attack. "mana:4-" will show only cards with a mana cost of 4 or less, and "health:7-9" will only find minions that have between 7 and 9 Health. "owned:3" will only show cards that you own precisely 3 copies of.
  • "artist" allows you to search within the name of the artists responsible for creating the art for each card. For example "artist:blizz" will not return LegacyBlizzard but will return LegacyMana Wyrm and LegacyLightwell, whose credited artists are "Blizzard Cinematics" and "Blizzard Entertainment".

Keywords which require following values will only be considered keywords if a following value is provided. For example, "attack" will return a number of cards including LegacyIce Barrier and LegacyAbusive Sergeant, while "owned" will not return any cards, no matter the size of your collection.

Query Syntax
Attack attack:<value>, attack:<value>-, attack:<value>+, attack:<value1>-<value2>
Health health:<value>, health:<value>-, health:<value>+, health:<value1>-<value2>
Mana mana:<value>, mana:<value>-, mana:<value>+, mana:<value1>-<value2>, mana:even, mana:odd
Rarity rarity:<value> [free, common, rare, epic, legendary]
Type type:<value> [minion, spell, weapon, hero, location]
Spell school school:<value> [arcane, fel, fire, frost, holy, nature, shadow]
Owned owned:<value>, owned:<value>-, owned:<value>+, owned:<value1>-<value2>
Has has:<value> (same as default text searching)
Artist artist:<name>
Main article: Rune

Death Knight cards in the collection can be filtered by a particular Rune by searching for “runes:---” where the “-”s are replaced by “b” “f” or “u”. For example, the search “runes:bb” would return all double-Blood cards, and the search “runes:u” would return all single-Unholy cards.[2]

  • Alternatively, Runes can be searched for as a number. For example, the search “Unholy:1” would return all single Unholy cards. You can also add a range. For example, the search “Frost:1-2" would return all single and double Frost cards.[2]
  • Frost is a special case because it is a Rune and a spell school. To differentiate, you can search for “school:frost” to return all Frost spell school cards without also getting all the Frost Rune cards. You can also search “school:none” to find spells that don’t have any Spell School.[2]

Various shorthand keywords exist for certain card sets. As noted previously, any whole words from the title of a card set will non-exclusively return all cards from that set, as well as any other matching cards. However, since this fits the rules for standard searching, only specific keywords are listed below.

As previously mentioned, these keywords return all cards from the specified set, but they also return cards from other sets that match the string.

  • For example, if you search for "rr" you'll see all Rastakhan's Rumble cards, but you'll also see the basic card LegacyMirror Image.
Query Syntax
Naxxramas nax, naxx
Goblins vs Gnomes gvg
Blackrock Mountain brm
The Grand Tournament tgt
The League of Explorers loe
Whispers of the Old Gods tog, wog, wotog
Mean Streets of Gadgetzan msg, msog
Journey to Un'Goro
Knights of the Frozen Throne
Kobolds & Catacombs kc, kac, knc
The Witchwood ww
The Boomsday Project bp, tbp, bdp, tbdp, bd
Rastakhan's Rumble rr
Rise of Shadows ros
Saviors of Uldum sou
Descent of Dragons dd, dod
Demon Hunter Initiate dhi
Ashes of Outland ao, aoo, ashes
Scholomance Academy sa, scholo
Darkmoon Faire dmf
Forged in the Barrens fb, bar, fitb
Legacy lgcy
United in Stormwind sw, uis
Fractured in Alterac Valley av, fiav, fav
Voyage to the Sunken City tsc, vttsc, vtsc, sc
Murder at Castle Nathria mcn, cn, rev
March of the Lich King mlk
Path of Arthas pa
Festival of Legends fol


Main article: Deck
Collection - building a deck

Building a deck

Each deck is normally composed of 30 cards (with occasional exceptions), and is tied to a specific class. For basic information and deck building restrictions, see Deck. Each deck occupies a 'deck slot', with the number of deck slots limiting how many decks the player can possess in the in-game client. There are 27 deck slots available in the game,[3] but a player can store more decks in offhand text files using deck strings.

When first starting the game, the player has access to a single deck slot, for the Mage class, featuring a ready-made deck composed of Core cards. Each time the player defeats another class, they will gain access to a deck slot for that class, featuring a matching basic deck. These decks can be edited, but are reserved for that specific class. Once the player has unlocked all 11 classes, they will additionally gain access to another 18 decks slots, for a total of 27. In addition, the original 9 slots will lose their class restrictions, allowing them to be deleted and replaced with decks for any class.

Along the right of the screen is a list of the player's current decks. Players can click on a deck to display that deck's contents, or the New Deck button to start a new one (see below). Clicking on the red cross to the top-right of deck will allow you to delete that deck. Standard format decks are listed first, with Wild format decks below. Creating a new deck or changing a deck's format will add it to the bottom of the list for its format.

Once a deck is selected, its contents will be displayed in a list on the right-hand side of the screen. Players can click on a card in their collection to add a copy of it to that deck, or click on a card in the current list to remove one copy of it. Players can also drag cards into or out of the current deck list. Since each deck has a specific class, only cards appropriate to that class will be displayed while editing a deck - the other class tabs will be temporarily removed.

If the deck has less than 30 cards in it, the "Complete My Deck" button will be present. If clicked, the rest of the deck will be finished using the player's cards to make a competitive deck based on internal Blizzard data.[4][5]

Additionally, the "Deck Helper" button is present when hovering over the player's hero. If clicked, the innkeeper will suggest a type of card to add to the deck, along with 3 cards to choose from. For information on the suggestion process, see below.

Mousing over the current deck's icon will display a graph of the mana curve of the deck's cards and a reminder of that hero's Hero Power, as well as a "Convert to Wild/Standard" button, allowing the player to change the deck's current game format. All decks are by default named "Custom <class>", or the title of the corresponding Deck Recipe if one is used, but can be renamed by clicking on the deck's title.

Once you're finished, click Done to close that deck. If your deck does not contain 30 cards, the system will offer to complete it for you, using the same system as the Deck Helper. If you leave your deck with fewer than 30 cards, it will not be usable for play, and will have a large red cross placed across it in deck selection screens. Your deck may also contain up to 50 cards during deck-building, but you must trim it down to 30 cards before you can start playing with it.[6]

Players can assign a specific card back and class-appropriate hero to each custom deck, through the Card Backs and Heroes tabs (see below).

Making a new deck[]

Create Deck Death Knight patch

Choosing a class for a new deck in Standard format

See also: Deck Recipe

If the player has an empty deck slot, they can click the "New deck" button to create a new deck.

Once the player has chosen a class, the player is given the choice of starting with a blank deck, or using one of three Deck Recipes available for that class. Beneath each Recipe is stated the number of those cards which the player has in their collection, allowing them to estimate at a glance their ability to use that Recipe. If the player owns less than 25 of the 30 cards in a Recipe, the tab for that Recipe will be faded out, but the player can still choose to use it if they wish. Clicking a Deck Recipe previews the deck list in the right hand pane, along with the deck's description in the bottom pane. Recipe cards which are missing from the player's collection are shown in blue.

Whichever option is chosen, the deck is then created, and the player is taken back to their collection.

If "Custom Deck" was chosen, the decklist is blank; the player is able to add cards as usual. If a Deck Recipe was chosen, the player will find a new deck filled with all the cards from the Recipe that they own. Golden copies of cards will be included instead of regular copies wherever possible. Any missing cards are still highlighted in the deck list in blue, and right-clicking will bring up the crafting interface for that card. Left-clicking a missing card will open the card replacement window.

Deck Recipes screenshot druid

Choosing a Deck Recipe

The card replacement window provides two alternatives that the player already owns to replace the missing card. The alternatives are chosen randomly from a selection of viable replacements, and do not always represent the best options in the player's deck. By repeatedly starting and cancelling the card replacement process, the player can cycle through a range of possible alternatives, giving them a better idea of which cards they may want to use. This can be easily achieved through repeatedly clicking the missing card. As with the completed portion of the Recipe, golden copies of cards are presented wherever possible. Cards can also be replaced by clicking the "Replace Cards" button at the top of the deck list, which will progress through all missing cards in the same way.

Players can choose to bypass the replacement interface by directly removing missing cards from the deck or replacing them manually, achieved by dragging the missing cards out of the deck list, or dragging cards from the collection 'onto' the missing cards, respectively. Once all missing cards have been substituted or removed, the Deck Recipe process is complete, and the Replace Cards button is replaced by the usual "Deck Helper" button.

If the player tries to finish editing the deck without replacing or crafting the missing cards, they are given the usual option of allowing the computer to finish the deck automatically.

Deck order[]

Deck rearranging Blizz example

Rearranging mode

The collection manager automatically lists decks from newest to oldest.

In Patch, manual deck reordering was implemented in the game client. You can hold the select button on a deck to enter rearranging mode. Decks will visibly shake while this mode is active, and the deck you are currently selecting can be freely moved around. Deck rearranging will not work until all nine starting heroes (excluding Demon Hunter and Death Knight) are unlocked.

Prior to the introduction of manual deck ordering, there was a workaround that relied on then-current functionality, which automatically placed standard decks before wild decks and sorted each set of decks in order of creation. Post-17.2, that workaround no longer works, since standard decks are not automatically placed before wild decks; of course, it is no longer needed now that users can reorder decks manually.

With Patch 18.2, newly created decks are now put at the top of My Decks in the collection manager instead of at the bottom.


The game provides suggestions for cards to add to a deck through replacing cards missing from a Deck Recipe; through suggesting cards to fill an incomplete deck; and by completing the player's deck automatically.

Suggestions are intentionally randomised from a pool of several possible cards. This allows for repeated checks to provide different suggestions, rather than fixed options. Opening the suggestion window several times will usually serve to illustrate the pool of possible cards, giving the player a wider range of suggestions.

Suggestions match the class and game format of the current deck. For example, creating a Standard format rogue deck may suggest LegacyPreparation or LegacyNovice Engineer, but will not suggest Goblins vs GnomesDr. Boom or LegacyFrostbolt.

Missing cards[]

Deck Recipes screenshot druid2

Replacing missing cards

The suggestions provided for replacing cards missing from Deck Recipes are based around the card's type, mana cost and possibly function, in addition to the estimated value of each available card "in a vacuum". The values for each card are based on performance in Arena play, where deck construction is less organised and tends to feature less specific synergies, with some tweaking by the developers. The suggestions are therefore likely to be more useful in a "general deck" than in a deck with a specific strategy.[7]

Deck Helper[]

Collection - Deck Helper

Getting some helpful advice from the innkeeper

The Deck Helper, or the Smart Deck Builder, works by assessing the player's deck and suggesting a type of card to add to the deck, along with 3 cards that roughly fit the described role in the deck.

In contrast to when replacing a missing card, cards suggested by the Deck Helper are not attempting to replace specific cards, and because of this do take into account various details of the current deck, including its mana curve and the number of cards of various types included in the deck, such as spells, cheap minions, and expensive minions. Beyond this, it bases suggestions on the same values used when replacing missing cards.[7]

The player can choose to complete their deck automatically, by clicking 'Done' and then 'Yes'; the Deck Helper will then choose all missing cards through the usual process. These will be swiftly added to the deck without displaying alternate options.

Official blog posts announcing improvements to the Smart Deck Builder:

Crafting mode[]

Crafting mode

Crafting mode

At the bottom of the screen is the Crafting button. While in crafting mode the Crafting button is highlighted in blue, while a jiggling Arcane Dust icon next to the button indicates that the player has spare cards to disenchant. Players can exit crafting mode by clicking the Crafting button, or the Done button in the bottom-right corner. Crafting mode allows players to craft new cards.

Clicking the Crafting button the screen will switch the collection into a list of all craftable cards. Cards which are not currently owned are faded out, with any the player is able to craft (has enough dust) highlighted in blue.

Any card can be clicked with either button to view it in detail, bringing up the crafting interface. By default only craftable non-premium cards are shown. However, the right-hand pane provides additonal filters for displaying owned and missing normal/premium cards, and whether uncraftable cards should be displayed or not.

Clicking on a card brings up the crafting interface, displaying the currently selected card's crafting if the player has enough dust, and disenchanting values if the player owns the card. Players can click on either the Craft or Disenchant buttons to perform the desired action (although Arcane Dust is required to craft cards).

Each deck can only feature 2 of each card (1 of each legendary), making duplicates above this limit of no use. If the player has any such spare or duplicate cards, the Mass Disenchant button will be present, allowing the player to automatically disenchant all spare cards with a single click, converting them into useful Arcane Dust.

For more information on crafting and disenchanting, see Crafting.

Searching "extra" can find duplicates for disenchanting and gaining dust.

Card backs[]

Collection - Card Backs

The Card Backs tab

Main article: Card back

The Card Backs tab allows players to assign a specific card back to each of their custom decks. Players can also set a card back as their favourite, making it the default card back for any decks for which a particular card back has not been specified. Each card back also comes with its own flavor text.


Collection - Heroes

The Heroes tab

Main article: Hero skin

The Heroes tab catalogs all heroes currently usable by the player, complete with flavor text and unlock requirements. Designed for use with alternate heroes, the tab allows the player to choose which hero they would like to represent each class when they play. Players can assign a specific hero to each custom deck, overriding the default selection if necessary.

The player must first select which class's skins they would like to view, then all skins of that class can be viewed in the same catalog.

Clicking a hero in the Collection will produce a special soundbite, also heard when selecting the hero at the start of an Arena run. A list of these can be found at Arena#Quotes.


Collection - Coins

The Coins tab

Main article: CoreThe Coin

The Coins tab catalogs all coins currently usable by the player, complete with flavor text and unlock requirements. These cosmetic coins replace the regular look of The Coin whenever the player goes second during a match, as well as when they generate a normal coin during a game.

Most coins are available either through achievements for collecting cards in specific sets, or through Rewards Tracks.


Additional deck slots[]

One of the most requested features from the community since launch has been additional deck slots. From the start of public access with the summer 2013 beta until spring 2016, players had access to only 9 deck slots on each account, a number many felt was too low.

In August 2014, in response to ongoing requests for more slots, Yong Woo stated that the developers were "not sure [the current 9 slot limit] is enough, but we currently feel it is," and that "maybe there is something we can do in the future."[8] However, the developers stated that for the time being they preferred for players to delete old decks in order to create new ones, rather than providing an unlimited number of deck slots.[8] This was a design consideration, to do with how people approach the process of deck creation, and based largely on the understanding that only a small proportion of players actively use more than 9 different decks, with most other players using far fewer decks, but liking to keep currently unused decks to hand, something the developers preferred to discourage.[8]

In June 2015 Ben Brode stated that additional deck slots were not a technical problem,[9] and that the issue was more that "we have a lot of ways to do them and we want to pick the best way. Some of this is affected by future plans."[10] In July 2015, Ben Brode confirmed that the devs were working on the feature, "discussing the best ways" to implement additional deck slots.[11] However, in response to claims that "98.7% of the playerbase" want more deck slots,[12] Brode posted statistics showing that only 33% of active players currently had 9 decks, with 18% having 7-8, and 49% only having 1-6 decks.[13]

In February 2016, game formats were announced for later that year, bringing with them 9 additional deck slots, for a total of 18 deck slots. These were implemented in March of that year with Patch

In March 2021, Patch 20.0.077662 added another 9 deck slots, increasing the limit to 27 deck slots.


  • When switching the language of the Hearthstone client, deck names are the only text strings not to change to the selected language, since they are potentially user-created. This includes default deck names ("Custom <class>", or the name of the Deck Recipe used).



Patch changes[]

  • MoLK LogoPatch (2022-11-29):
    • Typing a spell school name, such as fire, can now list cards with that spell school.
      • Alternatively, options to categorise specifically by spell schools were also added, such as "school:fire"
    • The term "rune" can now be used to find cards with specific rune counts.
  • Fractured in Alterac Valley - logoPatch (2022-01-25):
    • The Collection Manager “missing” search term will now work for non-card cosmetics. This will also work for Mercenaries, Battlegrounds Heroes, and Battlegrounds Bartenders.
    • Fixed a bug that blocked players from using the term search function in the Collection Manager while building a Wild deck on mobile.
  • Forged in the Barrens logoPatch (2021-04-13): (Undocumented) When viewed "Standard Cards" or "Wild Cards", cards that have Core versions are hidden and only Core versions are displayed.
  • Forged in the Barrens logoPatch (2021-03-25):
    • Fixed a bug where Wild cards would not appear in the Collection without having Demon Hunter unlocked.
    • 9 more deck slots are now available.
  • Scholomance Academy logoPatch (2020-09-29): Collection manager pages can now be scrolled with a mouse wheel on Mac and PC.
  • Scholomance Academy logoPatch (2020-09-08): Newly created decks will now automatically appear at the top of My Decks in the Collection Manager instead of at the bottom.
  • Ashes of Outland logoPatch (2020-05-12): Added the ability to rearrange deck order.
  • Saviors of Uldum logo Patch (2019-11-05):
    • Alternate search terms have been added for some hard-to-type cards such as The Boomsday ProjectE.M.P. Operative, The Boomsday ProjectDyn-o-matic, Saviors of UldumZephrys the Great, and The Boomsday ProjectSN1P-SN4P. A few common misspellings and simplified versions of leetspeak card names (found on some Mech minions) were also added. For example, searching "snip" or "snap" will now show you SN1P-SN4P. Terms will be continued to be added as needed for future cards that have difficult names.
    • Quest cards now display the Quest Reward when selected in the Collection Manager.
    • New card icons will now be cleared after viewing the page with the new card shown. The player no longer needs to click or hover over the card.
  • Journey to Un'Goro logo Patch (2017-06-01) Added "Type:" and "Rarity:" search tags
  • Mean Streets of Gadgetzan logo Patch (2016-11-29): A search for "missing" in the Collection Manager will now automatically switch you to Crafting Mode and find any cards that you are missing or don’t already own two or more copies of.
  • One Night in Karazhan logo full2 Patch (2016-10-03): Decks that are converted from one format (Wild or Standard) to the other will now automatically be added to the bottom of their respective list.
  • One Night in Karazhan logo full2 Patch (2016-09-15): If you accept a Friendly Challenge while editing a deck, your deck-building progress will now be saved.
  • Whispers of the Old Gods logo Patch (2016-07-12):
    • The Collection Manager now more accurately displays new cards.
  • Whispers of the Old Gods logo Patch (2016-06-01):
    • "WOG" and "TOG" have been added as search terms for the Whispers of the Old Gods set.
  • Whispers of the Old Gods logo Patch (2016-04-24):
    • Collection Manager’s Set Filter has been updated. Players can now select from "Standard cards" or "All cards", in addition to the specific sets, which are now split into Standard and Wild.
  • The League of Explorers logo Patch (2016-03-14):
    • 9 more deck slots are now available.
      • Gain access to 9 additional deck slots by unlocking nine Hearthstone Heroes, bringing your total number of deck slots to 18.
      • If you’ve already unlocked nine Heroes, your new deck slots are waiting for you in the Collection Manager: just delete or edit the Basic decks you’ll find in your deck list.
        • [The system for obtaining all deck slots has been changed: new players now unlock deck slots one at a time. The first 9 slots are restricted to the class defeated, and can be edited but not replaced. All new deck slots initially comprise basic decks, which are now deck lists rather than separate decks. Once all 9 heroes are unlocked, access to an additional 9 deck slots is granted, and the original decks can then be deleted and replaced.]
        • [The conversion of basic decks from separate decks to default deck lists means basic decks now feature as part of the player's collection.]
    • Many improvements have been made to the Collection Manager.
      • Deck Recipes are now available in the Collection Manager. Use Deck Recipes to quickly experiment with some new deck ideas.
      • Right-clicking on card backs in the Collection Manager reveals an improved display. So fancy!
      • When building decks, the “Suggest a Card” feature is now smarter about its recommendations.
      • It is now possible to search for cards with new search terms, including Attack, Health, Cost, Golden, etc.
  • The League of Explorers logo Patch (2015-11-10): New search filters: "LoE" and "The League of Explorers".
  • The Grand Tournament logo Patch (2015-09-29): Typing “TGT” or “The Grand Tournament” in the Collection Manager now correctly filters cards from that expansion.
  • The Grand Tournament logo Patch (2015-08-18): Typing "new" into the search box will now show only newly acquired cards.
  • Blackrock Mountain logo Patch (2015-06-15):
    • The Heroes and Card Backs tabs have been added.
    • The option to specifically view cards from the promo card set has been removed. Promo cards are now listed when viewing the reward set.
    • Various other changes have been made: mana cost is now toggled on and off; the card set selector has been moved to the bottom left corner and reworked visually; the Crafting Mode button now simply says "Crafting"; and the positions of some buttons have been changed.
  • Blackrock Mountain logo Patch (2015-03-31): The Crafting Mode button has been moved to the bottom of the screen, just underneath the sets tab, which has been moved slightly higher. Previously the Crafting Mode button was located at the top of the screen, immediately to the left of the "My Decks" banner, while the sets tab sat fully below the parchment.
  • Curse of Naxxramas logo Patch (2014-07-22):
    • Cards can now be searched for using the artist of the card art in the Collection Manager.
    • Curse of Naxxramas cards now be searched for using "Naxx" or "Nax" (non case-sensitive). These represent the first shorthand terms added to the search function.
  • Hearthstone logo Patch (Closed beta, 2013-12-10): Custom art has been added to headers for each class in the collection manager.


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